Why The Flawed Transfer Window Needs Reform

Today is transfer deadline day which means despite having had over two months to procure new players, clubs will today be scurrying about frantically delving into the transfer market.

Clubs will be hoping to complete deals that will give them the players they need, often at the last minute.

All the while the media will be trying to hype up the forthcoming deadline, whilst seemingly ignoring the fiscal irresponsibility of a host of clubs that offers little entertainment value.

Therefore whilst others will be focusing on the thrills and spills of the coming hours, I will be hunkered down eagerly anticipating the end of the transfer silly season so we can all focus on the football once again.

Sensible managers/owners in a logical market would have already procured their targets well before this deadline however this is not a sane market and the frantic activity of the run up to the transfer deadline.

This artificial deadline creates a self fulfilling prophecy of panic buying and uncertainty that can unsettle even the most organised and forward thinking managers.

Some may like the unpredictability and unnecessary drama that today will create,  but I can’t shake the feeling that such important decisions should not be rushed and the current system is not a healthy or professional way of doing business.

I may be called a traditionalist, without a sense of occasion but the way our clubs conduct their transfer business has long needed reform and the transfer deadline system is a key part of this.

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