Premier League Weekend Review Show, Gameweek 2 (EPL Talk Podcast)

After another exciting weekend in the Premier League, Laurence and Kartik are back to dissect all of the matches. Tons of topics are discussed including the Juan Mata transfer to Chelsea, the Tyne-Wear derby, the latest on Luke Modric – is he going or is he staying, and – of course – the fiasco that’s happening at Arsenal.

Also discussed are the other matches including Aston Villa getting their first home win under Alex McLeish, how important Liverpool’s win over Arsenal was, Karl Sears discussing the Alternative Premier League, why it’s glum to be an Everton supporter, what Kartik thinks about Chelsea so far this season, and much much more.

Plus Kartik and Laurence give a preview of Monday night’s kick-off between Man United against Spurs.

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Let us know whether you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in this episode. Make your voice heard in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Premier League Weekend Review Show, Gameweek 2 (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, as I truly do look forward to these podcasts.. But they are too long. and they ramble. These should be more then 20 mins.

    make a point and be done with it.. there is always too much apology with every point. show some confidence. I don’t know too many people that have an hour and 10 mins to listen to other people talk. I have an hour train ride into the city, and only half of that is not dedicated to work… sooo…

    1. Hey Tricky,

      Thanks for the feedback. The pods have been this length for some time now. I take your point though, we are looking to shorten the podcast a little. When we did that last time, there was feedback that it wasn’t long enough, haha.

      When you say they should be more than 20 minutes, what do you mean by that?

      People do different things whilst they listen though, jog, walk, relax, some split it up by the sections.



  2. I love the pod cast as it is! I live in America and I can’t find soccer talk anywhere. I don’t have cable television or access to Talk Sport. I listen to this and a podcast on ESPN.. that’s it.

  3. My two cents is that it should be as long or short as it needs to be to deliver the quality analysis.

    The Guardian’s Football Weekly Podcast is woefully too short. Although I’m biased, I find a podcast that’s around one hour perfect for me. It usually takes me two or three sittings to hear the whole thing, but as long as the information is riveting, I’ll keep on listening.

    The Gaffer

  4. One hour is a good mark to hold to.

    I can live without the Alternative Premier League segment. Personal opinion, but I listen to this podcast for the discussion/analysis of the weekend events and transfers/news of the moment. Not much interest in the APL, or fantasy discussion, or anything else like that…

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