Soccer Fan Jon Stewart References Arsenal and Man United On Prime-Time TV

Former college soccer player and soccer fan Jon Stewart sneaked in a reference to Arsenal and Manchester United during The Daily Show on Comedy Central last night.

Skip to minute 2:15 to see Jon Stewart rapping about the Gunners and Red Devils. But to better understand the context of the joke, I’d recommend watching the clip from the beginning.

It’s a shame they showed pictures of MLS players and added a dig about ties in soccer, but we Premier League fans will take the free publicity anyhow.


5 thoughts on “Soccer Fan Jon Stewart References Arsenal and Man United On Prime-Time TV”

  1. My favorite part was him calling it "real football"

    If you listen to the excellent Bugle podcast, which I highly recommend, you'll hear John Oliver (correspondent from the DS) often refer to Stewart's love of the game. Oliver himself is a Liverpool supporter as well as being a massive supporter of Pippa Middleton's posterior. Oh Pippa! I don't know if Stewart has a club, but is a massive USMNT supporter.

  2. I totally caught the reference he made and absolutely loved it. It was also a call back to the MNF intro of old ... and of course, I loved that one of the teams referenced was Arsenal.


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