Premier League Gameweek 6: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week six of the Premier League.


  1. Chelsea: The Blues have played much better the past few weeks alerting fans that it could be a three-team race for the title.
  2. Didier Drogba: Drogba marked his return from injury with a goal in the Chelsea win.
  3. Arsenal: The Gunners get another one in the win column, which gives their supporters hope that the club has turned a corner.
  4. Robin Van Persie: The Arsenal striker scored his one-hundredth goal for the club, the second of which showcased his excellent skill.
  5. Juan Mata: His creativity and width has been vital in increasing Chelsea’s scoring opportunities.
  6. Stoke City: They were able to get a point from the defending champions without the injured Kenwyne Jones.
  7. Nani: A new week, another wonderful run and goal.
  8. Demba Ba: The Newcastle striker had quite a day as he went for a hat trick against Blackburn.
  9. Ben Foster: The West Brom keeper had several fine saves to maintain a clean sheet.
  10. Tottenham: The brace he notched this weekend is evidence that Adebayor will provide the scoring punch that Tottenham has lacked in the past.
  11. David Silva: The City midfielder was the triggerman for the offense as he ran relentlessly through Everton’s defense.
  12. Peter Crouch: Throughout the entire match, the United back four had trouble dealing with the newly signed striker.


  1. Fernando Torres: He ruined a somewhat successful day with a pretty reckless two-footed challenge, resulting in a straight red card.
  2. Blackburn: Their stay in the top division appears to be coming to an end.
  3. Ashley Williams: The Swansea defender’s lack of effort on Ramires’ second goal was pretty disgraceful.
  4. Sandro: Not for his play, but for his hair. The midfielder went with a mowhawk look that was dyed blue?
  5. Wigan: The back four was shaky all day as they had several giveaways that put Tottenham on the offensive from the start of the match.
  6. Michael Oliver: The referee struggled all day during the QPR/Aston Villa match. He awarded a non-existent penalty kick while calling thirty-five fouls.
  7. Fulham: The club is still winless in the league and has lacked creativity offensively.
  8. Bryan Ruiz: The Fulham substitute could have given his club the lead late in the match, but his shot on goal went wide and the Cottagers settled for a draw.
  9. Roger Johnson: His own goal was the difference between Wolverhampton getting points and a loss to Liverpool.
  10. Bolton: Things have gone downhill for the club as the Wanderers find themselves at the bottom of the table.

6 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 6: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. Blackburn are favorites to go down but it’s far from certain that their stay is over.
    How about putting the entire Swansea team on the jeers list, for over 45mins they had 11 men to Chelsea’s 10 and did nothing. Shocking tactics.

    And where is David de Gea on this list? He preserved a draw that should’ve been a loss.

    1. Fernando, I agree that Swansea should be on the jeers list for not taking advantage of having an extra man against Chelsea. But I don’t think they “did nothing.” They scored a goal, had a shot that hit the crossbar, and had a header that was cleared off the line. I do agree they could have done more though, but I don’t think it was the tactics. Chelsea defend well, and it was a case of being outplayed by a better team.

      The Gaffer

      1. They did get a goal but it was on a set piece. I didn’t expect them to win the match but they hardly forced Chelsea into any threatening situations.

  2. You’re being too tough on Roger Johnson. Even if he hadn’t deflected the ball into his own net Wolves were still going to lose. Liverpool had many more chances to score than Wolves. Wolves played OK but never good enough to deserve a draw.

    Michael Oliver’s refereeing was absoltuely shocking. He deserves to be number 1 on the jeers list.

    1. In addition, Johnson had just been knocked down by Carroll as well.

      I second de Gea being on the list. He stopped an absolute blister by Wilkinson (didn’t even know he could shoot like that!) when Stoke City fired back immediately after Manchester United scored.

      As far as the penalty call… they later showed a replay which did show a tug… and the ref had the perfect line of sight to see it. Rule #2 of football, don’t grab the jersey of the guy with the ball who has you beat in the penalty area. I think many of the other calls were bad calls in that game.

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