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Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

tottenham arsenal Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

Today has plenty in store for fans of Premier League clubs and the league itself. There’s a “little” derby today between Tottenham and Arsenal. Bolton, meanwhile, is trying to rescue their season with a home game against Chelsea. Swansea take on Stoke City, where the Welsh club will be hoping that the Potters are still recovering from a European hangover. And last but not least Fulham take on Queens Park Rangers in a west London derby.

It’s rare to have so many Premier League games being played on a Sunday, and any one of them could turn into a classic. And don’t forget that after today’s games, we enter an international break so there’ll be no Premier League soccer for two weeks, so enjoy the games while you can.

Before, during or after any of the games today, feel free to post in the comments section below to share your observations, questions, rants or raves.

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11 Responses to Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

  1. The Gaffer says:

    Watching the Bolton match, I don’t feel so bad now about Swansea losing 4-1 at Stamford Bridge.

    The Gaffer

  2. David says:

    So far only the Swansea vs Stoke match is competetive. Chelsea battered Bolton and Fulham are battering QPR. Let’s hope the second half of the Swansea-Stoke match remains competetive and that the Spurs-Arsenal match becomes another classic North London derby.

    • The Gaffer says:

      It was a good game between Swansea and Stoke, but Swansea were unlucky not to score one or two more goals. Stoke looked tired. Not sure what Shawcross was thinking on the first goal, and what Woodgate was doing on the second one, but as a Swansea fan, we’ll take those gifts any time.

      The Gaffer

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Looks like this Europa League lark will take its toll on Stoke this year. The one thing nobody has questioned Tony Pulis about, despite the grief we’ve always had, is our poor away record. If you wanted to you could really beat him about the head with it. It’s that as much as anything that will stop Stoke progressing any further than mid table, despite the lazy stories and plaudits that have proliferated about the club at the moment.

  4. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Added to that I’ve said that Bolton will go down this season since we battered them 5-0 last season. Again it was seems a case of lazy journalism and a desire to put another young manager on a pedestal that is now causing grief for Bolton, they believed their own hype and much of it was unjustified.

  5. David says:

    Good win for Spurs who are in pole position to get that 4th spot. They have more quality and a better squad than Liverpool. Arsenal will struggle to get into the top 6 because they don’t have a good defense. Mertasecker is not an imposing defender and is not well-suited for the EPL.

  6. Lyle says:

    Fulham looked good in their knickers today. Woo.

  7. Taimur says:

    Very gutted. I hope reality has hit Wenger that his defense is in shambles. No matter how many games you give these players in the back four, they’ll never learn. First of all, Tottenham were the better team today. I’ll give them that much. But that also speaks about how bad Arsenal’s defense is that they allowed this to be SUCH an open game that they allowed Tottenham half a dozen really deadly chances. The first goal, the back four were all over the place, couldn’t hold a line. They couldn’t hold their line against Adebayor, thanks to our goalkeeper that Ade didn’t score. The second goal, although was good, it could have been stopped by our GK if he’d reacted a little quicker by shuffling his feet a little to his right. But our GK was fantastic. Speaking of Wenger’s defense, IF your holding a high line, you gotta be good enough to snuff out any players who try to get in behind you. You need help from your fullbacks down the wings and holding midfielders in the center, both of them to slow down the other team. that didn’t happen. alex song, apart from the assist on ramsey’s goal in the 50th minute, was rather poor i thought. but the bottomline is, if wenger doesn’t realize that his defensive is rather weak for a “top four” side now, when will he? cheers.

  8. Fullham_Fan says:

    What is this QPR they keep buzzing about?

  9. Sacto Blues says:

    I was watching the highlights of Spurs-Arsenal on Sky sports to be astonished that the commentator was Martin Tyler yet the broadcast here on FSC was not Martin Tyler. Does anyone know why there are two different broadcasting teams ?

    • The Gaffer says:

      One is on Sky Sports, and the other (which we get in the United States and other countries around the world) is the international feed. Sometimes the Sky Sports commentary will talk about upcoming matches to be seen on Sky Sports, etc, which wouldn’t work for the audience outside of the UK.

      The Gaffer

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