Video: The Controversial RSL Penalties

Yesterday, Vancouver extended Real Salt Lake’s losing streak to four games with a 3-0 win at BC Place.  However, the talk of the match were two penalties called on RSL, one of which led to a red card for Collen Warner, both for handball.  The first led to Real Salt Lake going down to ten men and falling behind 1-0, the second added a second goal for the ‘Caps.

The videos of both calls are below.  So what do you think?  Red card on the first goal? Penalty for either? Your be the judge (h/t to Steven Goff for posting videos)

First penalty

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Second penalty

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8 thoughts on “Video: The Controversial RSL Penalties”

  1. Neither one was a penalty. It was not awful refereeing, just quick
    incidents that replay showed to be not what they originally looked
    like. We should have replay for goals, penalties, and red cards. It
    could be done quickly, and, if limited to those three situations,
    not too disruptive to the game. On other thing, the Vancouver
    player who asked for the first penalty should be suspended for one
    game; he is either a liar or just whiner- either way he is a cheat.

  2. Very difficult calls, it’s hardly egregiously poor officiating.
    Rather it’s just a case of over-officiating. I actually think the
    second is a hand ball (he could have moved his arm, he left it
    there thus it’s hand-to-ball), but it probably shouldn’t be called
    because of the circumstances.

  3. It was a hand ball exactly like the one Alex Prus called on
    Alhassan in New York. Which is to say, not a hand ball at all.

  4. Second call was a bit over zelous call, yes it changed the
    direction of the ball, but it took a bad bounce of his chest. first
    call was spot on, not so much for the hand ball cause it was a
    shoulder deflection but if you watch it closly he had 2 arms
    wrapped around the striker in a bear huge going to the ground..
    definetly deserved the red card and pk.

  5. Diving and cheating teams who weren’t penalized by the referee
    should be fined. The MLS should pioneer the anti-diving/cheating
    habit other leagues in the world see as the norm (e.g Italy,

  6. diving and simulation isn’t exclusive to football. you see it
    elsewhere in professional sports and it’s used to give your team an
    advantage or to give the ref a littler extra nudge when you think
    you’ve been fouled. if the league wants to make an impact, they
    should fine players in retrospect for simulating where it effects
    the outcome of the match (ie: diving for a penalty, diving for a
    red, etc). for things like this, it’s up to the discretion of the
    ref and his linesman. @ Tom: suspending players for whining or
    lying? come on mate, this isn’t elementary school. the ref made the
    call. it’s up to him to listen to his linesman for a second opinon
    and no one else, if he doesn’t like what he’s hearing from a
    player, card em for dissent.

  7. Neither one were handballs. Just like most fans, most referees do
    not understand the rule. There was no actual handball on the first
    and no intent or effort to contact the ball on the 2nd. The player
    has NO obligation to get their arm out of the way when the ball
    quickly is hit at them. They are allowed to hold their hand and
    arms in a natural position.

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