Carlos Tevez Is Finished At City, Says Mancini: City and United Falter

On a night where both Manchester clubs put in well-below average performances in the Champions League, it’s a shame that the major talking point ended up being a man who didn’t even step foot on the pitch: Carlos Tevez.

Incredibly, the Argentine striker refused to leave the dug-out to prepare to come on as a substitute in the second half of Manchester City’s game against Bayern Munich. With 35 minutes to go in the game and City down 2-0, it was perfect timing for Tevez to enter the match and be the game changer that we know he’s capable of being. But Tevez refused. Supposedly he was upset that he didn’t come on earlier in the game when Nigel De Jong came on to replace Edin Dzeko.

To be honest, I’m sick and tired of the Carlos Tevez saga. The sooner he leaves Manchester City (or rots on the bench), the better. This is an immature person who always wants to be at the center of attention and seems to put himself first instead of the team. For me, his refusal to come on as a substitute for City is the last straw. Even if he comes out and apologizes, he’s not fit to wear the shirt of Manchester City.

Give credit to Roberto Mancini. He didn’t mince his words in the press conference after the game when he said:

“This can never happen at a top club that one player can refuse to help his team-mates in an important match like tonight. In the next day I’m sure I will speak with Khaldoon [al-Mubarak] because he is the chairman and he will decide everything but let me ask a question: Do you think at Bayern Munich a player would ever behave like this. At Milan? At Manchester United? No. That is the answer. It is the same for everyone.”

And Mancini added:

“If we want to improve like a team, like a squad, Carlos cannot play with us. With me, no – it is finished.”

While Tevez stole the headlines, the story lines should have been about Manchester City’s and Manchester United’s woeful performances in the Champions League.

City started their match well in Germany, matching Bayern Munich stride-for-stride in the first 20 minutes. But City lost their concentration and made some stupid errors in the back which allowed Bayern to score twice. In both instances, I felt sorry for City goalkeeper Joe Hart who saved both of the initial attempts at goal, but City’s defense was too slow to scramble the ball away, allowing the German team to react first and knock the ball into the back of the net.

For a team of superstars, Manchester City played very poorly. Dzeko deserved to be substituted after a poor game for City, but Mancini’s decision to bring De Jong on for Dzeko was very puzzling. It didn’t make sense at all.

If it wasn’t for Joe Hart, the scoreline could have been much worse for City. But based on this performance, the Citizens have a lot of improvements to make if they hope to progress in this tournament.

At Old Trafford, there was no indiscipline exhibited by Manchester United players, but we did see a very abject performance by United after they got complacent with a 2-0 half-time lead. After plenty of sloppy passes and poor link-up play, where they were desperately missing the influential role that Wayne Rooney plays in midfield. Basel deservedly came back in this game with three brilliantly taken goals.

The Swiss side were incredibly dangerous on the attack as they continually pushed three players forward to cause havoc in the Manchester United area. Alexander Frei was especially potent for the Swiss side. And despite their herculean efforts, they almost held on for a shock 3-2 win. That was until Ashley Young scored an injury time equalizer as he headed in a cross from Nani.

Despite Man United finishing the game 3-3, this was a highly entertaining match that exhibited how surprisingly good Basel was, and how sloppy United were.

18 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Is Finished At City, Says Mancini: City and United Falter”

  1. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated by a professional footballer who is under contract. Carlos Tevez not only disrespected his manager and his team-mates, but to all fans of football who love watching this beautiful game. I am not a Man City fan, but this is such disgusting behavior man. City should get rid of this twat immediately. Good riddance!!

  2. When I first heard about this I was shocked and disgusted. However, having thought about it more, the only thing I can say is “you know what? Why the hell didn’t City sell him in the summer with they were offered – what was it? – 35 or 40 million pounds by Corinthians?”

    It’s not like this is the first time Tevez has shown himself to be a major ass who puts himself before the club. City should have cut their losses when they had the chance. Now they are going to have to let him rot until they can sell him.

    That being said, what an embarrassment he is.

  3. First it was Robinho, then Barlotelli – now this. Mancini is having a tough time controlling his 100k a week mercenaries. Hopefully City will show the same ruthlessness with Tevez in January as they did with their former Chairman.

  4. What a pity. Tevez is one of the top strikers in Europe but so far he has had problem in every team where he played. I know that sometimes good players are problematic but the top players in Europe -Messi and Rooney- are terrific examples. They never miss a training drill or anything.

    1. he was loved and loved playing for West Ham…

      If you want to understand Tevez, you have to first take into account his relationship with Kia Joorabchian.

    2. Rooney has plenty of issues and comparing anyone to Messi is impossible. Not only is he the best player on the planet, but he is universally liked….he’s a ‘one in a million’ individual on and off the pitch. The only athlete in his league in that sense is Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky and Messi are the only two athletes that completely topped their sports and had virtually zero personal issues.

      With that said…Tevez is a douche!

  5. This is the reason I hate footballers nowadays…how can you be on a 200,000 pounds PER WEEK salary and you refuse to do your job?? All because you didn’t start the game? I cant ever remember a footballer REFUSING to play football when with the squad. What’s he telling his team mates? I know Tevez has done a lot for City and all, but no player is bigger than the club. And Mancini was right when he said you woudn’t see this at a big club like Bayern or Man Utd. Coz they have a rich history and play for the badge. There are very few city players who play for the badge. All they care about is the money and fame. Shame really.

  6. They need to come down hard on Tevez to ensure this type of conduct doesn’t infect the team. It will also be a test of Mancini’s position. Managing a team of starlets like City there will always be prima donna displays, such as complaining about being substituted etc, but these can be overcome with some good man management.

    Tevez obviously feels his sense of entitlement in being on the teamsheet every week has eroded since the Summer. But this has been a situation entirely of his own making. Mancini did the right thing by managing his risk and bringing in replacements, however, Tevez hasn’t been able to take responsibility for his own actions and turn things around. I remember Ryan Giggs being asked how he would react if he were left out of a Utd game and he said “get on the pitch and show the manager he was wrong”

    Sadly, today, it appears the only way to prevent a Tevez type dissent is to hit them where it hurts – in the pay packet. The threat of a measly 10-15K fine and trying to shame them about lack of team spirit and playing for the fans is unlikely to work. A complete loss of wages for one perhaps two months will definitely keep a player in line. I’m also in favour of humbling them by cleaning boots or sweeping the terraces.

    If football clubs do not have such clauses in a players contract covering such petulant action, then they need to think twice.

  7. I’d have liked to see him take the Tony Pulis approach. Keep it behind closed doors. Specifically the changing room door, then get naked in the showers and headbutt the player. Anybody know where James Beattie is now?

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