Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 3: City Surpasses United At the Top

Goals? Did anyone order any goals? It seems that all the goals that have been missing from the six 0-0 draws so far this season have been claimed by the two Manchester sides who took Sunday afternoon as a chance to offer an ominous warning to the rest of the league.

Unsurprisingly City and United both scored big this weekend, but whose win scored the most points? The answer? City, but only just.

Roberto Mancini’s men’s game with Spurs was supposed to be a tight affair between two teams aiming for the top four, but what it turned into was a rout and a stark showing of the chasm that currently exists between the two teams. A City win was perhaps likely, but their five goals away from home showed just how talented City are in the attacking department and were justly rewarded with 7.80 points and a 1.47 lead at the top of the table.

Arsenal are currently struggling with injuries and suspensions, as they have been all season, but let’s not forget that they’re still a good side – at least this is what I thought on Sunday morning. After United tore Arsenal apart at will my opinion changed somewhat. But let’s not take the shine off United’s win, scoring eight goals against anybody is a mammoth achievement – especially when they’re traditionally known as one of your closest rivals. The addition of Ashley Young into the United midfield seems to have injected some life into Wayne Rooney and the United team as a whole, and 13 goals in 3 games is testament to Young’s influence and Rooney’s return to form. Were Arsenal higher in the league United’s points haul would have been far higher – but as it is, 7.76 points is still a nice tally.

With the top two starting to pull away from the rest, Liverpool are the team best placed to catch them. Kenny Dalglish must be thrilled that all of his new signings are gelling so quickly, and with Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam playing so well, Steven Gerrard must be worrying about getting his place back. The Reds showed Bolton exactly why they are looking so good for a top four return this season and their 3-1 win was good enough for a 6.67 point return.

At the other end of the table, you have to wonder if things can get any worse for Blackburn. A great chance to grab their first win was missed not once, but twice – and to compound their misery further Mikel Arteta showed them how penalties should be taken, and took the win in the process.

Wolves and Newcastle currently both sit above Chelsea tpicafter their fine starts to the season, while Fulham and West Brom both sink into the bottom five after disappointing defeats.

Top Score: Man City: 7.80
Lowest Score: Arsenal 1.08
Top draw score: Aston Villa 4.02

Here is the Alternative Premier League after Gameweek 3:

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