See What FIFA 12 Looks Like With These 11 Gameplay Videos

FIFA 12, the much anticipated game from EA Sports, was all over Gamescom this week in Cologne, Germany. At the world’s largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment, there were plenty of people playing the upcoming FIFA 12 game and many of them captured some of the gameplay videos on camera.

The above video is the impressions from some of the attendees, while the ten videos below feature different facets of the gameplay of FIFA 12. Note that the videos shown are shot off a flat-screen, so the quality will be much better on the game itself.

Here are the other 10 videos to give you an insight into what the gameplay in FIFA 12 is like:

H/T to FIFA Soccer Blog.

4 thoughts on “See What FIFA 12 Looks Like With These 11 Gameplay Videos”

  1. Can’t wait. And they only discussed about 40% of what makes the game better than 11. If what that guy said about goals being a bit harder to score because defender are a bit more wise and you can’t always score the same ‘cross into the box’ goal, than that’s exciting. Or maybe he was just playing on ‘Professional’ mode haha.

  2. Nice little intros to each team at the beginning of the match (in the last video, Dortmund v. Arsenal).. That’s a nice touch.

  3. In the FIFA 12 Gameplay Full HD Gamescom 2011 video– is that the song “another one down” by asher roth in the background?- if that song is in the game that will be dope

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