1974 Charity Shield Between Liverpool and Leeds (Video)

If you’ve watched or read The Damned United, you’ll know that the 1974 Charity Shield between Leeds United and Liverpool plays a pivotal role. It was a real life drama featuring remarkable characters Bill Shankly and Brian Clough. And on the pitch there was the clash between Liverpool’s Kevin Keegan and Leeds United’s Billy Bremner, which resulted in both men being sent off after they traded punches.

It was also the first Charity Shield (now Community Shield) shown on television. But more importantly, it was Bill Shankly’s last game in charge of Liverpool. He retired in May 1974, but he walked out his side one last time.

Watch the highlights from the game below (in the five part video series). And after you’ve watched the footage, share your insights and observations in the comments section below.






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