Premier League Transfer Window Roundup (EPL Talk Podcast)

With the transfer deadline day finished, Kartik and Laurence dissect all of the major moves made during the August transfer window. The duo look at buys made by specific teams such as QPR and Manchester United, as well as which clubs made the panic buys and which ones made sensible moves.

Several other topics are discussed such as Raul Meireles, and what that move means for Chelsea and Liverpool, Luka Modric — and what it means to Tottenham, and much more.

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Let us know whether you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in this episode. Make your voice heard in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Premier League Transfer Window Roundup (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. While Kartik seems so convinced that Wenger’s buys were panic buys, did anyone notice an interesting trend over the summer, that almost as soon as Arsenal were linked to a player, the player was nicked by a richer club? Even the way Valencia used Arsenal’s interest in Mata to try to spark a bidding war…maybe Wenger decided to hold out till the last few days anyway, but I’m pretty sure the 8-2 mauling finally opened his eyes to what I’ve been saying for over a year now: Arsenal may have a pretty good starting XI, but the backup is pathetic. Slowly, I think, Wenger is resolving that, but he may have left it too late.

    1. Hey Edward,

      I guess the point is that this could have been wrapped up much earlier in the summer if Arsenal had been accepting of the situation (Cesc-Nasri). This was the best they could get in short notice and I always thought that Wenger’s plan was much more long-term, even if he needed instant results things could have gone better right?

      Like you say the backup is not experienced, that can be a problem when you try and integrate them etc.


  2. Can Kartik please stop chomping on food while recording the podcast? The last few episodes have had Lawrence speaking and meanwhile Chomp Chomp Chomp, sounds like someone is eating carrots.

  3. I thought it was weird that Kartik couldn’t wrap his head around Clichy leaving. He was entering the last year of his contract and let management know he would not be re-signing. Moreover, most Arsenal fans will tell you he has been mediocre for the past few seasons, perhaps because of the demands made on him by Arsenal’s tactics — in particular he offered almost nothing going forward, but in so trying he appeared to lack focus at times and would make bad mistakes playing opposition onside etc. Santos adds experience to the side over Gibbs/Traore, adds the threat of attack on the left-flank (last season was Clichy and Arshavin!) and is a left-footed set piece taker.

  4. 2 Points
    -Laurence says Hargreaves will help Man city with their English players quota, but as I understand it it’s a home-grown player quota, not an English player quota (so as to not fall foul of anti discrimination and employment rules). Hargreaves grew up in Canada and spent his early playing years in Germany so I don’t think he would qualify as home-grown. Does this sound right?
    -Kartik seems to think Hagreaves is a great signing, as is Joe Cole, whereas Arteta is bad panic buy. I would put all the players in the same basket as formally very good players getting on a bit with dodgy injury records. Yes Arteta cost £10 million, but in todays market that’s not a huge fee, especially if you take his pay cut into consideration. To be a good signing he doesn’t need to be as good as Cesc, he just needs to be better than Rosicky (who I thought looked good against Scotland today) and Arshavin and to give Wilshere and Ramsey space to mature. Also it will be nice to have a player who can actually take a decent corner at the Emirates.

    1. Hey Sam,

      I’ll look up the OH situation and see what comes of it. He did grow up in Canada but is in the English squad, the way that FIFA and UEFA work their ‘nationality’ rules: this could be interesting.

      Kartik’s point is situational. Hargreaves is a squad player and Joe Cole is going to a new League with a team that have Champions League football but aren’t world beaters. Arteta is essentially a replacement for Samir and CF4 because like you say Rosicky hasn’t always been fit for Arsenal and people are underwhelmed as a result (Tomas is good though.)

      Pay cut and all he was a last day buy when this could have been done early summer when Arsenal would have had time and possibly more scope for CM’s. Either way it felt a bit like Wenger had abandoned his system (even if that system is press-constructed) for a quick fix which underwhelmed on transfer day but will probably work out well during the season.

      Any more views just email me and we can put them in the pod:



      1. The FA homegrown rule is:

        A player must spend at least 3 full seasons, or 3 years, in English or Welsh football prior to the end of the season when the player turns 21. It has nothing to do with nationality as this would violate EU rules.

        Owen Hargreaves is not homegrown as his early career was not in England or Wales.

        He was listed as foreign with ManU last year.

  5. As a Liverpool supporter, I was disappointed to see Meireles go. He did have some creativity and skill that may be missing from the Liverpool side. However, I don’t think that he adds nearly as much to Chelsea as you do. He is not a defensive midfielder. He may play that position for Portugal and, in the past, for Porto, but he did not do well there last year. It became clear to most LFC fans that he does not tackle much and is not good defensively. He gets pushed off the ball more in the EPL, probably because it is a much more physical league. The point is that he is not nearly as good there as Essien, and without that defensive midfielder Chelsea’s defense looks much weaker.

    Meireles was good for us, but not great. People are talking about how he came on against Arsenal, but so did Suarez. When Meireles came on against Sunderland (and Suarez went off), he was lost and barely touched the ball. LFC will be fine without Meireles if there are no major injuries. If there is a major injury (besides Gerrard), there may be a problem. The crowded central midfield that LFC once had now looks thin.

    Also, about the Bellamy pickup – I don’t see him starting most matches. He will play and will probably be the first tactical sub off the bench or most EPL matches. There will probably be matches where Suarez will lead the line with Bellamy, Downing, and Henderson behind him (with Carroll on the bench). Bellamy give LFC one thing that has been missing before this summer – pace from attacking players. LFC have had it with Kelly and Glen Johnson, but not up front.. Bellamy still has it and with Downing up front, LFC finally have some pace – and width.

    One last thing – Hazard is not really a forward, but more of an attacking midfielder who can play on both wings. He is much more of a Nasri type player than Drogba. Chelsea have already purchased their successor to Drogba in Lukaku.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Mark,

      We’ll be covering a lot of formation stuff in the next few weeks. Earl et al. will be delving into it.

      Hazard looks like he could be promising in the EPL, but you can’t tell the roll he’ll be in until he gets to his respective buyer. Spain might work for him too considering his position. But like Kartik has said a few times on Twitter and on the pod I think, he’d be an interesting addition for Liverpool and has contributed goals elsewhere.

      Bellamy will be good in a cup run. Could be a good partner for Carroll in a classic kind big-small match. We’ve seen the kind of attacker that LFC are after now though and it’s a fairly dogged kind of player with a certain kind of mind-set. Great for the team they are trying to build and accepting of the way KD wants to play.

      Raul was good for link up play. Seemed to bring things together well. The midfield will be okay with out him but a lot of Liverpool fans seem sorry to see him leave because he tended to be involved in flash points (usually with another player like you say – Luis) as a link up guy and the kind of morale player that he was do you think Liverpool can bring a player into the team to do a similar roll or are we looking at Henderson, Downing, SG or Kuyt carving a roll like that out for themselves…?

      Lukaku isn’t in the Cl squad for Chelsea which is a shame but seems necessary considering their squad. But you’re right a good replacement, they spent enough money on him for us to assume that he should be a replacement. Let’s see how he evolves. Time will tell. Not much critical appraisal of his price-tag and age so far though. Strange?



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