5 Players That Arsenal Should Sign

As of late, it seems that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal can’t catch a lucky break. Top guys leaving, young stars hurt, every match so far includes a red card, the media’s hammering Wenger, even Alex Ferguson is giving interviews in which he’s metaphorically breaking up the massive beating and saying “Lay off – Wenger’s had enough.” It’s pretty dark right now.

But the good part about darkness is that it won’t stay forever. Let’s try and get positive with this club now. Sure they lost Fabregas but they did get money from it, and with the case of Nasri, it was probably better that they were able to get money from his departure rather then let him walk for free at the end of the season. Injuries heal, and Arsenal is still a talented squad at the end of the day. No one’s getting relegated over here.

That being said, they DO have to spend some money and restock. If not now (time is running out), then they have to hold the fort and really hit the January transfer market hard. So, in the spirit of positivity, goodwill and hope for the Arsenal supporters for the future of the club, here would be a few guys that Wenger and should consider:

  1. Gary Cahill. It’s rumored that the club wishes to sell him and Arsenal couldn’t hurt to get some help in the defensive area. He’s good at feeding the ball up to the midfield, he could probably adapt quickly to the team culture and he’d probably get snapped up for a reasonable price.
  2. Scott Parker. Playing for the newly regulated West Ham, Parker fills a couple of tools for the team. He would be a capable backup and if the Gooners stick around for the Champions League they would need a few guys that don’t have to start every game. I’m not sure if West Ham would sell him, but then again it’s not like Arsenal couldn’t make a decent offer.
  3. Mikel Arteta. This one is probably not happening (i’m doubting Everton is willing to give him up), but Arteta would be the best possible, poor man’s replacement for Fabregas. His style is semi-smiliar enough to Fabregas (neat passing, accurate) and through a bit of research his assist per game ratio is bettered by only Ryan Giggs and Nani. Again, Arsenal probably would have to throw a bit of money around to get him, but then again all I ever read about is how much tickets are at Emirates stadium and the supporters are chanting “spend some fu*king money” at the matches.
  4. Eden Hazard. Full disclosure; I read about this one on a supporter message board, so it’s not 100% my idea. However, I hear that he has great chemistry with Gervinho and has been peeking around at a move to Arsenal for a bit now. Lille has already sold four of their top guys, so why not a fifth?
  5. Joey Barton. Yeah, I am well aware of how hammered i’ll probably get for this one. Regardless of Barton probably being the opposite of a great fit for the team, and his possibility for blowing up a good thing, the free transfer part and the fact that he’s unhappy where he is isn’t a bad reason to take a look. Barton would give them a bit of toughness for sure and simply for the entertainment it would be worth it to the fans.

Now, i’m no expert, so all of these could easily be picked apart. I’m also aware of the club’s transfer policies and the general attitude towards signing older players. But, somewhat drastic times call for somewhat drastic measures and let’s not forget the fact that Wenger, for all the abuse he’s taking hasn’t all of a sudden lost the experience, intelligence and overall skill at running a club. If the club wants to keep their reputation up and continue to challenge for silverware, they HAVE to sign a few guys, don’t they?


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