Analysis Of Barcelona’s 3-4-3 Formation Against Villarreal: Poetry In Motion

YouTuber allasFCB2 has created another wonderful video. This time it’s his analysis of Barcelona’s 3-4-3 formation against Villarreal in their first game of the 2011-12 La Liga season.

The video shows several reasons why Barcelona is the best team in the world. Villarreal, to be fair, didn’t put up much of a fight (they lost 5-0 at Camp Nou Monday). But still, congratulations to Barcelona on a well-deserved victory.

5 thoughts on “Analysis Of Barcelona’s 3-4-3 Formation Against Villarreal: Poetry In Motion”

  1. A w ord is enough for a wise as elderly person saying, barcelona is simply the best club in the world those who are barca’s enemy should lie on life wire… Up barca!!!

  2. Well, it is a known fact that barcelona are unplayable on their day which is almost evryday. Whatever the formation used, i think dis is just an xceptional group of player who if re still together in their prime re gonna beat anyteam in the world

  3. great video made sir! makes you appreciate further how fluid and potent FC Barcelona are… off to a great season in La Liga then..

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