FOX Draws Audience of 2.1 Million for Spurs Against Arsenal TV Broadcast

FOX’s broadcast of the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal was watched by a TV audience of more than 2.1 million across FOX, FOX Soccer and FOX Deportes combined.

Interestingly, when compared to the TV audience numbers for the September 18 game between Manchester United and Chelsea, the TV viewing numbers for Spurs versus Arsenal were greater on FOX, but slightly down on FOX Soccer and FOX Deportes. This isn’t surprising as both Manchester United and Chelsea have larger fanbases in the United States than Spurs and Arsenal. However, it’s still very encouraging news that the TV viewing numbers on FOX are increasing.

The October 2nd delayed broadcast on FOX scored a 1.1 household rating and attracted 1,626,000 viewers, a +10% rating and +1% audience increase over the Manchester United vs Chelsea broadcast on Sept. 18 (1.0, 1,611,000), and came within 1,000 viewers of equaling the 2010 UEFA Champions League Final on FOX (1,627,000). The FOX Premier League re-air delivered more total viewers than several televised sports events on competing networks last weekend.

Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Arsenal broke the 2 million viewer level again, delivering a combined audience of 2,127,000 on FOX, FOX Soccer and FOX Deportes on Sunday, -16% compared to the combined Manchester United – Chelsea audience (2.5 million). FOX Soccer’s live coverage recorded a .5 coverage area rating (301,000 viewers), while the live Spanish-language telecast on FOX Deportes drew a 2.1 CAR, with 200,000 total viewers.

New Orleans, for the second time in a row, was the top market in the United States for the broadcast of the game on FOX. The top-10 markets for FOX Sports’ taped-delayed broadcast: New Orleans – 7.5; Kansas City – 3.2; Las Vegas – 2.8; Dallas – 2.7; Jacksonville – 2.6; Austin – 2.5; Detroit – 2.4; Greensboro – 2.4; San Antonio – 2.4; and Washington, D.C. – 2.3.

23 thoughts on “FOX Draws Audience of 2.1 Million for Spurs Against Arsenal TV Broadcast”

  1. I just Don’t. See how can You Add results from w live events showing the same thing and then Add the tape delayed version. Basically if the 2.1Million is based on the total Then in Actuality its Much Less Technically The rating should matter is the taped delayed Fox version of the game. That should be measured from there. I CAN’T SEE the relevance of adding something that’s not accurate. Again Some of y’all are a trip . Why can’t y’all just accept that one the Spanish Tv ratings aren’t relevant to the National Over the air ratings and then u want to combine them and compare to ratings of other sports programming that mainly shown once live on a major network…

  2. NFL games are shown Live once, and rated based on that, I dont see how can you combine a soccer game shown three time compared to a NFL game shown once. again yall soccer only boys are skewing numbers again. if you really want creditablity in Mainstream media Fox should show a live game on the big Fox and just score the ratings off that. And yes the Spanish ratings are NOT relevant. Until you can show me a spanish network in the US is showing live NFLgames then maybe i might consider it relevant.

    1. Actually…. ESPN deportes, the Spanish ESPN that airs in the U.S shows MNF live. Based on your conclusion, I guess that does make Spanish watchers relevant . Who would of thought ?

      Yeah… your wrong !

      1. @ carlos again MNF?? wow OMG MNF is on cable for one and thanks to ESPN its makes it possible for that. but guess what the spanish ratings will still have no real effect on the ratings on ESPN regular because Deportes is catered to a specific audience…….Back to FOX, FoxTV is a major Network that facuses on the General audience and pcifically competes with ABC,NBC,CBS on a National level when it comes to over the air status. Then you have Cable, it mainly revelant when it comes to how many subscribers are watching it. As for the Spanish speaking channels showing programming, it cant really count because they arent based for the general audience and cater to a specific audience. So if a Mexico Nat team soccer team is Playing a Game its ratings its mainly relevant to the network showing it, in comparison to another like network who might show mexico soccer. when is the last time outside the world cup has a english speaking tv network consistewntly show Mexico Games?????? Im jus saying that i often see writers of articles here on epl/mls talk when they write about tv ratings they spin it to make it look more than what it should be. ……. the Arsenal- Spurs Game was shown on Taped delay on the Fox tv, the same Game was Live earlier that morning on FSC which is not available in alot of Places and its not on Basic cable. So if a random sunday NFL game had I dont know 3 Million viewers, its has 3 Million viewers based on being broadcast on Fox tv,( I have never seen fox broadcast a regualr sunday NFL game in spanish) so basically the Soccer game ratings based on the article is Not accurate because he added numbers from two different things.

          1. A couple of thoughts.

            The metric is a good indicator but not a perfect one. That’s obvious, but needs not be represented in such a hateful way by DCU.

            I for one, as a Spurs supporter, held off on the score so I could watch it in HD. So that is a consideration missing by not understanding the two showings.

            Also, that game, by being shown after Detroit-Dallas allowed it be viewed by many people at a reasonable hour. The original game was on at 10AM EST and 7AM PST. Show any game that early on a Sunday, and your numbers will be effected by hangovers and churchgoers. So I think timing is a consideration that should be built into any metric.

    2. I’m not really sure what point you are trying to make. The fact there are few network opportunities for soccer (regardless of league or competition) kinda proves what seems to be your point, that soccer isn’t popular in this country.

      Does it anger you that people who support the sport in this country want to encourage each other by talking about viewership? Are you angry that they stopped covering your favorite National Tiddlywink Championship to show the Tottenham/Arsenal match? I don’t really get it. Most people in this country have no access to FOX Soccer. So what, trying to quantify the popularity of a delayed showing of a soccer match is a big pain in your ass?

  3. I do not think Chelsea has a bigger fanbase in the United States than Arsenal. Arsenal’s official Twitter pagehas more than double the amount of followers that Chelsea has, while the Arsenal Facebook page has slightly more followers than Chelsea. Of course, there is no way to tell how many of these fans are from the United States (without spending a crazy amount of time on it).

    We all know that United have by far the biggest fanbase in the United States. But I am not sure that Chelsea have more supporters in the United States than Arsenal, despite the fact that Chelsea have won more trophies.

    1. I disagree with you on this one Jack. Chelsea have toured the United States many times in recent years and have played in front of sell-out crowds across the United States. The last time Arsenal played in the States was 1989.

      Chelsea has also done a far better job than Arsenal by marketing themselves by launching a US-only website far earlier than Arsenal, as well as working closely with Adidas in the United States to promote both the Chelsea and Adidas brands. Arsenal have done practically nothing for their US fans.

      I can’t remember the last time I saw a stranger wearing an Arsenal shirt in the streets of South Florida, but I see Chelsea shirts far more often.

      The Gaffer

      1. “I can’t remember the last time I saw a stranger wearing an Arsenal shirt in the streets of South Florida, but I see Chelsea shirts far more often. ”

        come here to the Mid-Atlantic and you will say the opposite…

  4. I’d like to know how well the soccer match did against other programs on at that same time. While the soccer match was being shown on FOX, it drew 1.1. million visitors. How does that compare to the same time period with ABC, CBS and NBC? Then you’ll get your real answer of how well the matched played out. I understand the NFL fans’ argrument of you can’t compare Fox Sports live with Fox delayed. Compare what is being shown at the exact same time, to get a true representation of how well the show did.

    One of the sports radio stations in Boston does the same thing with their ratings. Their listenership is always Boston and Providence and not Boston only. When I want to compare how well WEEI did vs Sports FM, I want to know Boston listeners, don’t throw in Providence, that isn’t comparing apples to apples.

  5. giants! tottenham hotspur fc getting new football academy, want futuristic state of the art stadium, launching new website…because spurs have 3.million loyal fans in britain and ireland plus an estimated 179.million followers worldwide…I know few of their berserkers casuals dudes posse outlaws north london spooks!

  6. I think the numbers show that Fox TV should be showing more matches, like the manchester derby for instance on tape delay on the weeks they don’t have nfl doubleheader.

  7. Gaffer, will the upcoming United vs City match be taped delayed on Fox? Since its on Plus I am going to have to find a way to watch it.

  8. Sorry Gaffer, but I have to call you out on your assertion that Chelsea are a more favored club than Arsenal in the States. Maybe in your little corner but in the north east you will see far more Aresnal shirts than Chelsea. Chelsea may be big with the kids but it’s not often you will find many Chelsea supporters out and about. Arsenal, while not at the level of United, are easily the second most supported club up here. I’m not one to talk up Arsenal but you are off base with that comment. Maybe it has something to do with wishful thinking about silly promotional gambits but if you look at it objectively, they surpass Chelsea by miles.

    1. Judging by your name PhillySpur, I assume you live in Philadelphia. I also live in Philly, and I do not see many Chelsea shirts around. I was at the Philadelphia Union v Real Madrid match in the summer, and I noticed four or five Arsenal shirts while there, including a Dennis Bergkamp shirt from over a decade ago, but only maybe one Chelsea shirt.

      It may differ depending on what part of the country you live in. For example, I see many, many Celtic shirts around. I see more Celtic shirts than Arsenal and Chelsea put together. This likely has to do with the large population of Americans in the Northeast with Irish ancestors (and the many Irish pubs). Whether these fans are real supporters of Celitc, or just wear the shirt because of Celitc’s Irish connections , I do not know.

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