Can Any Club Beat the Manchester Sides to Win the Premier League Title This Season?

Based on how this Premier League season is unfolding, we may as well mark two dates on the calendar to determine who will be the 2011-12 Premier League champions: October 23rd and April 28th. That’s when Manchester United play Manchester City at Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium.

I hope I’m wrong, but based on Chelsea’s disappointing performance Sunday, it looks like it’s going to be a two horse race. A lot can change between now and the end of the season, but there’s no doubt that City and United will be fighting for the top even if a third or fourth team battles the two Manchester clubs for the title.

So far this season, Arsenal has been pathetic, Liverpool hasn’t impressed me, Tottenham have been a yo-yo side, and Chelsea have failed to get into top gear. It’s Chelsea, more than any, that I would expect more from. They have the talent, and while they played very well against Manchester United on Sunday, they just couldn’t put their chances away. David De Gea made a couple of decent saves, but it just seems that whenever Manchester United get a golden chance in front of goal, the ball goes into the back of the net. While, with Chelsea, the chance is usually wasted.

What do you think? Is the Premier League season over before it’s really started? Or can you see a team other than City or United challenging the Manchester clubs for the title? If so, whom? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Can Any Club Beat the Manchester Sides to Win the Premier League Title This Season?”

  1. Honestly, as much as it kills me, I would probably put all my money on Manchester United. It will be quite awhile until we (Liverpool) or any other team (most likely, Man City) can knock the arrogant devils off their perch.

  2. “Every visiting team to Old Trafford this season has had at least 20 shots: only 2 teams managed this in the previous 5 seasons.”

    This stat doesn’t convince me that United are unbeatable. I’ll be interested to see how they perform at Stoke this weekend.

  3. Really, this is silly talk to etch names in the top two positions after 5 games. At the same point last year, the question was “Can anybody compete with Chelsea?” Well, nine losses later, it became apparent that while a great start is encouraging, lots can happen over a 10 month season.

    1. Something tells me that Man United and Man City are going to run away with it this season. I hope I’m wrong, but…

      The Gaffer

    2. Exactly. It’s 5 matches. This is overreaction at it’s best. So much football left to be played. Didn’t last year teach us not to get carried away? Chelsea was unstoppable and Arsenal were fighting on three fronts into the winter if I recall and look what happened.

      As a City supporter I’m counting on nothing here. There is no reason to believe City can deliver on this early start as injuries and squabbles can untrack the best of squads. As exciting as it is, I’ll let the next seven months play themselves out.

  4. I hope it’s either Man City or Chelsea. Chelsea were robbed on Sunday. Chris Smalling was offside from the free-kick and Nani was also offside when he received the ball from midfield. I can’t believe that idiot Torres missed the easiest of chances. And Ramires in the first half, too. What a weak, weak shot shot from him. If that had gone in, it could’ve changed the complexion of the game going into half-time. United got away big time. Anyone should’be been able to score that goal.

    1. Wat abt the penalty miss by rooney n miss from berbatov , United also hit the cross bar twice….you idiots cry abt the offside decsions that went against your pathetic team n were laughing when your dogshit striker scored an offside goal agaist united in 08/09 season…..n last season tottenham were robbed at SB were two goals scored by Chelsea shouldn’t have srood …chelsea fans are two faced morons……

  5. I’m tempted not to call it so soon. As with Chelsea last season, we all know teams can have a Newcastle type meltdown. However, I just can’t see any team catching United – NOT EVEN CITY. Mancini’s team will drop too many points this season.

  6. United are stronger than last year and they won it…don’t see City doing it…and The Blues are a mess. Pool is a 2nd tier club…Spurs fun but schizoid..nah…United again for #20. Only serious injury or a miracle will prevent that from happening…the better question for me is who will stop them in CL play this year….Bayern?

  7. As long as Rooney is fit, The Devils will be unstoppable.
    Since the second half of the community shield game,
    I have no doubt that #20 is firm in hands.

  8. Chelseafc wil come out wit flyin colour dis season.bcoz i believe in AVB,nd d squard nd management.up chelsea.blues 4 life.

  9. The season has barely begun. While I think Man Utd are the favourites again this year, I expect Chelsea to get stronger as the season progresses. I think it will be a three horse race. I expect the battle for fourth to be a close contest too.

  10. Way too early to predict winners yet. Next couple of weeks will be huge for utd with games against liverpool and city. If we get 6 points from those games it will be massive. given the fact we will already played all of the top 6 teams once while city will only have played spurs at that point we will be in a great postion. I’m expecting city to drop more points after champions league games as they adapt to rotating their squad.

    While I still expect the top 6 teams to take points of each other the league will be won against the smaller clubs.

  11. I personally can’t see it. I think the only hope is that as AVB installs his philosophies onto Chelsea they might contend. I think the other clubs we might think of are fighting for 3rd/4th. But who knows

  12. Way too early! Not quite squeaky bum time, far from it!

    Injuries, CL matches and mid-week PL matches have not taken it’s full effect yet. In addition to EURO 2012 qualifiers and African Nations Cup (if that is this year, somebody correct me if wrong).

    I think the squad turnover and the performances have been the real interesting point. Influx of youth within Manchester United, influx of established world-class players in Manchester City, Chelsea with players and AVB, Arsenal’s lost of players, Tottenham’s drama with Modric, Stoke City’s strong squad (massive credit goes to Tony Pulis), Newcastle’s under the radar midfield pair of Tiote and Cabaye, etc., etc.

  13. It is rarely wise to bet against Man United. You can win, but not often doing such. Unlike Chelsea from last season, someone will have to knock Man. United off their perch.

  14. United will MOST LIKELY win the league, yet again..

    I don’t mean this maliciously, but it will be a beautiful day when Ferguson retires. I, for one, am bored to death of United’s now ridiculous and inane dominance. Expire already. I would be content if City won this season for the sake of change.. and that’s sad but it’s true.

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