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Why FOX Soccer Should Acquire Special 1 TV

fox soccer logo Why FOX Soccer Should Acquire Special 1 TV

Ever since the end of last season, Special 1 TV has been quietly pimping itself trying to find a new home. The hit soccer comedy show started life at Setanta Sports before moving to BBC. But during the summer, it has been trying to find a new home. According to a tweet on the official Special 1 TV Twitter account, an announcement should be coming in the next 24-48 hours. But where Special 1 TV will be available, whether it’s on TV or online, we don’t know as of press time. But if we could make a recommendation, we’d advise FOX Soccer that the time is ripe to acquire the popular show.

In the past 12 months, FOX Soccer has been working hard to improve its product. That includes a new name, new branding, addition of HD, new sets, an iPad app, a relaunched broadband product and much more. Not everything it has done has been perfect, but if it wants to expand its audience and acquire new soccer fans, a show like Special 1 TV is perfect.

While the topics discussed on the show are very topical and intricately tied to the Premier League news stories each week, there’s an immediacy to the show which embraces the soccer fan, whether new or old. The hysterical characters, the weekly episodes and the soap opera cliffhangers of the show mirror the real life Premier League itself, where we wait with anticipation to see what the Joey Barton, Mario Balotelli and Mick McCarthy’s will do or say each week, as well as falling for the absorbing storylines both on and off the pitch.

If FOX Soccer wants soccer to become more popular in the United States, Special 1 TV is the perfect show to promote its network. We already know that each episode is a viral video hit before it’s even published, so the free publicity and brand awareness the show would create for FOX Soccer would be priceless. Plus, it would add a whole new appreciation for FOX Soccer. It would break down the walls that make FOX Soccer feel stuffy at times. And, most important of all, it gives FOX something of value to put during their half-time shows that isn’t so predictable as the current format.

I have no indication that FOX Soccer is even interested in signing Special 1 TV for the upcoming season. But what I do know is this. The Premier League season has been an eyeopening one so far with plenty of wonderful goals and exciting displays. But the season doesn’t feel the same without Special 1 TV, and that goes for soccer fans around the world. Whoever picks up Special 1 TV will have a guaranteed hit on their hands. Maybe it’ll be FOX Soccer, or maybe it’ll be a US company with the marketing sense to wrap their brand around the show, I don’t know. Whoever it will be is on to a winner. Be Champions.


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20 Responses to Why FOX Soccer Should Acquire Special 1 TV

  1. Kobashi says:

    Since Sky and FSC are both owned by Murdoch they should do a joint bid so both Sky and Fox can air the program on their outlets around the world. I’ve been waiting for Speical1 TV to come back since the end of the season.

    The perfect time to place it here in the States would be during the 12pm pregame in between the 10am and 12:30pm games on Saturday and they could always replay it on Goals on Sunday in the 2nd to last segment for people that missed it on Saturday.

  2. Vincent says:

    that would be amazing been waiting forever for a new season to be announced

  3. Yespage says:

    Wasn’t Special 1 TV filler on Setanta? Good filler, but filler none the less. FSC would want to fill that space with commercials.

    I’d welcome it, by all means, but if some College Football fan happened to tune to it, they’d probably come away with an even more negative view on the FSC channel… they probably wouldn’t even get it was about soccer/football.

  4. Earl Reed says:

    My concern is that it’s getting on a bit. They had to start recycling some ideas and things to fill the time. As long as it can be fresh and funny, sure…I just hope it doesn’t become like Beavis And Butthead and have to resort to reusing cheesy bits like “Cornholio.”

  5. S04th says:

    Shut. Up. Numpties!

    FOX, as we well know, could bugger up a one car parade. You know they’ll lock it behind a pay wall. You know the executives will meddle with it. You know they will drop the ball and cancel it in mid season because some divvy in a suit doesn’t “get it”. It’s FOX fer krisake! That’s how they roll.

    That is to say, I hope you or I are wrong. And I do hope it comes back. It’s what got my wife into the game. Granted, it made her an Inter fan… but still.

  6. trickybrkn says:

    Americans wouldn’t understand half the references…

    The Irish would have to dumb it down and even then they wouldn’t understand America.

    That said, I really don’t like Special one TV. Its annoying now. and seems stale.

  7. King Eric says:

    would be fantastic! do it fox soccer!

  8. King Eric says:

    as much as i’d love to be able to watch in on tv at home and dvr it, i think it’s too soon for american viewers. the casual fan or viewer wouldn’t get or appreciate half the references, only the die hards would.

  9. ThompsonLives says:

    Shut up, Gaffer.

  10. dave says:

    Special1TV on Fox and FOXSoccer would be fantastic. Best thing since AMERICAN IDOL! BE CHAMPIONS!

  11. Tayo says:

    Special 1 TV on fox?
    Shut up Speculation
    Be Champions!

  12. Frank says:

    The same diehard fans who watch Fox Soccer will get all the nuances of Special 1 TV. This programming should be aimed at satisfying something the loyal FS fan craves for. It’s aim should not be to attract new viewers.

    Maybe Comedy Central should buy the rights. There’s a few soccer fans who work there on the Daily Show.

  13. I don’t get why this show has no home. I think it is genius! Especially last season with the call backs from movies classic, the innuendo and perfect comic timing. Good show!

  14. Kwyjibo says:

    If FSC really wants to improve, they can start by dropping the ‘S’ word. There is no ‘S’ in FIFA. Start calling it by it’s REAL name, football. If they get Special 1 TV and force them to use the ‘S’ word, or Americanize it in any way, it will kill the show. I would much prefer a European home for Special 1 TV, I don’t trust fox.

  15. eplnfl says:

    Why not as part of ESPN’s halftime or post game show. The Worldwide Leader actually does have a sense of humor and the hardcore audience that gets up at dawn to follow the EPL should have a full understanding of the characters.

  16. RJ says:

    Why the pimping for Murdoch? Those mf’ers ruin everything they touch. ESPN ain’t a lot better, but fox is just horrible.

  17. kat says:

    since this has to do with mourinho, they would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. they are all farca fans drooling at the tic a tok passball. now if … mou was to win the la leaga and the champion’s league this season….., fox will be the first one to snap up the show.

  18. CA_backpacker says:

    Total Necro, but still no news on getting Special One TV back for the 2012-13 season?

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