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Most Popular Premier League Players and Clubs: Infographic

who is premier league in digital small1 Most Popular Premier League Players and Clubs: Infographic

Who is the most searched for player on Google? Which club is most popular on Facebook? And which transfer rumors have got Twitter talking?

Find those answers and more in the following infographic entitled “Who’s Premier League In Digital?”

I’m not a big fan of the title of the infographic, but the information contained within should make you go hmm… a few times.


who is premier league in digital2 Most Popular Premier League Players and Clubs: Infographic

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7 Responses to Most Popular Premier League Players and Clubs: Infographic

  1. Steve says:

    I love random little graphic comparisons like this.

    Having said that, am I missing something here or do they not know how to google properly?

  2. Norfolk Enchants says:

    Wow so there is Man U in another league, then Arsenal, Chelski and Liverpool and then everybody else.

  3. michael wright says:

    Wait so your telling me nearly all of you are glory hunters and bandwagoners?!?!?! who knew

  4. Olumide John says:

    Manchester united remains the best and most united team in the world”others contest”

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    I think you’ll find that if you add together all of the official player pages for, say, Chelsea, they have over 17.2m Facebook fans (Fernando Torres has nearly 8m alone).

    In terms of shirt sales, taking into consideration the credit crunch, I think you’ll see less popular names rise up the rankings; such as Demba Ba or Jo…

    • Laurence says:

      Players also have national supporters though so you can’t really add those together can you? Arguably people in Spain like Torres more for his national status than playing for Chelsea.

  6. Jakson Thiele says:

    Liverpool will and will always be the most legendary club

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