Premier League Gameweek 3: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week three of the Premier League.


  1. Michel Vorm: The Swansea keeper had several top-notch saves that kept the Welsh side in the match, with Swansea earning another point.
  2. Edin Dzeko: With his four goals against Spurs, Dzeko continues his blistering start.
  3. Juan Mata: Welcome to the Premier League.
  4. Wigan: A solid start to the season that keeps the relegation zone safely away.
  5. Leon Best: A solid two-goal performance gives Newcastle hope for the post-Barton squad.
  6. Ashley Young: Wayne Rooney will receive most of the headlines after his hat trick.  But Young’s two goals were just as scintillating.
  7. Tim Krul: The keeper had three superb second half saves to secure the three points for the Magpies.
  8. Liverpool: The offseason signings look like they are starting to gel.
  9. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Is European football in the future for this plucky club?
  10. Samir Nasri: An impressive first match for the newly signed City man. The combination of Nasri with David Silva makes the Blues attack that much more explosive.


  1. Another week, another jeer. Normally, I don’t make it a habit of mocking those that know more about technology than I do, since I barely know how to turn on a computer. However, at this point, the situation has become laughable. Those who tried to log on and watch live matches on Saturday endured more of the same problems. Luckily Sunday’s matches went off without a hitch, so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.
  2. Luis Suarez: He would have made a bunch of fantasy owners very happy if he had slammed home his breakaway instead of lobbing it over the net.
  3. Steve Bruce: The clock on his dismissal is ticking.
  4. Swansea in the final third: Swansea looks like a top division club on the build up in all of their matches, but they still need work finishing if they want to avoid relegation.
  5. Arsenal backline: I don’t want to pile on the Gunners, but that was an embarrassing display against Manchester United.
  6. Ben Foster: The mix up between Foster and defender Gabriel Tamas gave Stoke a gift goal and continued West Brom’s tough start to the season.
  7. Fulham: Can somebody call Craven Cottage and let them know the Premier League season has started?
  8. Blackburn penalties: For a team that struggles to score points, it’s vital to convert penalty kicks. The fact that they missed two in a 0-1 loss is heartbreaking.
  9. The international break: Just as the Premier League kicks off with some intense and exciting matches, fans are now forced to go without club football for an almost unbearable two weeks.

28 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 3: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. Dezko scored 4 quality goals! Rooney scored 2 good free kicks & a penality & Rooney still gets more praise! Dzeko looks much better than Rooney at the moment! He’s scored 7 goals in his last 4 games which is unbelievably good for a player who only signed 7 months ago, yes he started slow but so do a lot of players, Look at Torres, he started off brilliantly for Liverpool, he also Joined Chelsea the same time Dzeko scored city, yet he is yet to settle as Chelsea is a completely new system to Liverpool’s, if Chelsea change their system then Torres will look worth the money, he’s only scored twice for Chelsea since he joined & one of them was during Pre Season!

    1. Dezko did score four goals with his fourth being his best. However, Rooney was the goal scorer and creative/genius playmaker and tracking back to defend just after bagging his third goal. And he chipped Szcheney that smashed against the post…he also nutmegged a defender in assisting Nani’s cheeky chip.

      Fair play to Dzeko for scoring goals and getting class service from Nasri and Toure but again, it should be no shock that Wayne Rooney gets the praise. Whether it be good, bad or top-drawer, Rooney will probably always get more attention because he’s an English #10 who plays for Manchester United.

      1. Dzeko tracks back now! he’s a proper striker, also didn’t have to pay £30,000 for a hair transplant just too score a header! Yes Rooney is more of a play maker/ striker where Dzeko is just a striker, but Dzeko deserves more praise in my opinion as he scored an all round perfect 4 strikers goals! Rooney looks good this season, but he was awful last season!

        1. Dude go away. Seriously. If you really think a hair transplant matters… wow. Also, nobody who’s a serious EPL fan would ever say Dzeko > Rooney. It was one game. Yes he was amazing and the header was sick but he was set up nicely by Nasri, Silva and Aguero.

          BTW, Dzeko doesn’t track back. His job is to press the CBs. Who’s he tracking back to cover?

          1. I think he was taking the pxss out of the hair transplant and rightly so! For me the vanity of a man who looks like a potato anyway is very funny. Dzeko certainly does track back he interchanges with Silva, Aguero you will see him on the wing he is a worker like Rooney. What > means I’m not sure but if you are saying Rooney Has done better over the last 2 or 3 years as a striker then you are simply wrong if not then who cares.

            Eric I think his header was the best leaning backward and curling it, unbelievable skill. Don’t get me wrong the last was top notch but is done a lot.

          2. “Seriously. If you really think a hair transplant matters… wow.” evidently wayne rooney thinks it matters lol

  2. “Blackburn penalties: For a team that struggles to score points, it’s vital to convert penalty kicks. The fact that they missed two in a 0-1 loss is heartbreaking.”

    It was an off match. Give ’em a break.

    1. Missing two penalty kicks is worth criticizing. I don’t understand why having an “off match” excuses it. If it was an “on match” and they missed two penalties that’d be really bad.

  3. What about a jeer seeing Drogba? He’s a beast of a footballer and wow, just wow how he helicoptered in the air all while being knocked out.

  4. Odd Jeer for Suarez. I’d say that the true jeer is his needless diving robbing him of a true penalty reward in the second half. Lucas should pull Suarez aside and explain to him the diving schtick is stupid. Lucas saw the light, so can Suarez.

  5. Jeers to the direction the EPL is heading. Is it even worth watching matches featuring the Manchester teams anymore? Wake me when the FA Cup starts. At least maybe they’ll take a nap for a game and make for some intrigue.

  6. NOOO screw the international break :( the prem just got started again and we have to settle for boring international football again!?

  7. I think one more jeer to add would be Modric’s conduct in not wanting to play against Man. City and his performance on Sunday.

  8. yes it does suck that the international break happens so early and there is no top flight or championship footie but there is some club football over the next two weeks…League 1 & League 2 & the Conference all play a full slate this weekend…yes it’s not the Prem but it is English club football & a lot of the games are exciting with tons of goals even if the quality isn’t the greatest

    a few clubs I keep my eye on in the lower leagues are Sheffield Wednesday & Stevenage Borough in League 1…in League 2 I support AFC Wimbledon and follow Dagenham & Redbridge…down in the Conference I follow Ebblsfleet United & Kidderminster Harriers

    so there is some club football over the next two weeks

    1. I was surprised that there is no League 1 coverage on this weekend. They are supposed to have a few of those games, or is that just for the end of the season?

  9. Torres should definitely get a jeer. I’m so disappointed with him.

    I sort of feel he’s lost that instinct or “nose” for goal. Against Stoke he was on fire…but even then I noticed he wasn’t getting into really threatening positions. Even in the norwich game, there were so many times he made runs ineffectively and when mata came on to make the chelsea attack threatening, Torres literally didn’t know where to stand in the attack…Lukaku was literally showing him how to hungrily get at goal.

    It’s sad because he’s 27 now, he’s not going to get any faster and his feet seem to be slowing down. He’s also not going to to have the energy to run around like he did when he was young…and with Vilas-Boas fast paced attack, he has to find a role..just like anelka is adjusting to a “hug-the-high-touchline” playmaking winger.

    I’m debating whether to persist with Torres for FF but I don’t think he’s going to bank goals this season….I love him..but oh, if only footballers didn’t age.

  10. Jeer for Chelsea fans for not inventing a song for Andre villas boas, Singing AVB! to the tune of “ABC” by the Jackson 5 has been massively overlooked lol

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