Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread


Without a doubt, today’s the biggest Premier League day of the season so far. Tottenham against Liverpool get things started early with an enticing match at White Hart Lane.

That’s followed by Fulham against the seemingly indestructible Manchester City. Poor Martin Jol couldn’t have picked a worse time to play City. At the same time as the match at Craven Cottage, Sunderland takes on Stoke City.

And last but not least we have Manchester United against Chelsea at Old Trafford in a game which may tell us where Chelsea stands in this title race.

Not bad for a birthday present for me. The promise of four excellent Premier League matches.

The early match between Tottenham and Liverpool erupted with a wonderful goal by Luka Modric. Let’s hope the rest of the match can maintain or exceed that level of excitement.

As in previous weeks, we want to open up EPL Talk to your rants, raves, observations and questions. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts about the launch of Premier League soccer on FOX Broadcasting Company today (either at 2pm ET or 4:30pm ET, depending on your local market).

31 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread”

  1. Yes but it’s back now. Liverpool very exposed in defence today. Really wish both Chelsea and United could lose today. #dontcareaboutthegloryhunters

  2. Liverpool is on par w/ the Stokes and Sundurlands of this league. Any Sunday league player, playing for, say, Colchester and Mansfield, will be no worse than horticulturalists like Henderson and Carroll. My God, these guys are potential English internationals. Sad. No wonder England is badly exposed, time and again, when they play versus non-“kick and run”-teams.
    Glad that City, even w/ all their money, is setting the standard in this league! At least they have footballers. You look at Aguero and Silva, at Modric; you look at Dos Santos coming on as a sub for Tottenham and then at Spearing coming on as a sub for Liverpool. Kenny: just because someone is young and English, doesn’t necessarily make him Liverpool material.
    Sad sad Liverpool. Kenny: go ahead and blame the referee again this week…

  3. Is it me or is the audio of the crowd on the FOX Soccer broadcast too quiet, or is it that Old Trafford is pretty silent?

    The Gaffer

    1. I guess it’s a very quiet start at Old Trafford. I just heard the Chelsea fans singing, and they sounded pretty loud. Surprised to hear how quiet the Manchester United supporters are today, so far.

      The Gaffer

    2. The audio on Fox Soccer Channel broadcasts is muted terribly. If you listen to Sky Sports, it’s loud. Can’t figure out why FOX do that as it takes away from the excitement.

      Probably some fat executive who knows jack about the sport made that call.

    3. It was most definitely muted at the Man U game. You could overhear other broadcasts bleeding into the commentary. Perhaps Fox were nervous about possible “obscene” chanting from “hooligans” on their regular TV network.

  4. What a game b/t United and Chelski. Even with all the goals, the talking points are all the point blank misses! Only Torres would miss that wow, entertaining match.

  5. Chelsea gave that game away. Torres should have had 2 goals (that second miss was atrocious..) and Sturridge should have slid that ball that never got to him.. Could’ve been 3-3, but it ends 3-1. And United win the Premier League yet again. The dominance is getting more and more inane by the minute.

    1. No doubt Chelsea missed some great opportunities but posts like this make me laugh. You only focus on one teams missed chances. While the game could have easily finished 3-3, it also could have finished 5-3 or even 6-1 for United if they hit their great chances and Chelsea still misses theirs. In case you are wondering which ones I am talking about…Rooney missing the penalty, Rooney hitting the post a bit later, Berbatov late in the game. If you are going to talk about missed chances you have to look at it evenly.

      1. If could have been 1-1 as there were to off side goals, it could have been any score for either team. Chelsea played as well as Utd but it was a strange game in some respects that could have gone any way I think the result flattered Utd a bit as the game was quite even but Utd took the win and that’s what counts.

      2. You’re right, Scott. Quite a few missed chances on United’s part as well, to be fair.

        The main idea of the post though is my complete boredom and disdain over what will MOST LIKELY be yet another Premier League winning season for United, even with City looking as greater as they do. Am I against United as a historical football club? No. Am I against the fact that their 12 Premier League titles in 18 seasons (soon to be 13 in 19) is getting to the point of ridiculous? Yes. I don’t expect them to surrender and just let another team waltz in and win the title. Of course I believe whatever team trumps them should EARN their spot.. but for heaven’s sake, just relax already.

        It’s to the point that I’d be content watching City win for the sake of change.. That’s how bored I am. It’s not even about wanting MY team to win, as much as I do, of course.. but for a goddamn change. Liverpool had their period of dominance and United became the kings. I just think it’s time for something and someone new. Of course United fans are loving it because they could use some mediocrity for awhile, bring them back down to earth. All United fans that didn’t live through before the Premier League have known almost nothing but success. You don’t even know what it is to be down. It’s like leading a life with nothing but the sweet and no sour. And without the sour, then the sweet just ain’t as sweet. At least that’s how I look at it. Liverpool fans have been reminded what the sour is and that’s what made their Champions League win so enjoyable. It’s just not that same when you EXPECT to win and always.. What’s success with hardships? Real hardships, not bulldozing your way through seasons..

        It is what it is. Rant over.

        1. MG, don’t you think that what you have said about Utd winning is the way football has been set up for the last 20 years? It’s a vicious circle those at the top end and champs league get so much more money than anyone else they can’t really help but be up there which is really what has happened for years now. You can’t expect Everton to compete unless they have a lucky season and when they do those clubs who get paid more just go and take the players that gave Everton that season in the first place! So all back to square one. It just keeps going round and round it obvious who will win those with the money, Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal you will not see a winner from outside this group again until something is changed about the heavily bias payouts. UEFA have now even stopped others joining this group by slamming the door shut behind City with the FFP rules. I’m sure they are aiming at a European super league, I suppose this is the only way to stop this monotony. If they do it needs some sort of promotion and relegation as sports with out this are only about winning the league and not much else. They could use some sort of play offs but they will probably pay out massively to the side top sides again ruining it within a few years and causing the same problems that these lopsided payments already have in the Premier League and others. It would be great if they said that from next year every team could only spend say £10m on players and £10m on wages then you would see who is they really the best after a few years and not who the money made the best but it ain’t gonna happen.

          1. Yeah I know it’s been happening for the past twenty (even forty) years, but I just think my mind is ready to see another dominant team, even if it isn’t mine. That’s how disillusioned I am with it all. Call it childish or whatever, but it’s how I feel.

        2. Actually I understand where you are coming from on that and I am sorry if my reply seemed angry as it really wasn’t meant to be. I have just really started noticing the ignoring one teams chances a lot in the past few years mainly because of the adult league hockey team I was playing on. We were winning very few games and after every two goal loss all I would hear in the locker room was the two posts we hit and the one amazing save their goalie made and we could have won. Of course they seemed to completely forget the other team hit two posts as well and our goalie made three amazing saves. In the end with chances versus goals, it finished just about where it should have for us.

          Although I still can’t believe the Torres miss.

  6. Great game between United and Chelsea. As for the misses, i can’t really excuse Torres of that dreadful attempt. but i do believe Berbatov didn’t have a good angle on the goal. if Rooney had passed it a few yards earlier, however, it may well have been 4-1. Great game overall. The minutes really flew by on that one.

  7. What has happened to Liverpool? I had them as a challengers, well I guess it’s still early yet. Stokes defence breached 4 times by Sunderland, Arsenal getting beat at Blackburn.
    I thought Utd were a tad lucky against Chelsea and Torres’s miss made me laugh out loud, it was that bad this game could have been any score as both went for it. It‘s weird seeing Chelsea do that. City need to learn that having 60% of the possession and 20 shots is not always enough, Mancini should have rotated more as they looked tired in the second half. Crazy weekend!

  8. I really enjoyed watching the EPL on Fox today, I had the choice, MU vs Chelsea or Patriots vs Chargers zzzzzzzzzz It was an easy choice and it was an outstanding game. Like someone said earlier, it is a seismic chance for viewers in North America, I think this will attract more fans for the EPL in America than any World Cup because they go face to face vs the NFL and can reach a large sporting audience.

  9. Liverpool are back where they belong. Mid-table. They let Miereles and Aquilani go and rely on overhyped British talent like Henderson and Adam and they get what they deserve. What a pathetic bunch Liverpool have become. Even Everton are above Liverpool and have a game in hand. Poetic justice!

  10. Pretty weird game between united and Chelsea! Mu’s central defenders were obviously lacking experience, leadership and composure… they gifted so many simple passes to Chelsea’s players and their positioning wasn’t great. Same can be said about Anderson and Fletcher. Though Anderson was better, they both weren’t concentrated enough on what’s going on around them. As for Carrick, well since have been going down hill for him since he came to united!

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