Premier League Sunday, Gameweek Six: Open Thread

Today presents us with a unique opportunity to look at two clubs who often have been overlooked so far this season: Queens Park Rangers against Aston Villa (11am ET/4pm BST). I say overlooked because they often play at the same time as other matches, and it’s often difficult to give all teams our 100% concentration. Today is that day when we can look at the progress that both clubs have made (or not) without interruption.

Queens Park Rangers is a side that many, myself included, picked to be relegated this season. But that was before they had an ownership change in late August and signed up several key players such as Joey Barton, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Armand Traore.

While QPR is on the ascendency after a convincing 3-0 away victory against Wolves, which was preceded by a nil-nil draw against Newcastle in a game that they could and should have won. For Aston Villa, meanwhile, the team seems to be headed in the opposite direction after a string of unsatisfactory results including a loss against Bolton, and draws with Newcastle, Wolves and Everton.

Feel free to share your thoughts, observations, rants and raves about today’s match — in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek Six: Open Thread”

  1. It’s somewhat off topic, but I just read about the fundraising efforts of Chelsea yesterday helping the families of the Swansea miners who died recently. I dislike Chelsea FC but total respect to their fans for doing that.

    Also, QPR to stay up despite today’s performance against a decent if clumsy villa side.

  2. I was disappointed by the level of quality I saw in the QPR against Villa game today. Villa played too defensively, and both teams made too many mistakes.

    The Gaffer

  3. Both teams lacked quality and that’s why they will be in the bottom half of the league. Poor performance by both teams and a tale of two halves. Villa were second best in the first half and QPR should have made them pay by scoring a goal at least. Villa played better in the second half and Bothroyd faded in the second half. A draw was a fair result.

    Both clubs have enough to remain above the drop zone. Villa did have Bent and Heskey injured so maybe they can start winning again rather than getting draws. QPR just don’t have a prolific goalscorer or they could be a team that could end up the top half. Taraabt is a wonderful talent and I’m surprised he hasn’t moved on to a bigger club. When he has the ball he can make things happen. His curler that hit the upright was pure class. Wright-Phillips was a real disappointment today.

  4. Both teams played well throughout game time so as opposing team, enjoyed watching it awhile ago. I must say Villa is a tough nut to crack, their last defensive line is one of best in BPL.

    QPR new squad is full of flair as usual but I think Barton didn’t perform well, Faurlin somehow got a bit tired by end of first half and slower pace at next 45 minutes. Wright-Phillips not doing well either as it suppose to, but then that is football unpredictable at times. Taarabt on the other hand was splendid so as Bothroyd, Young and not forgetting Kenny. In general, QPR played much like Barcelona or even Valencia during first half and last quarter of game, but this kind of Football is physically demanding and quite risky but nonetheless promising.

    Today’s match resembled much like Manchester United with Stoke yesterday, only QPR have more control than Ferguson’s team.

    As for Refereeing, is one of worst in history since English Premier League. Sorry to say that, but then I’m sure you’ll have to agree with me.

    1. I disagree about the refereeing. Why would you say it’s the worst in history since the start of the Premier League? Mistakes are made such as United not getting a penalty when Hernandez was fouled by Woodgate, but these are isolated errors by refs. The overall quality of the refereeing is good. The only complaint I have is that the refs give yellow cards too easily.

      The Gaffer

  5. Fouling up due to tackles or similar physical contact can be quite subjective and it may require carefull digital replays, but hand balls? Twice (by same person)? Referee must be blind.

    Yellow cards was okay, because it is yellow, a kind of tool’s to avoid potential chaos.

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