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FIFA 12: Sneak Peek of New and Improved Career Mode (Video)

We’re now just a few weeks away from the release of FIFA 12.

In the above video, FIFA 12′s creative director takes us through the new and improved career mode on the game, and as you can see it’s much improved on last year’s version.

As you can see in the above video, there’s also a tie-in to Sky Sports.

Check out the video when you get a chance.

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5 Responses to FIFA 12: Sneak Peek of New and Improved Career Mode (Video)

  1. Slugs says:

    Seems like they are taking a page out of FM’s book. I like it.

  2. Red20 says:

    That all looks great, but what about player development and scouting?

    This year basically became try to get good enough so you can make money in higher competitions so you can buy the best players. Your young players never got any better, so you just ended up trying to get also-rans.

    Need to bring back the scouting element and young players need to improve and regress. Encouraged by what I saw though.

  3. Neil O says:

    A step forward. Have to see it to believe it though. My hope is that EA is finally keeping tabs on what the players want in the game.

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