New England 2-2 New York Red Bulls: Yet Another Draw

Hans Backe said that last week’s home draw was a step in the right direction. Well after a good week of training at Montclair State University, you would think that this would be the case. A trip to a house of horror’s in Gillette Stadium was in store as New England Revolution is always prepared to take on a New York Red Bulls side.

The continued improvement from Dane Richards has been a good sign in these last two games. He earned two assists at home against Chicago Fire; Somehow he was able to step up and earn a brace by saving another point.

Down by two, Richards got a great ball from Tim Ream in the 53rd minute and the flag stayed down. Of course on field turf the ball was bouncing a lot, but Richards was able to settle it and struck it hard past Bob Shuttleworth. The second goal came in the 87th minute as Joel Lindpere was on the far side and sent a solid cross to Richards who just put a leg on it and equalized late.

The Revolution’s newest Designated player in Milton Caraglio just became the newest member of the Metro/RBNY killer club with his two goals in the first half. In the 15th minute he was able to slice thru the defense and took a big rip. Bouna Coundoul made a fantastic diving save, but unfortunately the rebound went back to Caraglio and he found the back of the net.

The defenders who were supposed to be helping Coundoul gave up on him as they allowed Caraglio to get a second bite at the apple and scored. But the second goal they allowed once again is a problem that keeps on popping up. Set pieces kills the Red Bulls.

In the 37th minute Kenny Mansally was able to get a free kick from distance and when he crossed the ball, out of nowhere was Caraglio who leapt in the area and headed the ball past Coundoul again. It was Caraglio’s first two goals in Major League Soccer and by no surprise it was the Red Bulls that gave him those chances.

After ninety minutes once again the Red Bulls ended their night with another draw. Another two goal draw that dropped another two points that they couldn’t afford. Their first half was a pathetic display of attack and defending. They allowed Bouna to get hung to dry and if it wasn’t a halftime speech by Hans Backe to get back into the match, they would’ve been in a worse position.

The big question marks of this match was the two potential penalties that was taken away from the Red Bulls. Dax McCarty was taken down in the first half by Shuttleworth and pointed to the spot, but after talking to his assistant he took it away and gave a booking.

The next one in the second half, McCarty gets an elbow to the head from a New England Defender and when he looked up, there was no call from the referee either. Whatever the Red Bulls need to get a big goal and over the drawing hump, it’s not coming from the ref.

But to be fair the Red Bulls need to find a way to earn three points and in a hurry so they won’t fall out of a playoff spot, it’s getting very close to being at the bottom of the line.

5 thoughts on “New England 2-2 New York Red Bulls: Yet Another Draw”

      1. oh my god, if i had a nickel for everytime someone pulled the “bankruptcy” card…..

        hasnt it occured to anyone that maybe, just maybe, the management over at each club have brains to know not to go over board with the budget? hasnt also occured to anyone that all the soccer leagues that came before mls that folded were also single entity type leagues with a closed structure and franchises? people act as if there was free agency and independent clubs, clubs will automatically self destruct. give me a break. show me one league, just one league that had those two features that have folded. yea i didnt think so. my favorite example is the J league because they are soo alike to MLS in terms of history. they started in 93, in a country where soccer isnt the most popular sport, where other sports such as baseball dominate japan, and soccer before have struggled, they are all independent clubs, implemented pro rel in 99. are they bankrupted? they dont have “a 100 year head start” like europe does. clubs are not runned by monkeys, they know their budget. just because lets say there was free agency, teams will lose sense and start spending like crazy. besides there can be free agency, independent clubs and still be a salary cap. duh…….

        im about to blow your mind here. if there were independent clubs, how would a entire league collapse if clubs were independent entities from mls? at worst lets say FCd and Union fold, that would in no way harm a club like Rapids or LAG or wutever because they are seperate entities. if that were to happen in the current system then yea, it would impact the WHOLE league because each franchise is inter-connected. also hasnt it occured to anyone that if a club is profitable, how will they self destruct in a free market system? people now adays are trapped in their little box and dont want to think outside of it because MLS has drilled into every ones mind that if one club was to enjoy a bit of freedom, the whole mls train will crash. Remember MLS is a corporation thats out here not to spread the love of soccer and promote it because they love it (if so why on earth do we have a NFL exec as a commish?) its because they want money.

        so if by bankrupt league you mean a league where clubs can actually compete freely and by their own merit win a meaningful trophy instead of following a league wide agenda, then yes, thats exactly what i want.

        one more thing just to get this out the way, if mls were to switch to a free market based enterprise it wont be the same teams winning the championship every year because we have playoffs. just thought i get that over with before any fanboys try to start a strawman arguement.

  1. I like your articles Daniel and I even love your audio broadcasts on blogtalk radio even more. Your show IS the best!!!! Please spread the word folks about much the Feuerstein fire show totally reeks with awseomness.

    The only thing that gets me is the title of the show. Why “fire”, at first I got confused that it was a chicago fire show.

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