Emmanuel Adebayor Will Lead Tottenham Back to Champions League Football

Fact: The Spurs signing of Emmanuel Adebayor will lead Tottenham back to Champions League football.

Adebayor provides a goal scoring presence in the middle that the Spurs have lacked the past two seasons. Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon will have another option too look for when Totten are on the counter attack. Also, Adebayor has the ability to link up with Rafael Van der Vaart and Luka Modric (provided he stays put) and use their creativeness to break down opposing backlines.

Most importantly, not only did Adebayor play well last season at Real Madrid; he has plenty of experience playing against the strong defenses in the Premier League and won’t wilt in the face of them.  He can use his strong frame to create space in the box, which lets him use his deft touch to score goals.

There is also the theory that after being sent out on loan two consecutive seasons, Adebayor will be playing with a chip on shoulder this season to prove to Manchester City that he should still be one of the forwards for the Blues.

Tell us what you think. Is this fact or fiction?

4 thoughts on “Emmanuel Adebayor Will Lead Tottenham Back to Champions League Football”

  1. Adebayor will play well until January, at which point he will become unsettled at the fact that he is sitting on the bench and then punch Bale in the face! Adebayor has nothing but chips on his shoulders going on loan has nothing to do with that. He should have stayed at Arsenal instead of following the money. Only the obscenely talented players do well if money is their biggest motivation.

  2. He will do well and score goals but it will be very tough to finish in the top 4 again. Top 6 should be the aim, especially with the early fixture list they have given us! City have bought their way to success in a disgusting fashion and will definitely be in the top 4. Man U certainly. Chelsea almost certainly (if they get their act together and settle on a definite starting line-up). That leaves Liverpool taking the fourth spot. I can’t see Arsenal making the top 4 this year either.

  3. So of Manchester United, Citeh, Chelsea, and Liverpool, which team
    will be knocked off by Spurs? You are kidding, right? Spurs should
    be doing the Nani backflips if they even make it into Europa…..

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