Special 1 TV Is Back: Watch The Teaser Video Now (Be Champions)

We’ve just intercepted a scrambled message over the Interwebs, and it appears to be from a human life form. Watch the accompanying video to learn more about the return of Special 1 TV, which is coming to your computer screen in the coming days or weeks.

Special 1 TV has overpowered Setanta Sports and the BBC. Which broadcaster will be brave enough for the third incarnation of Ths Special One and friends?

6 thoughts on “Special 1 TV Is Back: Watch The Teaser Video Now (Be Champions)”

  1. thanks for the response, gaffer. your site is essential for the american fan of the premiership, but i’m leery of your often blurry line between advocacy and salesmanship. the clearer you make it, the better your site will be.

  2. I don’t understand the tone of the comments. He posted something anyone who has been following on the blog for awhile may very be interested in. Seems more of a PSA than a sales pitch. I have been curious how this is going to come back after last year’s finale and subsequent beat down of ManU in the Champs League final.

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