It Is All Relative: Weekend Preview Show (EPL Talk Podcast)

If it is all relative then this Champions League week looks like a real achievement for all Premier League sides. To discuss the successes and shortfalls of our Euro-Adventurers Laurence McKenna is joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer and Jesse Chula.

The first segment is dedicated to european form and success. The biggest question is: how will this impact upon league form and momentum built up by the 2011 Top 4? It would seem that a change is as good as a rest for some, will Arsene Wenger welcome his change of location in the stadium?

Then we look forward to Saturday and Sunday. The first glut of big games come on ‘Super Sunday’ when United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford. With rotation and squad size being important factors so early on, how much of an indication of the success is this?

All this and much more on the EPLTalk Podcast.

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