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PES 2012 TV Commercials: Check Out The Man (Video)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) was released this week. To promote the game, Konami has released a series of TV commercials entitled “Check Out The Man” featuring Robert Roberto Roberto, “The World’s Greatest Referee.”

To me, these are far more memorable than the FIFA 12 TV commercial released this month.

Watch these interesting videos from Konami to promote the release of their new game:











What do you think? Are the PES 2012 TV ads keepers or forgettable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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9 Responses to PES 2012 TV Commercials: Check Out The Man (Video)

  1. trickybrkn says:

    how is this bizarre?

    he even has the PG tips mug that was given away as a promotion a few years back, I have the same mug.

    • The Gaffer says:

      An old man pushing video games, saying unusual things. Seems bizarre to me :)

      The Gaffer

    • Steve says:

      A random old guy talking about looking back on his career, with no obvious signs of the game anywhere to be seen, no gameplay, no nothing, and it’s not an unusual commercial?

      You know what this commercial reminded me to do? Go finish my season in FIFA 12.

  2. TrueGooner says:

    It’s a dig at FIFA. No glam pure football…. that’s what PES is about. Look around the room and at what he’s wearing. That is why the end says when you are “done playing around play PES” real soccer….

  3. Ryan Sandidge says:

    I think it’s brilliant… They are feeding off the humor of the exceedingly popular “Most Interesting Man Alive” adverts by Dos Equis. May not do a great job of pushing the actual game, but neither do the Dos Equis adverts in saying much about the beer.

  4. waeom says:

    they could have made it so much funnier – I didn’t laugh but I like what konami are trying to do!

  5. Dani says:

    To be honest, I like ads like these ones. For the past years we’ve had the all too obvious and boring football ads with the Rooneys and Messis of this world beating players and scoring goals etc etc So thumbs up to Konami coz this is quite different and refreshing. Most people don’t seem to understand what the old man’s on about – reason they find it pointless. He’s giving out a message. If you follow the videos you would realise that the recurring theme is – he represents the PES code of conduct. And the PES code of conduct is not to be taken lightly. Hence the reason he goes out to ‘correct’ the wrong doings of people out there according to this code of conduct (which involves using red and yellow cards depending on the severity). Which is kinda ironic considering he’s the “world’s best referee” yet he’s not taking himself seriously. So when you’re done messing around, like he says, go do something real/ worthwhile. Go play PES. I really like the ads like I said, though they weren’t overly funny, they were pleasing.

  6. These ads are very memorable however they aren’t demoing the product at all which could shoot themselves in the foot a little. But some good adverts and the ref has the best name ever!

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