Samir Nasri Arrives At Manchester City to Agree £180,000-a-week Deal (Video)

Watch the above video to see Samir Nasri arriving at Manchester City’s offices to sign his new contract which is believed to be as much as £180,000-a-week, according to newspaper reports.

The fascinating thing about the above video is that it looks like it could be a normal first day on the job for most new employees. Except for the security guard leading you up the stairs, photographers snapping pictures on the staircase, people holding the door for you, Patrick Vieira conveniently catching you in the hallway, and being led into CEO’s Garry Cook’s corner office.

Nasri will meet his new Manchester City teammates tomorrow for his first day of practice at Carrington. City manager Roberto Mancini will assess Nasri’s fitness. And if he gets the thumbs up, Nasri could make his City debut against Arsenal’s closest rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

26 thoughts on “Samir Nasri Arrives At Manchester City to Agree £180,000-a-week Deal (Video)”

  1. Gary Cooke doesn’t have a corner office. Just saying.

    And I doubt he will be making $180,000. The reports that Yaya makes $220,000 are insane as well. I could write that Wayne Bridge makes $140,000 a week and everyone on the internet would run with that. I’ve read that Tevez is on $160,000 and he supposedly has a clause that automatically makes him the highest paid player at the club.

    1. Pretty sure the video is “staged” to a large degree. As for the salaries, where there is smoke, there is bound to be fire. Considering Yaya came over from Barca where there is a lower tax rate, I don’t think the 220k figure is that unrealistic.

  2. video breakdown…check out the knockers on the one who greets nasri through the upstairs door! but ill have to give the edge to the blond who closes the last door 😉

    1. I was going to say the same! Hug jugs on that lady but she was a bit chunks but the blonde who closes the door was a looker.

  3. What I’d like to see are the national teams refusing to play some of these greedy players due to lack of playing time. Although I suppose the pecking order for them is money, club, then a distant third – country.

        1. Wow he’s been retired from International football since 2005, well you learn something new every day! Although what this has to do with him sat on Utd’s bench taking the money year after year God knows. Sorry I didn’t know I would only be allowed to slag City and that it was sacrilegious to have a go at Utd even though some plank has just spilt his bitter guts again! LOL

  4. so happy he came good on his quote earlier this summer that he wanted to leave arsenal to go to a club who wins trophies and not move for the money. if man city is known for anything, it’s definately winning trophies!!

    can’t wait for his unveiling presser where he predictably states that only supporters of man city live in manchester.

    maybe he can get that diamond studded snood he always wanted

    1. “if man city is known for anything, it’s definately winning trophies!!” are u sure? c’mon think about it……..May wasnt that long ago

  5. I doubt whether Man City will even exist in ten years time, the amount of money they are spending on players and their wages is just not sustainable. Nobody on this planet is worth 180 grand a week. when the sheik gets bored and wants to get rid of man city, who would buy them when there finances are in dire straits? Football is a working mans sport not a sport for toffs, and unfortunatley english football in heading in the wrong and very dangerous direction.

    1. Excellent point Nick, right now what’s going on within the game reminds me of the steriod era in baseball. Now everybody is turning a blind eye because all the ridiculous amount of money infusion is making people money so there is little to no opposition. But what happens when these moneybags stop wasting their money left and right. Like you said, who would buy Citeh or Chelsea ? The inflation of money in the sport is driving it towards a cliff, i just hope it doesn’t pull the whole league with it when it reaches the edge. We shall see.

    2. You don’t understand how rich the club’s owner is, do you? He could buy each team in the premier league and run each of them like City.

    3. I said the same thing when chelsea were taken over in 2003 but look at them now….a perm fixture at the top. I think the point with these mega rich owners is that they won’t get bored anytime soon and even if they did throwing millions here and there isn’t significant to their overall wealth. Its a shame but i don’t think the financial fair play will work either b/c uefa wont kick the big teams out (they might just get warnings or fines which is useless). The sponsorship deals from owners/affiliates will cover loses to get around deals. The only way to solve financial doping is a salary cap.

  6. I have a question, i have been trying to figure out for awhile. When someones Salary is posted it is posted in terms of Weekly income. How do you translate this over a year. Is it weekly salary * 52 or is it weekly salary * 38 (weeks in the Prem League). Thanks

  7. Don’t really care what he’s being paid, I’m more interested in just where they’re going to use him and who just basically became very expensive bench players now-Milner and de Jong would be my guess

  8. Wants to go to a team that can win things? Arsenal were challenging on 4 fronts in jan/feb before things fell apart. This was also the period that nasri went missing.

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