Will Arsenal Qualify For Europe This Season?

“Fact Or Fiction” is a series that will be run every Friday. In this series, an assertion will be made regarding an impacting topic in the Premier League. EPL Talk writers Matt Hackenmiller and Earl Reed each offer their views on whether the statement is “Fact or Fiction.” 

Fact or Fiction: Arsenal will battle its way up and finish the season in a European spot.

MH: Fact.  For all of the talk of Arsenal’s demise, it’s still very early in the Premier League season.  There is still plenty of time for the Gunners to make up the points that were dropped during the first few weeks of the season.  That means Arsenal has more than enough fixtures for their transfer signings to come in and mesh with the rest of the squad.  Plus, Arsenal is only six points out of a Europa spot at this moment with the likes of the three newly promoted sides and Wolverhampton all ahead of the Gunners.  It is quite possible that all four of those clubs will falter throughout all of the league fixtures and cup-ties that lay ahead of them.  In the end, I still think that Arsenal has enough talent to make some noise and move up the table.

ER: Fact. It’s tough to disagree with history. While Arsenal has been one of the more disappointing clubs over the last calendar year, to finish outside the top 7  in this campaign would take the cake. I think the only way they don’t climb the table is if ownership does something rash, like dismiss Arsene Wenger. Yes, they’ve lost a lot of quality in the form of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. While Yossi Benayoun and Mikel Arteta aren’t nearly as dynamic as the footballers whose shoes they’ll be filling, their experience has come with successful clubs. Wenger has seemed out of answers at times in this recent spell, but I think the only things lacking from the Gunners are confidence and luck. Once they start finishing more of their chances, I think they’ll gain that confidence and get the results they need to get into the Europa League..

What do you think, is it fact or fiction that Arsenal will battle its way up and finish the season in a European spot?


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