Belgium vs USA Friendly: Video Highlights


If you’re like me, and countless others, you probably missed yesterday’s game between Belgium and the United States because you set the game to record on your DVR, but ESPN – in their infinite wisdom – decided to move the game at the last minute from ESPN to ESPN2.

If you did miss the game, or you want to see it again, watch the video highlights above.

What are your thoughts regarding the USA’s performance against Belgium? Are you concerned that the US has lost three friendly games in a row? Are you satisfied with the team selections that Jurgen Klinsmann has made and how his team has been playing? Share your insight in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Belgium vs USA Friendly: Video Highlights”

  1. I was really POed by what ESPN did and worse yet even when I went
    to watch the feed via XBOX Live it didn’t come thru and wound up
    watching it thru my PC via their website. From what i saw, clearly
    we were over matched by the Belgian side and I am really wondering
    how much more tinkering Klinsmann plans to do to strengthen the US
    side. Maybe it’s just me, but while we do have a decent enough
    defense, our team really lacks a strong midfield particularly
    consistent player to make a play on the ball to push the ball
    upfield and strong strikers to score. We have only scored once out
    of 3 games? That’s a serious problem! While was pleased with Tim
    Howard’s performance, it’s obvious that our side needs help so he
    doesn’t spend the entire game clearing balls away from the net.

  2. What a great treat to come home from work to watch the game I DVR’d
    and for it to not be there at all!! Overall I was happy. I view
    friendlies as a way to try new things and new players. It is pretty
    cool to see new guys and not the same players every game for a
    change. And I am happy with all the Klinsman games so far. It’s
    obvious we need a closer, but we all already knew that. At least
    klinsman is trying new things and not just leaving Jozy up front
    game after game after game and expecting a different ending. (ALSO
    they haven’t lost 3 in a row, they lost 2 and drew 1, but they
    COULD have won any of them)

  3. I’m impressed you could contrive 4:38 of “highlights” from that
    game. Belgium had maybe 2 good chances plus the goal. I don’t think
    we made the Belgian keeper make one half-decent save.

  4. Torres was the only bright spot the whole match. Our forwards are
    garbage and the Robbie Rogers train is over. He ran up the wing
    numerous times only to lose the ball. Altidore lacks creative runs
    that opens up space and the verdict is out on Aguedelo

  5. What is this trend with ESPN’s last-minute changes? I set my DVR to
    record the game only to come home to NOTHING! Gaffer you write
    several articles criticizing FSC comparing it to ESPN’s coverage.
    Where is the article criticizing ESPN when they blatantly show
    disrespect to the USMNT and its fans!?! This is two games in a row
    now 1st the Costa Rica match now Belgium. NASCAR and Little League
    baseball are still shown preference over US soccer at ESPN. You
    continually use ESPN as a benchmark for FSC’s yet you continue to
    brush the major issues EPSN has under the rug. FSC has never
    switched a match at the last minute and if they had the coverage of
    yesterday’s game I would have seen it! I’ll take lack luster
    pre-game coverage and commentating any day as long as I can watch
    the match.

  6. It’s still early days for the new coach. Friendly games are for
    testing out players and mixing & matching lineups. Hopefully
    Holden will be back fully fit by the time the next friendly comes
    in October.

  7. I knew the ESPN thing was headed for failure when I looked at the
    show coming on before the match. That was NASCAR. Seems like any
    time there’s a live event preceding the matches on ESPN, you might
    as well expect overlap or switching. It’s absolute crap.

  8. ESPN is garbage. The only problem with MLS going to Versus is the
    bar is set so low. I could take a camcorder and set it up in my
    season ticket seats, probably be better for most fans. At least my
    DVR would have recorded a sporting event And if they decided to
    show the game I wouldn’t have to listen to the commentators the
    brass thought were a good idea because they knew nothing about
    soccer. There is NO WAY Versus could be worse.

  9. The few corners we took were crap. Time to move on from Jozy–feet
    of stone and more training won’t cure that. Need better options on
    the back line–if it wasn’t so bad we wouldn’t need 2 d-mids. Would
    like to see Juan and Dempsey in a 4-4-1-1, w Shea on left and Adu
    on right. How about Torres and Holden in the center to link play?
    Would like an all-out attacking side for the next friendly to try
    to run up the score and build a little confidence. Robbie Rogers
    should not see the pitch for a while. Spec(ta)tor should get one
    last shot, if he promises to stay home.

  10. Thankfully I caught the final seven minutes of the first half and
    cancelled the DVR recording. But it was disgraceful what they did
    on Tuesday. I know someone from ESPN they told me that they will
    remain with the coverage till the end before the start of the next
    one. That’s the policy they have. It stinks, but that’s their

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