Leeds United vs Manchester City, 1971-72 Season (Video Highlights)

Leeds United was a powerhouse in the early 1970’s and you can see why in the above video.

Featuring stars such as Allan Clarke, Billy Bremner and Peter Lorimer, who scored a spectacular goal in the above video, Leeds went on to finish the season in second place. First place went to Derby County, managed by Brian Clough (as glorified in the film, The Damned United).

Manchester City, meanwhile, finished the season in fourth place. As you can see in the above video, Manchester City’s away strip from the ’71-’72 season looks quite familiar for those of you who watched City annihilate Spurs last week.

Enjoy the video.

4 thoughts on “Leeds United vs Manchester City, 1971-72 Season (Video Highlights)”

  1. thanks Gaffer, I love the retro videos…part of the reason i make this my morning ritual… good to remember the quality of the past.


  2. Wow, half of the big strikers today would have put those balls in the 12th row. Quality play! I also dig the sideburns… 😉

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