Alternative Premier League: How the Table Looks After Gameweek 1

With one game postponed and more draws than a furniture shop, the opening week of Premier League football has perhaps been something of an anti-climax, unless you were a travelling Trotter at Loftus Road on Saturday.

But never fear – there is still order to be found! So sit back, get yourself a slice of cake and pour yourself a glass of fizzy pop as we find out who really did the best from the weekend’s football.

Before we get cracking with the ins and outs of the weekend scores, this is a good chance to outline how I determine the strength of opponent factor. The strength of the opponent is based on the league position of the team at the start of the weekend’s play on the Saturday, and each league position is assigned a difficulty rating. So if the team in second beats the team in sixth 2-0, then they would get a higher point score than if they had beaten the team in fourteenth by the same score, since logic would dictate that the higher your opponents are in the league, the tougher the game will be. (Note that the league positions for Week 1 are worked out using the final Premier League table from last season with the promoted teams taking the place of the bottom three respectively).

It was those Wanderers from Bolton who were this week’s big winners both on the pitch and in the Alternative Premier League (APL) with their 0-4 demolition job on new boys QPR. Their impressive opening day tally of 8.82 points was a result not only of their large winning margin, but also the fact that they did this away from home.

The reason that Manchester City scored a comparatively smaller total for the same winning margin comes down to the league position of themselves and Swansea and the fact that Man City were playing at home. Manchester City, who took third place, were playing Swansea who took twentieth place – almost as big a positional difference as you can get. Strength of opponent (Man City being placed higher than Bolton) is also the reason that Swansea are currently above QPR after Gameweek 1.

Wolves sneak ahead of Manchester United by 0.04 points after both teams recorded 1-2 wins away from home. As Wolves finished below Blackburn last year their result was comparatively better then United’s who were placed top and faced a West Brom side in eleventh position. The away bonus attached to both scores place both Wolves and United above Man City.

With five instances of teams cancelling each other out, scores for draws are calculated purely on league position as goal difference is clearly not a factor. So with this in mind, it is Stoke and their robust defence who emerge as the top drawing side. Stoke were placed eleven places below Chelsea, so a draw was a better result for the Potters than the Blues, and the points; Stoke 4.12 and Chelsea 3.28, are reflective of this.

Everton and Spurs take the bottom two positions as a result of their match being postponed.

Here’s how the table looks after gameweek 1:

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