Man City Moving Away Fans to Third Tier of Etihad Stadium

Man City wants fans closer

For Manchester City’s upcoming Champions League game against Villarreal at Etihad Stadium, the Citizens will be moving the away supporters from their usual position behind the goal to the third tier of the stadium.

As you’ll see in the above video, Manchester City are trying it to see how it’ll work, and whether it’ll improve the atmosphere at the stadium.

For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on FOX Soccer Plus and on Tuesday, October 18 at 2:45pm ET.

5 thoughts on “Man City Moving Away Fans to Third Tier of Etihad Stadium”

  1. I’m on the fence with this one.

    Fans for a LONG time have wanted the away fans moved somewhere else. Before they were pretty much right behind the goal, which seems slightly wrong.

    But, having the away fans in the 3rd tier could hurt the atmosphere. Some of the best atmosphere comes from chants being thrown back and forth between supporters. The 3rd tier is way too quiet for that to ever happen.

  2. Seems kinda bush league to me…Away fans will probably buy less tickets now because the seats will be worse, and i doubt City have lowered the price for them….It will also now take these away fans longer to get out of the stadium, which could lead to more violence after matches that dont go City’s way…..opening a can of worms here….

  3. Having attended as an away fan more than once I think it’s poorly designed with regard to retaining noise and atmosphere anyway. The comment about getting piss wet through is right too.

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