Didier Drogba Injured In Serious Collision (Video):

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Chelsea striker Didier Drogba was seriously injured Saturday in a mid-air collision with Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy.

** Warning: The above video is very disturbing and is not for the squeamish or faint at heart **

Drogba and Ruddy both went up for the fifty-fifty ball, but Ruddy’s attempt to punch the ball collided with Drogba’s face. The severity of the punch was so much that Drogba was concussed mid-air. Drogba’s body then spun around mid-air and the Ivory Coast striker fell down flat on his face.

Chelsea’s medical crew rushed to Drogba’s help where they treated him for several minutes, giving him oxygen. Drogba was stretchered off the pitch to a round of applause but there was little to no sign of Drogba moving. However, reports are that he is breathing.

Fifty-fifty challenges are a part of the game of football, and sometimes injuries occur. Let’s hope Didier Drogba is okay and that he regains full health and fitness as soon as possible.

Reports are that Drogba has been sent to the hospital for precautionary reasons. He was reportedly out cold for 30 minutes but has regained consciousness.

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  1. As scary as Carra’s concussion at the Emirates was last year, this one was worse. Let’s hope Drogba can recover as quickly as Carra did.

  2. I did see him moving his arms/hands but not his feet. As a Blues fan, I know Drogba has a flair for the dramatic so I thought he was putting on a bit at first. After watching the replay though, it looks like he was out before he hit the ground. I am hoping the best for him. But does this incident solve a problem for AVB? We’ve got too much confusion in the front. I am guessing Drogba will be out for a while at least so it’s time for Torres to get it on.

  3. straightt up for a fifty fifty ball….goal keepers have no right to fly through the air TOWARDS the opponent…..and surely not punch them in face while they do it…..Goalkeepers are out of control…..He should have been redcarded!!! and suspended for several games.

    1. Im assuming that’s a sarcastic post by you. The goal keeper had EVERY right to go for that ball he simply mistimed his punch, it wasn’t a intentional bad challenge.

      I never saw the match, did the ref give the goalie a yellow card for the challenge?

      Hopefully Drogba fully recovers from it though it looks like he could be in for a extended time on the sidelines

      1. Too true. It’s the goalkeepers area. If you were paying even the slightest attention, he only had eyes for the ball and decided to punch because of the oncoming pressure in the form of Drogba.

        1. It doesn’t matter. To use the analogy if a player mistimes his tackle and hits other player late and it is dangerous and reckless it should be a red card regardless of the intent or what area it is.

        2. I’m not a Chelsea fan so hopefully I don’t get accused of bias. However, I’m tired of people using a lack of intent as a way to exonerate someone from a mistake.

          I’m sure Ruddy is a great guy but he should’ve definitely received some sort of punishment. He knocked Drogba out and got none of the ball. The ref was lucky that it was offside otherwise he would’ve had to make a very difficult decision.

          1. He’s gone for the ball and Drogba got to it a split second before him. Yes he didn’t get any of the ball but its not like he nowhere near getting it.

          2. The goal keeper a very funny guy,no comment from him,he could not even say sorry for what he did.we hope all is well with Drogba in Jesus name.

      2. What else would you expect from a united fan. Be interesting to hear what
        crap ur lot would have said had it been wayne rooney

        1. I would be saying the exact same thing. It’s the goalkeeper’s area. The trajectory of the ball kept him out of the book because it would have been reasonable to infer that he may have even gotten there first, and punched the ball into drogba. That’s what I saw in real time. Now, after the replays I was obviously wrong, but the goalkeeper is the most vulnerable player on the field. He will never be whistled for an incident like this, and rightly so.

      3. No Mufc77 and it doesn’t make it right that there was an offside you are telling me if rooney had his leg broken or suffered concussion you wouldn’t be blowing up- the keeper has to get that right he was miles late – should face repercussions

        1. Mate If you think that was miles late you obviously dont watch a lot of football.

          If it was a horribly late challenge( which it wasnt) then yes of course I would be upset if it happened to Rooney. Nobody is saying chelsea fans shouldn’t be upset at how things turned out but the simple fact is there are dirty tackles in football where players go in to hurt opponents and then there are plays like this where it was unintentional. Believe what you want about my opinion about this incident but it has got nothing to do with who i support

        2. All we are to say is thank GOD that drogber have recovered from the injury.And non chelsea fans should keep their mouth shot…..

    2. I think this is an overreaction. The reality is that if goalkeepers can’t go for 50/50 balls like this it’ll become way too easy for players to connect on headers and you’ll start seeing 2-3 penalties every match. This is part of the game, and it happened to be a freak accident.

      Also, this play in particular was offside anyway, so the officials could have done a better job in blowing the whistle earlier to try to tone down the play on the ball.

      Anyway I hope Drogba recovers fully and doesn’t start having repeat concussion problems. This was truly a scary incident.

  4. Yeah, Serpico, I suppose killing off a few strikers is one way to thin out the team sheet…

    Is it just me or are Chelsea players extremely susceptible to head injury? Cech, Terry, now Drogba. If I was Lampard or Torres I’d invest in a silly Peter Cech hat ASAP!

    1. You do know that the “silly” Petr Cech hat is the only thing allowing him to play, right? He suffered a depressed skull fracture on an already weak skull, he’s one of triplets who commonly have decreased bone density. It is fully possible that if he takes another good blow to the top/back of his head he could die, even WITH the “silly” scrum cap.

  5. Is there anyway to get a tv schedule button at the top of the page on MLSTalk like there is on EPLTalk?

    I know its off topic but I use the epltalk one a few times a week.

    1. Adam, sure. Let me know if you’d be interested in updating the MLS schedule for MLS Talk. The EPL schedule on EPL Talk is almost a part-time job in itself.

      The Gaffer

  6. Ruddy hit Drogba after he (Drogba) touched the ball. How is it 50-50 ball? Ruddy was clearly late it is red card in my book.

  7. It was so shocked on the incident that occurred. Yeah, it wasn’t intentionally for Ruddy to punch on Drogba. I hope that Drogba will recover soonest. “Up BLUES”.

  8. From the Guardian:

    “Didier Drogba was taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious in a collision with the Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy during Chelsea’s 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge. The striker was carried off on a stretcher and into a waiting ambulance midway through the second half but scans later revealed no serious damage and the 33-year-old striker was given the all-clear.

    The incident happened when Drogba and Ruddy jumped to challenge for a cross from the left in the 65th minute and the goalkeeper inadvertently struck the striker in the face. The impact was so forceful that the Ivorian appeared to have lost consciousness even before he landed head-first on the ground.

    Players from both teams immediately called for medical assistance and Drogba was treated on the pitch for eight minutes before being carried off amid grave concern for his well-being. He was out cold for “quite some time”, according to the Chelsea manager, André Villas-Boas, who praised the speedy reaction of the players and medical staff.

    “Didier is showing signs of recovery,” said a relieved Villas-Boas. “He lost consciousness completely on the pitch and I have to be very, very grateful to my players, the Norwich players and the medical staff for reacting so quickly to a potentially dangerous situation. Happily they arrived on time to bring Didier back to consciousness. We’re awaiting the full exams on his concussions but hopefully nothing is wrong.”

    Villas-Boas did not blame Ruddy for the clash. “You expect physical contact from any game and things can happen,” he said.”

  9. There is no right or wrong on this incident, it’s up to the referee to decide. I feel sorry for Drogba, but this was clearly an accident with no intent which can happen anytime in football.

    The keeper HAS to go for the ball.
    The force from keeper hands though small, but collided the opposite direction of flying-drogba’s head, thus making a big impact. The great Drogba’s prowess in front of goal proves that the greatest players all come at a price, unfortunately it happened in this match.

  10. You knew it was a bad collision by the way Drogba hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, bounced and just laid there without moving. Glad he’s OK, but I hope they keep a close eye on him for after effects of severe concussion.

      1. That’s right the ref didn’t call a foul. I remember watching, it was my 19th birthday. Schumacher should have been arrested for assault after the game.

      1. The difference as I see it in all 3 videos is that in the Drogba and Valdes incidents the ball was their to be played when the challenge occurred. Im not saying they weren’t fouls just that both keepers had every right to try and clear the ball which unfortunately led to them taking out the striker as well. Did Valdes get carded at all?

        To me the Schumacher incident was horrible, look where the ball was when he collided with Battiston.

        Also another thing about today’s incident is had Ruddy not attempted to punch that ball after committing himself he could easily have taken a unintentional forearm in the face from Drogba and he could have been the one with the serious head injury

        Like I said all along to me it was a 50/50 ball and neither player went into hurt the other, it was just a unfortunate collision that happens sometimes.

          1. Totally natural feeling that comes with you having a inferiority complex and caring about what fans from other teams think.

          2. Norwich : 3 games – 3 penalties conceded – 2 sent off

            wat do you learn from this?

            Rooney gonna get kicked in his nuts when he’s playing against them

  11. Thank God it was Drogba and not an Arsenal forward. There’d be over 1000 replies by now and Ruddy would likely be facing the death penalty.

  12. That wasn’t 50-50…that rudy fella purposely aiming drogba’s face…being a keeper one really know what should do…and shouldn’t…

  13. hope he is okay chelsea needs drogdba and he is luck he isnt just having a head injury becaude you can see his legs were so close to the ground and it looked like he could of broke his leg

  14. hope he is okay chelsea needs drogdba and he is luck he isnt just having a head injury becaude you can see his legs were so close to the ground and it looked like he could of broke his leg !!!

  15. am i the only one that thinks this sulky little prick had it coming. shame it couldn’t have been with 2 closed fists, maybe it could have knocked some sense into him.

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