Premier League Gameweek 2: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week two of the Premier League.


  1. Ritchie De Laet: A wonderful glancing header gave Norwich City their first top-flight points since 2005.
  2. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Two weeks, two cheers. It’s an impressive start, which gives their supporters hopes that this type of play can continue.
  3. Darren Bent: He put in a solid work rate and ended his day with a goal that gave Villa a sounding victory over Blackburn.
  4. Phil Jones: Jones stepped in for an injured Rio Ferdinand and showed that he is ready for more first team football.
  5. Swansea City: The newly promoted side didn’t get the three points, but they showed an attractive style of football and ran Wigan ragged. If they continue with this style, Swansea may be able to avoid the relegation zone.
  6. Andre Villas-Boas: AVB scored his first Premier League win with Chelsea’s 2-1 victory at Stamford Bridge. King Roman hopes this is just the first of many, many more.
  7. QPR: It was always pretty, but the win at Everton was their first top-flight away win since 1996.
  8. Danny Welbeck: A goal and assist in a win against Tottenham. He is making it difficult for Sir Alex to choose a striker to play along side Rooney.
  9. Ryan Taylor: A superb free kick provided all the scoring that Newcastle would need in the Northeast Derby.
  10. John Obi Mikel: Once again, events off the pitch loomed over the matches as news about the kidnapping of Mikel’s father became public. Thankfully, he was freed and found alive.


  1. Where to start?  The rise in price for the product only infuriated fans that much more as their inferior site repeatedly didn’t work. At this point, the creators of this site have lost all credibility with the soccer community.
  2. Luka Modric: Somewhere along the line Modric morphed into Cesc Fabregas, and not because of his play on the pitch.  The drama surrounding the possible sale of the midfielder spilled over into Totten’s match as the Spurs lacked a creative presence to break down United’s defense.
  3. Arsenal: No wins out of two matches in league play with a trip to Italy for Champions League play.  That is followed up with a fixture at Old Trafford. And now the loss of Nasri. Tough times lay ahead for the Gunners.
  4. Phil Bardsley: A rash tackle from the normally steady defender lead to a red card and diminished the Black Cats’ ability to pull even against Newcastle.
  5. Everton: Another frustrating start at Goodison Park.  I wonder what the odds are on who gets let go first, David Moyes or Arsene Wenger?
  6. West Brom’s schedule: They start the season with Man United and at Chelsea. What football gods did they anger?
  7. Howard Webb: I am not sure how he and his assistants missed Sebastian Larsson’s obvious handball. Luckily for Newcastle fans, the Magpies still managed to come away with three points.
  8. customer service: A second jeer because that’s how bad they were this weekend.  The site’s responses to e-mails is very generic and there is no phone number to be found. Good luck on getting a hold of a real person to talk too or some sort of refund.

Do you agree or disagree with any of the cheers or jeers listed above? Or are there ones you think we should have included that we missed? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 2: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. I’m all for Socialist football but… “Swansea City: The newly promoted side didn’t get the three points, but they showed an attractive style of football and ran Wigan ragged. If they continue with this style, Swansea may be able to avoid the relegation zone.”

    sadly it will be their death sword. Too many Stoke’s and Wolves in the league now for a team to play Socialist football.

    and I assume you all know what socialist football is?

    1. You have clearly never seen Wolves play.

      I think the entirity of The “Wolves are dirty” vibe was proven to be wholly inaccurate.

  2. Totally agree on the jeer. I think their customer service deserves a jeer all their own, as they seem to not read emails and reply with “try clearing the cache” even though you told them you already did so. Twice.

    Is “clear the cache” foxcoccer’s “turn it off then on again” non-help help line?

  3. Andre Villas-Boas gets a cheer… why??
    Chelsea looked awful the 1st half and some of the 2nd half and without a lucky deflection would only have got 1 point.

  4. Just somewhere to place a comment. Watching Man Utd yesterday I was shocked about how poor their corners were. There was always a debate about who would take them, followed by a disastrous and useless cross that was either out at the far post or cleared from the near post.

  5. Concerning, have the problems been watching live matches? I ask because I work in the morning, so I have only watched the replays, which have been surprisingly good, especially with all the other complaints about the site.

    My only complaint is the schedule. Will all ManU (and other top teams’ games) be delayed? In addition, why do EPL games get delayed until midnight when UEFA games are delayed only until 5 p.m?


    1. I’ve actually had a good experience so far, but I’m assuming some are having issues with live matches. I was surprised to be able to watch the Villa-Blackburn match live at a Panera Bread with their wireless signal with no hiccups or stuttering video.

  6. Moyes will never get sacked from Everton! They always get off the a slow start, they have a game in hand and the fans love him!

    Agree with you on Modric though his transfer saga has gone stale but he would definitely have won Spurs the match had he been on the pitch, there was a cut back to Van der Vaart that Lennon failed to see which Modric would have capitalised on.

    Overall i agree though but as a UK resident i enjoy the games in full HD on Sky Sports without having to rely on FOX 😛

    1. How would Modric have capitalized on the should-have-been pass from Lennon to VdV, since he would have been playing along side them, rather than in place of them?
      Livermore and Kranjcar both looked good, especially when you consider they’re both backups. Kranjcar would be more a replacement for VdV, not Modric.

      1. granted he wouldn’t of been in that exact position had he been on the pitch but that movement wouldn’t have happened as he would have changed the dynamic of the game.

        Livermore i felt did really well and hope he can continue to develop for the good of the England team, but Krancjar is just an average version of Modric who would do much better somewhere he can get more regular playing time (Modric’s exit may give him that so time will tell).

  7. Moyes being sacked?? Surely you jest. On paper, Everton should be relegation fodder each year, esp. with the lack of $$$. (Thanks Kenwright!!)
    Moyes gets his squad to overachieve, if anything, especially when you consider the rash of injuries that are inevitable each year. Not only that, but he has proven excellent in unearthing young talent. Too bad he is forced to sell it so often, though…
    I’m not worried about the results of one game. Everton were unlucky to not have a penalty awarded in the early stages, Baines hit the crossbar, and certainly they enjoyed the lions share of the chances. The day that Moyes is sacked is the day that Everton will be headed to the Championship.

  8. Ritchie De Laet – On loan at Norwich from Manchester United. Signed by Manchester United from . . . . Stoke City!

  9. i dont know how moyes has kept the job so long tbh

    he somehow manages to turn a team almost at the level of spurs to a mid table club

    howard is one of best keepers in epl
    baines is the best left back after cole and evra
    jagielka is 3rd best english center-back
    arteta is one of the best passers/creative players in epl
    saha, when fit, is one of the best strikers around
    fellaini used to be the best cdm apart from essien in epl

    distin is also decent

    moyes can only motivate the players when they are facing relegation

    they hardly ever win at home vs lesser sides:
    qpr loss this year

    last season at home: wolves, draw, newcastle loss, bolton draw, birmingham draw, west ham draw, wigan draw,

  10. Chelsea is awful..just awful right now…and the new Superman from Porto gets a nod…don’t think so.

    I have Fox on the Internet only…it sucks…and myp2p has disappeared as well…I am pissed off. Everton will fight on and stay in the league and Moyes will be there…I love that guy…they have no money but he still gets them to compete..beautiful!

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