Liverpool vs Manchester United Preview: Who Will Win?

Manchester United against Liverpool is one of the biggest games of the season, and frankly — as a football fan — I am filled with excitement. Certainly United’s start suggests that at worst a draw is the result United will claim from Anfield. However upon closer inspection, this game provides a great opportunity for Liverpool.

Firstly the form of the Uruguayan magician Luis Suarez this season is a major source of worry for whatever backline United produce. Without the rock that is Vidic the United defence has looked particularly vulnerable this season, but there is news that he may start after all. Ferdinand, at thirty two years old, has lost the speed that made him England’s finest defender since Adams in his prime. If Vidic is unable to start, there’s Johnny Evans, but to be brutally honest, he is just not up to the standard required at a top club like United. His catalogue of errors encapsulated by his ridiculous challenge on Walcott leading to Arsenal’s penalty has gone largely unnoticed. However, against Liverpool in what will surely be a cauldron of noise he is bound to be a liability. Phil Jones has been terrific thus far but, in fairness to the lad he cannot marshal the entire defence by himself. Patrice Evra has been in decline for the last year and every time he plays he seems to make costly and crucial mistakes (i.e. versus Barcelona in the Champions League final).

While the United defence is certainly circumspect, it is their midfield where the real worries lie. Michael Carrick epitomises everything that is wrong with a large proportion of midfielders today. Graced with qualities that could embrace any stage, he continues to frustrate all those around him. His first instinct is to play the ball back! Anderson on the other hand has had a decent start to the season but, he still lacks the discipline or desire to play a meaningful role in a game of importance. Fletcher unfortunately has just not gotten back to the level he showed in 2009 when he sadly missed out on a date with Barcelona in Rome. In contrast Liverpool’s midfield, in spite of the loss of Meireles, will welcome back Stevie Gerrard into the fold. In addition to the lift Gerrard will bring to his troops, Lucas, Henderson and/or Adam should provide Liverpool with a platform to give Suarez the service he needs to wreak havoc on the United backline. If Liverpool gain the upper hand from the midfield battle, then their skilful wingers should certainly be able to service their frontmen with enough ammunition to cause David De Gea sufficient problems. On the other hand if Nani and Young see enough of the ball then they will certainly worry the Liverpool backline. Some of the matchups are truly fascinating

Having already spoken of the impact Suarez should make, at the other end of the pitch is an area where United should feel confident they have enough to get the result. In Wayne Rooney they have a player who has been in scintillating form all season. While the Mexican magician Javier Hernandez will pounce on any chances on offer. The Liverpool backline of Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel, or possibly their new Uruguayan accusation Sebastian Coates, will have to be in top form to enable Liverpool to get the result they desire. A major worry must be Carragher’s pace, but if he gets by on this then Liverpool have a realistic chance of achieving three points.

The game is set up to be the best of what thus far has been a season filled with controversy and goals. The dark horse for me is Craig Bellamy. He will be a major factor one way or another in this game and the same could be said for Andy Carroll and Danny Welbeck. Regardless of the result, the renewal of the Dalglish-Ferguson rivalry will capture the imagination of us all on Saturday morning. Whoever prevails will certainly have earned it by the game’s end.

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  1. I do think Liverpool have a chance in this game, but this preview seems slightly dismissive of United. Possibly that is because everyone knows how good United are and the writer is trying to point out the Liverpool shouldn’t be taken lightly. All in all I expect a fun game and hope its the play on the field and not the refs that everyone is talking about afterward.

    1. ok lets see what happens.if wan to see live must go there for live updates. Liverpool is on # 5 with 13 points and Manchester United is on top with 19 points .Lets see what happens

        1. I understand, but 1 point feels pretty lousy and not much better than a loss. As a Spurs fan I’d happily watch Liverpool take a single point from most games; but here I’ll hope ManU wins — it’s not realistic for us to overtake them so I just want them to do as much damage as possible to the teams Spurs are realistically competing with.

          Still, in a perfect world, a double loss would be pretty satisfying in this situation.

  2. I think if the game manages to stay 11 against 11 then United should be able to win this game. However, these games bring out the worst in the players with plenty of rash challenges to be made.

    It will be great to hear the whinging from both of these managers should one of them lose.

    Really interested to see if Carroll will be able to make an impact with the return of Vidic.

  3. Should be really interesting. Firstly, most people seem to forget that Liverpool have had a good run of wins at home vs United of recent and a win is not completely out of the question. That said this particular match will depend on a lot of things. If Vidic plays for Utd, it’s gonna be tough for Liverpool to score no doubt. If Evans plays instead and Suarez is in top form, he certainly will have a handful. Dalglish himself would need to get the tactics and players spot on. He would have to make full use of the threat Suarez, Gerrard and Bellamy possess. Rooney -would be interesting to see if the midweek and family problems would have a mental effect as for me he is the engine that keeps united ticking. All in all, should defo be an interesting game. Bring it on!

  4. They’re even out of the last four meetings in the league. The most comfortable win being the last match played between the two. I think it was March and Liverpool won 3-1. League position, current form, and number of trophies don’t matter for about 95 minutes – this is about hatred. :)

    Liverpoolcannot start Carroll. I’m not down on him as a player – I still think he was worth every penny. That doesn’t mean, however, that he’s suited to every league match at this (very early) point in his career.

    I’d feel pretty good if a graphic appeared with a line-up similar to this:

    Suarez / Kuyt
    Downing, Gerrard, Lucas, Bellamy
    Enrique, Skrtel, Carragher, Kelly

    I think this’ll be a boring one. I’ll predict Liverpool to win 1-0.

    1. To be honest, I believe it will not be about who scores the most, but who concedes the least. Long balls and powerful shots by Suarez and Gerrard will throw De Gea off track, but speed and pace by hernandez and Rooney will break down the Liverpool defence. I think the Liverpool team will be Reina, Carragher, Skyrtl, Enrique, Kelly, Kuyt, Gerrart, Bellamy, Downing, Suarez, Carroll. Liverpool to win 2-1. Suarez in 1st half, Hernandez to equalize and Downing to win it. Also, Rooney to get straight red card.

  5. I think if Liverpool win it blows everything out of the water… If utd concede the chances that they did against Chelsea and Norwich then Suarez will think Christmas has come early.

  6. The problem for Liverpool is that Suarez just played two international matches in the last week and only returned to Liverpool today. Lucas played the entire match for Brazil a couple of days ago and also returned late and Brazil played with 10-men for most of the match. These players are vital to Liverpool and I can see them struggle against an in-form United side. Chicarito also played for Mexico but as a striker he didn’t work as hard as Lucas had to playing with 10 men. Also, Gerard hasn’t played a full match since coming back from injury and if he starts could struggle as well. That’s why I don’t give Liverpool much of a chance to win. If United have an off-day I can see the match end in a draw but I cannot see Liverpool winning right now.

    Also, Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing haven’t really played well enough to what United have got out of Jones and Young. Again advantage United. Having Carroll in the lineup actually hurts Liverpool because he has no pace, cannot dribble and is technically very poor.

  7. Gaz hunt wrote: “Liverpool cannot start Carroll. I’m not down on him as a player – I still think he was worth every penny.”

    If a player is worth 35 million pounds he must be good enough to start every game. Otherwise he’s not worth 35 million. The fact is I agree that he shouldn’t start, not this game and not most games, because he is poor. His performances thus far for Liverpool speaks for itself. Kenny has been trying to justify his purchase by playing him when he clearly hurts the team more than helps. Liverpool didn’t buy wisely and it shows on the playing field.

    I don’t give Liverpool much chance against United on Saturday, and definitely not if Carroll plays.

    1. I can see where you’re coming from but you have to remember that he is 22 years old and it is an investment for the long-term not immediate future.

      For the 35 million quid you get a young player that will develop over the next five years into a top player and, if the current trend of British strikers is any indication, will still demand a decent transfer fee if he is sold at his peak when he reaches about 27 years old.

  8. The international break will hurt Liverpool more then United. Suarez has just played two matches in the past week and just returned from South America. Lucas played on Tuesday against mexico and had to play the entire match most of it with 10-men. That will hurt Liverpool on Saturday. Not enough turn-around time for them to recover fully. Chicarito also played for Mexico but as a striker he didn’t work as hard as Lucas and Mexico were not short-handed.

    A fully-fit Liverpool would struggle against a better united side and a tired Liverpool side has even less chance of getting a result. Advantage United.

  9. anyways, wayne rooney is going to banned by UEFA for 3 matches in the EURO tournament, which means he misses the group stages. Such an idiot he is….i don’t think Fabio Capello should take him with the rest of the 22-man squad to Poland & Ukraine. ACTUALLY, how about Theo Walcott as the lone striker???Daniel Sturrididge and Danny Welbeck are good enough to start for England. Goodness me, I’d love that. With his pace, with Ashley Young down the left wing, Stewie Downing on the right, an in-form Frank Lampard with Scott Parker and Gareth Barry was holders, England have the right balance in the team. Let’s see if they can wreck havoc in the tournament. Best of luck lads!!!!

  10. i just want to make some corrections on this post as i was in a hurry. first, i wanted to say that welbeck and sturridge are good enough to come off the bench for England and I spelled the latter’s name wrong. 2ndly, “was holders” should be “as holders” as in holding midfielders.

  11. Looking at the two squads United have by far the better players. United bought wisely and both Jones and Young have been terrific so far. Henderson, Carroll, Adam and Downing have been mediocre to average. Only Enrique has been OK but his defending isn’t that great just his attacking is good. Can’t see Liverpool winning this game. Easy win for United. Liverpool will go the way of the Red Sox :-) . Down and out!

  12. I can’t wait for this match. I’m actually more worried about Skrtel than Carragher. Martin hasn’t been great this season. But, then again, United’s backline isn’t their strength right now either. And those wondering about Suarez coming back after playing two matches … I wouldn’t be concerned. The guy has endless energy.

    2-1, Liverpool.

  13. United have trouble playing at Anfield and if that trend continues Liverpool should get something out of this game. If both teams play at their best then United will come out on top. While United’s new signings have played well, especially Young, Liverpool’s Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing haven’t been that great. Carroll has been just awful, Henderson seems out of his depth, Adam is too inconsistent and Downing has shown only occassional signs of his talent.

    Liverpool need Suarez at his best to have any chance but he just played two games in a week for Uruguay in South America and playing in a fast-paced game of this type his effectiveness could suffer.

  14. I belive everyone here is making a huge mistake ruling out carroll i think the best tactic to do is to start with carroll and we start with 4-5-1 formation him as lone striker so he slows the game down and batters the weak united defence and maybe 60-70 mins put on Suarez and let him do his magic.

  15. i think liverpool are defeinately capable of beating united four or five nil. man u could have been bearten by norwich easily and almost lost to basel. rooney looks mentally unstable and man u midfeild is not good enough. 3-0 to liverpool

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