Poll: Will Real Madrid or Barcelona Win the 2011 Spanish Super Cup?

Photo by B-vk Thapa FC Barcelona

Don’t miss Barcelona against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, second leg, live on ESPN Deportes (4pm ET, 17th August).

One of the most heated rivalries in all of Europe will face each other Wednesday night when Barcelona host Real Madrid in the second leg of the 2011 Spanish Super Cup.

Who will be victorious and win the trophy that will be the envy of Spain?

Can Jose Mourinho out master Pep Guardiola, or will Barcelona’s magical team win another trophy so soon after lifting the UEFA Champions League and La Liga silverware?

Wednesday night will reveal the answer that so many soccer fans around the world have been waiting for. Will Real Madrid or Barcelona win the Spanish Super Cup?

Vote in the poll below. And after you’re done, add your opinion in the comments section below and tell us why you think your team will win.

5 thoughts on “Poll: Will Real Madrid or Barcelona Win the 2011 Spanish Super Cup?”

  1. I think Barcelona wins it. Barca played poorly but still managed to draw on an away match. I think that was a wake up call for everyone, and at home they will be double motivated now. If the defense can be strengthened with Pique; and Xavi starts (along with Iniesta, Messi, Villa), I will be even more confident. Who knows, maybe Cesc will even get to play in the final 20 minutes :)

  2. Today, Barca will remember the true kings of spain. Real Madrid is far too good this year to lose this cup. they have the best preseason record this year and their passing game is far too good for barcas defence. HALA MADRID! i can foresee some sad faces at Camp Nou tonight.. Barcas up for a rude awakening this year. Real’s taking everything home this year.

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