Scouting Report on Chelsea Transfer Target Juan Mata

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According to newspaper rumors, Chelsea have tabled a bid of £29 million for Valencia winger Juan Mata, while Arsenal is also supposedly interested despite Wenger claiming last week that he ruled out bringing him to Emirates Stadium. But who is Juan Mata, how good is he, and will he be a great signing?

Juan Mata is a 23-year-old Spanish winger who is 5’5″ tall. He’s made 176 appearances for Valencia and has scored 46 goals after joining the club from Real Madrid. Mata is a Spanish international, who recently won the U-21 European Championship. Mata is a player known for his hardworking style, gifted, excellent dribbler, quick, clever, versatile and also quite creative.  He also has an excellent left foot and a good eye for goal.

Here’s how he rates on a scale of 0 to 10 for each of his skills:


  • Creativity: 7.0
  • Dribbling: 7.5
  • Pace: 7.0
  • Work-Rate: 7.5
  • Shooting: 7.0
  • Reliability: 8.0
  • Passing: 7.5
  • Crossing: 7.0
  • Tackling: 5.5

Mata plays more as a “False 10.” He’s a player that likes to drift more to the wing and make his runs and plays. He plays more on the left wing. He can also play in the middle as a creative midfielder, as proven last season with Valencia after David Silva’s departure, where he became the fulcrum and playmaker of the side. He was excellent last season, scoring 10 goals and making 15 assists in 44 appearances, which is his best season yet, displaying his versatility and creativity. But still I believe he’ll be playing on the left hand side if he joins a Premier League side.

Juan Mata, if he does sign, will be a great signing. Not only because of his skillful style of play and creativity, but also his hardworking nature. He’s a player that runs his socks off for the team and will give his all. He’s an excellent player that would become a fan-favorite.

Juan Mata is reportedly valued by Valencia at £30 million, but it is speculated that a fee of around £25-29 million pounds will be enough to acquire him. I really hope Chelsea or Arsenal do as he’ll be a great signing for either club and the Premier League.

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14 thoughts on “Scouting Report on Chelsea Transfer Target Juan Mata”

  1. I would tend to agree, but the Premier League has a tendency to chew up and spit out small imports. Why hasn’t Rossi made it back to England (5’8″)? True, Silva (5’7″) has escaped his first year without major injury, but it only takes one reducer from Shawcross or Barton. Premier League referees won’t protect them the way La Liga does. Mata has only made 11 appearances for his national team. Maybe it would be smarter to wait a couple of years, get the Euros under his belt, before gambling on the BPL.

    1. Uhhhhhhh your retarded-modric? wilshere?evra?parker?wright-phillips?arshavin?

      it doesnt matter if the ref doesnt protect them- its about if you got the balls

      1. Sadly, “having the balls” is nowhere in the laws of the game. Staying on topic, none of the players you mention are spanish. Of the english players, none have done much (in wilsheres case, yet): Wilshere (5 caps, 0 goals ), Parker (6 caps, 0 goals), SWP (36 caps, 6 goals). Wilshere may never, given that he plays in a league that has too many games. The PL goes without a winter break, leading to increased injury and shortened career,s not to mention stunting the prospects of the England team in South Africa. So, who’s the retard?

        1. What has being ‘Spanish’ got to do with it? Arteta is Spanish as was Fabrigas and Alonso. David Silva is most probably the best winger in the Premiership today.

  2. Hey man, I’m Valencia CF supporter and your ratings are pretty low… oh, by the way, you forgot to say he’s a world cup champion too… Chelsea gets a really good player

    1. David, I haven’t seen Mata play. Can you give me a profile on him (from a Valencia fans point of view). His strengths, weaknesses etc. How do you think he will play with Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba? I have supported Chelsea for many years and have been longing for us to pick up a creative midfield player for years. We haven’t really had anyone of note since Zola. Cheers

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