Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 2

Two weeks down and it seems as if the Premier League was never away, or at least that’s how Manchester City must be feeling.

After taking apart new boys Swansea at home, City followed that game up with an impressive and hard fought win over last week’s big winners Bolton. A persistent Bolton side kept the winning margin to one goal so both teams have scored well for their endeavours, City securing 7.84 points and Bolton 1.73 – a good score for a defeat.

It is Wolves who are snapping at the heels of the Citizens and could prove to be this year’s surprise package. Mick McCarthy has a good team of hard working players at his disposal and they proved against Fulham that last week’s win may not have been a fluke. Fulham never got a look in as goals from Kevin Doyle and Matt Jarvis earned the men in old gold 6.45 points.

With Tottenham and Everton inactive last weekend they took the bottom two places in the APL, a rather unfortunate anomaly that is likely to have affected QPR’s point tally this weekend. Everton are habitual bad starters but it is unlikely that, had they played last week, they would have finished the round of fixtures in last place. But any points right now are good points for Neil Warnock’s men and a total of 6.34 points from that win sees them rise up to tenth in the table.

Arsenal’s start to the season has been riddled with injuries and misfortune, and nothing could have summed that up better then Liverpool’s opening goal on Saturday afternoon. The Reds on the other hand were confident and looked dangerous throughout and a 0-2 away win was the least that they deserved for their display. At 0-1 Liverpool were due to earn 6.85 points, but Luis Suarez’s late goal bumped that up to 7.48 and a position in the top five.

Ryan Taylor’s goal for Newcastle was the difference between a score of 3.72 for a 0-0 draw and the 7.37 points that Newcastle got for the away win – so in essence his goal was worth 3.65 points. At 11.41 points the Toon are very much up with the early season front runners.

Tottenham’s low league position didn’t do Manchester United any favours on Monday night as their 3-0 win only warranted a relatively low 6.02 point return. However this low league position will also be reflected in Manchester City’s score next weekend as they are next up for Spurs – things don’t get any easier for Harry Redknapp’s men!

Top score: Man City 7.84 points
Lowest Score: Everton 1.48 points
Top draw score: Norwich 4.00 points

Alternative Premier League table, Gameweek 2:

And, as promised, here is the table for last season. Please note that it was compiled using a slightly different formula and without the away bonus, but it still gives a pretty good idea of how the league works:

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8 thoughts on “Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 2”

  1. In the NFL I sometimes pay attention to a stat called Quality Wins which can indicate the true strength or value of a teams W-L record. This helps going into the playoffs, or when trying to decide who should have or shoud not have been in the playoffs. However, with the lack of playoffs in the PL I am not sure why we need an alternate table, especially when it’s always so similar to the real table.

    Does anyone think Newcastle is the 4th best team currently?

  2. Hopefully the alternative table looks different this season – it’s a little pointless to do all that work for a table that is virtually identical.

    1. @Gaz: I don’t know about that – if the “alternative table” and the “standard table” prove to be similar, at least the hard work will have proven that the standard table is a good way to rank teams.

      @Karl Sears: I’ve mentioned this on both other threads, but what’s the point in doing these articles unless you explain how the points totals are calculated?

      1. @Dave C – I’m looking into getting the formula and idea copyrighted, so until then I’m reluctant to reveal the actual calculations that I use. I’m hoping that as the weeks progress people will get a good idea of how things are done and what the the projected scores will be.

          1. @Gaz – you’re right. Much as it’s interesting to come up with these alternative point-scoring systems, I think it’s inevitable that however you stack things up, the table will always look pretty similar to how it always does.

            @Karl Sears – I suspected something along those lines. I still think though, that without an actual explanation of how you arrive at the points totals, any discussion is pretty much impossible. Without it, these are just pretty arbitrary numbers.

  3. the points given should be relative to a SLIDING window of previous 3-10 games/positions… not just the ONE previous game/position (essentially an averaging effect).

    The would have fixed the Everton-Tottenham anomoly.

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