MLS Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, September 1, 2011

On the latest edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, your hosts (the Chris and Chris of American soccer) bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and regional perspective.  The crew starts off with an array of MLS and Yanks Abroad news, before analyzing Jurgen Klinnsman’s second roster of callups for the USMNT.  After briefly looking ahead to the upcoming friendlies, the CCL’s Group Matchday 2 and the semi – finals of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup are broken down.

To close out the show … a hurricane – shortened week of MLS league action is dissected and new power rankings are handed down … with a new face making the cut.  All this and more on the brand new MLS Talk Podcast : TWIUSS!!!!

4 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, September 1, 2011”

  1. Just want to say great job boys. Chris Webb is a great addition to the podcast after Richard F. left. I liked RF coverage on EPL but when it came to MLS it almost sounded like he had to force himself to do it. But CW we know loves MLS and will give a strong opinion and tell it like it is. I’m a Fire fan but I like listening to the United Mania podcast, good MLS talk. Thumbs up to the site for getting CW and thanks for coming over.

  2. Thanks Derek for the positive feedback. Chris Webb is definitely a welcome addition alongside Chris Riordan. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcasts, and hope more MLS fans will do the same.

    The Gaffer

  3. Thanks for the response, Gaffer, one thing I wish for the podcast is listener feedback. Is this the place for questions or is their another means?

  4. Derek,

    Thanks for the comments … Listener involvement is actually the most important thing for the show. Chris and I have talked about it, we should have an e-mail address for the show announced during the next episode. Also, I would really like to eventually get a call – in line going. In the meantime … If youve got some comments, you can e – mail me at the above address and I can read it over the air. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll do our best to put out quality shows … It’s been a privilege and a blast.

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