7 Reasons to Watch the Spanish Super Cup Between Barcelona and Real Madrid

Watch Barcelona v Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup live on ESPN Deportes (4pm ET, August 17).

For fans of Premier League clubs or the league itself, you might presume that today will be an unusually quiet day based on what matches are available to watch. That’s because after watching the entertaining and tightly-fought match between Arsenal and Udinese on Tuesday, and then looking ahead to Thursday’s Europa League games featuring Tottenham, Fulham and Stoke City battling it out against European opposition, today (Wednesday) looks a little stark. Except that there is one quality match being played today that’s worth watching, and it’s a classic: Real Madrid against Barcelona in the second leg of the 2011 Spanish Super Cup.

If you missed the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup — Spain’s equivalent of the Community Shield with the winner of La Liga playing the winner of Copa del Rey — you will have missed an exciting game that featured an absolutely incredible goal by David Villa. It was so good it looked like something you’d see on a video game. It looked too good to be true.

The entertaining game between Real Madrid and Barcelona ended 2-2, which sets up tonight’s second leg very nicely. A win for either team and the cup is theirs. If either team scores an early goal, this final will be set to erupt as both teams will be forced out of their shell and will put everything on the line to win the prestigious trophy.

Typically we don’t cover other leagues here on EPL Talk, but here are four reasons why I think you should watch the Spanish Super Cup tonight, which — for viewers in the United States — will air live beginning at 4pm ET on ESPN Deportes, ESPN3.com and GolTV:

  1. Jose Mourinho.
  2. Barcelona. After winning the Champions League and La Liga, can the Blaugrana win another trophy so soon after lifting the other ones? It’s no wonder that this Barcelona side is considered as one of the greatest soccer teams ever.
  3. The alternative. If you don’t enjoy Barcelona’s so-perfect-it’s-boring-at-times tiki-taka passing, the one team that can prevent them from playing that is Real Madrid. Depending on what tactics they employ, Real Madrid could stop Barcelona from playing by either being extremely physical and defensive. Or, by playing them off the park. With Real Madrid, it’s hard to predict which one will turn up.
  4. Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s definitely a lot of competition between Messi and Ronaldo regarding who is the best player in the world. Much of that is fueled by the fans, but while Messi is undoubtedly the best in the world now especially after the 2011 Champions League Final, I wouldn’t count Cristiano Ronaldo out by any means. If there ever was a time for Ronaldo to steal the crown from Messi on the world’s stage, tonight is it.
  5. Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. The Arsenal midfielder joined Barcelona on Monday and there’s a huge amount of anticipation whether or not Fabregas will play in the final or not. Even if he doesn’t, keep an eye out for Barcelona’s other major signing — Alexis Sanchez — who had a tremendous game in the first leg with his bursts down the wing, and should be as effective tonight, too.
  6. Former Premier League footballers. I always enjoy watching former Premier League players move on to clubs on the continent to see how they adapt to the different leagues. Just a few of the players who you may see grace the pitch tonight are Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Carvalho and Gerard Pique.
  7. Quality of football. Last but not least, perhaps the best reason is the sheer quality and ability of these players to do the unexpected. While La Liga is not everyone’s game, there are sheer moments of brilliance whenever these two teams meet. The intensity of the game – both on and off the pitch – is immense. And there are often some silky skills that come out of nowhere that leave you gasping for breath.

For more coverage of this game and La Liga in general, visit our sister site La Liga Talk where we have one reporter who is on-site in Barcelona recounting her experiences in that city in the build-up to tonight’s game.

Watch Barcelona v Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup live on ESPN Deportes (4pm ET, August 17).

66 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Watch the Spanish Super Cup Between Barcelona and Real Madrid”

  1. 7 Great reasons. Personally, I would have added an 8th: to see Barcelona win! 😉

    I am thinking that Cesc will be used as sub after 70 minutes, especially if Barca is in the lead. Maybe more premier league fans will start following La Liga now that Cesc is playing over there.

    1. If you like both teams then you are a huge bandwagon jumper because they are the 2 most popular teams on Earth. It is common stereotype to label all non native Manchester and non native Catalonia fans of United and Barcelona bandwagoners but it is honestly the truth. I have no respect for those fans, if you can actually call then fans or supporters.

      1. Your post is half right, J. Tates..

        “It is common stereotype to label all non native Manchester and non native Catalonia fans of United and Barcelona bandwagoners but it is honestly the truth.”

        It isn’t entirely the truth. United and Barca bandwagoners (by my definition) are people that only ‘support’ those teams because they win a lot but hardly know anything about the teams, they are generally clueless. They just claim to be fans because it’s easy to be one. But you can be a fan of BOTH teams and be a TRUE fan.. from anywhere in the world, not just Barcelona and Manchester. It’s a stereotype yes, but there are exceptions and you know it. You’re essentially saying someone from Manchester who supports United just because they win but know hardly anything about the team are more respectable than someone from Texas who is a big Man United fan and watches every match they can and have books and movies and posters and kits and scarves, etc, and is obsessed with anything United? Think about how foolish that point of view is..

        Think about it.

    2. mate, you are a joke if you support both Manchester United & Barcelona.
      People like you give football fans a bad name.

        1. Joe, you’re acting like being a bandwagoner is a noble quality. I can understand being against people that put them down, but a bandwagoner is a bandwagoner. Liking Man United AND Barcelona?? I don’t respect people like that, I simply can’t. They enjoy watching football in a clearly casual sense, which is cool, but yeah they are what they are.

          1. I wonder what’s wrong with enjoying football in clearly casual sense ?
            I honestly wonder how long everyone has watching football ?
            Do you guys realize that before the internet era, a lot of countries outside of European countries got live broadcast of European football and they got exposed to certain clubs because the live broadcasts primarily broadcasted those clubs’ games. It wasn’t easy to learn the history etc but they love the game. And they are not bandwagoners. You can never judge a bandwagoner until you talk to them. Some people enjoy beautiful football and respect the teams that play it.
            I don’t respect bandwagoners but there are a lot of people who support certain teams for the right reasons.

          2. And I don’t respect people who take something like watching sports so seriously that they actually care if someone is a “bandwagoner”. Oh no, he likes watching good teams play good football! If only he had the high moral character to enjoy watching Stoke instead!

        2. It’s not that I take it ‘seriously’, it’s more that I don’t take kindly to people who bandwagon (I don’t even know if Melkamu is one, to be fair), people who choose teams JUST because they are winning. It is, as I said, utterly ignoble. Those people could be very kind and very nice people, and there’s nothing wrong with watching sports casually, but I won’t take those people seriously as sports fans. And I’m not even a Stoke fan hahah.

          Listen, I’m not as judgmental as you think I am. I don’t hold any moral high ground. I agree that people can like what they like, but I simply think that if someone is a bandwagoner (that is, someone that follows a team STRICTLY because they are winning and hardly knows anything about the team), I care enough to know that I don’t respect them, ESPECIALLY if they brag about the team. Bandwagoners give people who stick with one team through thick and thin, successful or not, a bad name. Believe it or not, being a sports fan IS serious for some people.

      1. Five years ago I supported both Arsenal and Barcelona, but since I have come to hate Barcelona over time. Your either one or the other, no if and or buts. True supporter or bandwagoner.

  2. World soccer doesn’t have All-Star Games like our sports leagues here in the states do but Real Madrid vs Barcelona is about as close as you can get.

  3. Always a great game with these two…expect fireworks…to these players this Cup means a lot. I predict a win by Real this time….but Sanchez could be the difference. Cesc will not be an impact if he plays at all…

  4. I don’t follow La Liga but I do watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona anytime it’s on. As was said above this is as close to an all-star game as you’re ever going to get.

    1. Is that the guy that orgasms whenever Barcelona (re: Messi) scores a goal? Haha. He’s hilarious to listen to.

      Listening is Spanish is so much better though. More intense.

  5. Eurosnobs absolutely love to use the same vocabulary as their British brethren. One of the most common examples is that soccer fields are not referred to as fields. Instead, they must be called a pitch.

    The most annoying thing that Eurosnobs like to do is to refer to soccer as football, despite being Americans who live in America. They know that everybody else in the States calls it soccer and that football is whole other sport. They also know that it will cause confusion for other people. And when I say that they know it will cause confusion, I mean that they actually admit it. So why call it football when you know it’ll just be confusing? That makes no sense.

    1. Some of us are ex-pats, which explains why, but judging people by what they want to call something is, to me, one of the highest forms of snobbery.

      Some people like to cause confusion. I don’t think anyone reading this blog and seeing the word ‘football’ is confused :)

      The Gaffer

    2. Idiots absolutely love to talk crap same as their friends in the lunatic asylum! What the fuxk! you are special aren’t you, field? pitch? Why not call a goal a touchdown as well while your at it! Euro snobs what are they, do they drink champagne, eat caviar and smoke pipes while driving Bentleys?

      Somehow I don’t think it would be to hard to confuse you. You should go and clean your guns and check your food stocks as the invasion is coming! Maybe we should call chips fries or biscuits cookies this might help your paranoia and stop you going on the rampage that looks like is coming.
      You mate are all that’s wrong with the World go and get yourself fixed before it’s to late!

    3. Listen to the Gaffer.

      You, for whatever reason, decided to assume a negative outlook on what people decide to call things.. It’s NOT that serious. Soccer, football, field, pitch.. they mean the same things. They are interchangeable and their use shouldn’t matter because you would know what they mean. Maybe SOME people use English slang to be PURPOSEFULLY snobbish, and I would understand you being annoyed by these people, but most people, I repeat, MOST people don’t look at it that way. Calling soccer ‘football’ is up to the person. I call it football and soccer interchangeably, whenever I feel like it. I’m not concerned with ‘confusing’ people. And I certainly don’t say ‘football’ with the PURPOSE of being a snob, but I already made that point.

      Don’t take yourself so seriously. Just saying.

      1. MG

        Football in Europe has many different names they all do mean the same though when translated i.e. Germany-Fußball (fusball) Spain-fútbol. How you have to see this is that if basket ball was known in Europe as round dunk or baseball as run around would Americans call it this or think the person saying it was knowledgeable about the sport? In fact would they even entertain the thought of it? I don‘t think so. I understand that America has a sport called football but Europeans call this American football I think that’s quite respectful why call it soccer? Why not World football or something similar? If football is your interest then you should call it Football if not and you don’t really have a interest the call it soccer but when speaking to people whom it is their sport don’t expect them to think that you would be to knowledgeable on the subject.

        1. You’re siding with ‘Support your Local..” if you take what you call the sport so seriously. It really doesn’t matter. It’s pure semantics. I can call it soccer and if some Englishmen thinks I don’t know about the sport, that’s his problem, not mine. I don’t care to be associated with someone that is going to be that presumptuous and someone that puts that much weight on what I call a sport when both SOCCER and FOOTBALL are equally valid. It’s ridiculousness.

          1. Not just some Englishmen, but rest of the World! I just can’t understand why someone who genuinely loves the sport would do this. I fully understand why some would though maybe as a lack of respect I know you don‘t see it like this but many do. Personally I find the word to be disrespectful If you play soccer in the USA fair enough but to the rest of the World its football a sport that generations of families have followed and for people to just say well to us it’s soccer we don’t care what the rest of the world say I find that a tad disrespectful. Same as the example I used above, run around to describe baseball we have a sport which is very similar call rounders which School kids play like they do in the States with soccer but you wouldn’t find to many people calling it this out of respect (when they do they are being disrespectful! I seen it here once some guy was taking the piss )but it is practically the same game yet go on any site discussing it and you won‘t find people calling it this from around the World why? I see why people who are not into the sport and those in the media may call it this to differentiate it from the more popular football in the US and it doesn’t even register after all it has been use there for a long time. But for me and the rest of the World it’s football and to take someone seriously who calls it soccer would be just the same a someone from outside the US using rounders, run around or whatever to describe baseball you know exactly what you would think and if you did would you be a snob?

          2. “and for people to just say well to us it’s soccer we don’t care what the rest of the world say I find that a tad disrespectful”

            disrespectful? hahah why?, why are you taking it so seriously? in ENGLAND, there is a show called ‘SOCCER saturday’.. do you think people in England find the title “disrespectful”? of course not. you shouldn’t be offended and you should not take the word soccer so seriously. the sport is called SOCCER as much as it is called FOOTBALL.

            what you’re essentially saying is that someone from Colombia should be offended if someone spells football ‘football’ and not ‘futbol’ the way the Latinos do. and here’s the difference between someone from outside the US calling Baseball ’rounders’ or ‘run around’ and the people using the word ‘soccer’.. Soccer is an official term for the game, its short for ‘association football’.. NO ONE calls baseball ’rounders’ or ‘run around’, unless they are utterly clueless.. those are made up names.

            again, don’t be presumptuous and judgmental just because someone calls it ‘soccer’.. it is called ‘soccer’ in america because ‘football’ generally means ‘american football’ here. it’s not ‘disrespectful’.. it’s just a word.

          3. On Soccer Saturday do you here them calling football soccer? No you don’t. It is being sold to America and Australia I would imagine this to be the reason it has that name kind of obvious really, not to mention Football Saturday doesn‘t exactly roll of the tongue to well. If you think there are people in England calling football soccer then you are greatly mistaken, seriously they don’t. If some one said did you watch the soccer last night you would just think what a total dick! In fact I have never heard any one say that unless here or referring to that programme and that’s only because it broadcast elsewhere!

            This is just plain insane, ‘what you’re essentially saying is that someone from Colombia should be offended if someone spells football ‘football’ and not ‘futbol’ the way the Latinos do’
            I’m not saying that at all both are the same still they mean football but in a different language that’s all (fut-foot bol-ball) Soccer means? That’s like saying the English spelling airplane and the American aeroplane are different things, they are the same but spelt differently that’s all don’t quite know where your going here.
            You obviously think it fine to call baseball rounders then? And when somebody asked why do I just say well it’s only a word what does it mater? Of course they wouldn’t judge me by this at all they would they? They’d expect me to be very knowledgeable about the sport not thinking I was a complete tool for one minute, or would they? I’m telling you I’m more than presuming they would think I was a complete tosser and they would be right! Think so or not it’s the same the other way round. But you crack on mate! soccer it is.

            Football in the World is very tribal it means a lot to the supporters I don’t know if Americans fully understand this as I see people saying they follow a certain American team from many miles away just because they are the best but they don’t necessarily have any connections to them what so ever I think this is the norm and acceptable but it is an alien concept to me, I may be wrong here but this is how it seems. Basically if a teams really good why not watch them the USA is a big country and it takes a lot of travelling to follow a team it‘s a sport that’s played for entertainment right? In Europe the counties are much smaller so people end up following there local teams mostly and I mean they can fight and have been known to kill opposition supporters. For instance I could never marry a real Utd fan it would never work. If City and Utd fans are friends in Manchester they cannot really talk about there own teams as it will end up in an argument it’s that crazy you can be great mates but bring football up an boom.
            I went to Greece on my holiday and I met a Villa fan he was there with his mum, strange I thought as he was in his 40’s. He told me he had just been divorced and that he was only married for a year so he needed a holiday. Anyway a few drinks later I got a bit nosey and asked him why and without a word of a lie here is his reply ‘I couldn’t take it no more she was a Birmingham fan and when they won the cup she was imposable’ so he put in for a divorce!!! Mind you he said he got his revenge at the end of the season! This is why people go on about glory hunters because in their families they mostly have a club then some they decide to follow Utd or Chelsea solely on the basis of their success and that’s why fans get on there backs as they are glory hunters they have no other reason for not following the club of their forefathers so that club if it‘s lower league will possibly end up dying so they can say I follow whoever in the name of glory. Their may well be Americans like this but football fans are very much like a family in a lot of ways. I just thought I would try to explain how much football means to people it is much, much more than just a game it‘s a religion!

      2. Oh my goal…friggin’ English invented the term “soccer.” Get over it. Football=Soccer, Soccer=Football. Yanks use terms like soccer, elevator, truck, bathroom, and trunk…English use terms football, lift, lory, loo, and boot.

        We are the same, but yet different. Which is good.

        You can call it soccer or football…I’ll just call it beautiful.

        1. The word soca as in Association (pronounced sow-ca) was used mainly by one man to show difference between Football and Rugby when the two sports split for a very short period (months). It never took off as he was a rugby man, but the word rugger did though this is also his saying. The word soccer is not an English invented term and is not connected to this man. It is a misconception that it’s origins are English.

          I think my rounders and baseball point is a valid one. Sorry but that’s the why I feel and many others. You may not like it but that the way it is.

          1. Actually, the more apt comparison would be the Australian/New Zealand term for American football: Gridiron. Same game. Different name. And nobody gives two shakes of a rat’s rear-end about it. Rounders, OTOH, is a different game than baseball, just as much as cricket is.

            Another good example would be the Italian term for Association Football: Calcio. A word derived from the Latin calix, kick.

        2. dang Eurosnobs “it’s football not soccer” WHINE! Fine it’s football, now you have to admit it’s a flashlight not a friggin’ torch!

          1. You don’t seem to get it it’s not about I say tomato you say etc… It’s about a sport that peoples families have always followed called football the lives are entwined with it Parents grandparent Great grandparent etc. Snobbishness absolutely nothing to do with it football was and still is a poor mans sport in essence. As I have already said though if the rest World took your National sport (Sorry I’m not sure which it is) and started calling it rugger and or something many would think it was disrespectful. World cups or series called the Rugger World Series because it’s held in Brazil or Germany I bet you’d love it!. In England they call American Football just that to differentiate not crash or something. I might as well say Amerisnobs think they can take anything and rename it surely that’s snobish? The word soccer makes no sense what so ever, football does, foot to ball see they are made for each other if you are into the sport that is if not who cares.

      1. That’s because they also have their own form of football (Australian rules football). The top sports in Oz I believe are Rugby and Cricket. I would imagine American football to have a very small fan base. Australian players who have played in this country have always called the sport football as for Oz’s non-football fans I don’t know but all the football web sites I know definitely call it football not soccer.
        Rounders is not a massively different game to most people here it looks the same, the bat, you have to run round the field (respectfully) even the ball! Just on a smaller scale. I don’t know hardly anything about it except how it looks and to me it looks a bit like rounders. I don’t call it rounders though but that’s just the point! I think it would be disrespectful to do this and would show I know nothing about it the sport that I was a little ignorant to it. Only those people who didn’t know better would do this the un-knowledgeable about the sport they may have no interest in at all that’s up to them I fully expect them to call it soccer, but if you know about football to me it’s a bit disrespectful as you cannot claim you don’t know better than that. You must understand that.

        1. “It is being sold to America and Australia I would imagine this to be the reason it has that name kind of obvious really”

          Sold to America? It only airs in the UK..

          You are truly clueless, are pitifully protective of your bad opinion and are a waste of my time. Reread my last response to your post. Everything I have to say I wrote there. Soccer, football, it’s the same thing. THOUSANDS of people call it soccer and know A LOT about the sport. It’s not “disrespectful” except to people like you who must WAY too much importance on a WORD. It’s a WORD. Like Soonerscotty said, it’s like an Englishman thinking an American is “disrespectful” because he doesn’t call an elevator a ‘lift’ while in England. It’s a stupid point of view. It’s literally absurd. I call it both soccer and football interchangeably, as I said. I don’t even notice when I do it. The only thing I can understand about your point is maybe calling it ‘football’ when in contact with someone that isn’t from America, especially if you know about the sport. That makes sense to a degree.. But again, it’s just a word. There’s no need to be so seriously about it. And yet you will continue to be..

          Have a good one.

          1. ‘The only thing I can understand about your point is maybe calling it ‘football’ when in contact with someone that isn’t from America, especially if you know about the sport. That makes sense to a degree.. But again, it’s just a word.’

            That is the only point I’m making I have said so much here already!

            I would say that millions call football soccer in the USA but they mostly don’t have a clue what it is and that’s fair enough. I have turned this round the other way a few times here, what would the average American think of that i.e. baseball rounders? Would it bother some?
            Just words as you say have caused many problems in History and every day life.

            On Soccer Saturday I said that I ‘imagine’ it is sold overseas as it is not a word used in England but I also say that it may be because rolls easier than football Saturday, I don’t know why but I do know it isn’t used here if I asked my 8 yr old what soccer was he wouldn’t have a clue. You can watch it online if you want just go to myp2p football at the time if your not asleep, but I must warn you people like Paul Merson will make you think WTF.

        2. “If you think there are people in England calling football soccer then you are greatly mistaken, seriously they don’t.”

          … Who said that I thought that? You clearly misunderstand me haha.

          1. Why wrote:
            “I have turned this round the other way a few times here, what would the average American think of that i.e. baseball rounders? Would it bother some?”

            Answer they do not care! Nor do they care that british people and australians refer to “american football” as “gridiron”, or Hockey as Ice Hockey. No one cares as they understand it’s just a matter of difference in regional languages. Funny I wonder if you’re as pissed about your own Irish neighbors and Australian calling the “association football” “soccer” as well. It seems like it’s only Americans calling it soccer that pisses you off as you have admitted to understand perfectly well why Australians having their own football refer to other football games differently.

          2. pakapala

            For a start nobody in England calls American football gridiron they call it American football to my knowledge pretty much as the Irish call football, football and not soccer even though they have their own football (Gaelic). I should know you clown I visit family there 3 to 5 times a year and most are big football fans! Hockey not played on ice is what? It’s hockey! and when on ice it’s doh…..Because you are a blatant fool I’ll repeat, I have not the slightest problem with Americans or Australians or indeed whoever using it to differentiate between their own Football but when they (any) are football fans talking about football to people whose lives are imprinted with the sport it is a bit disrespectful, it’s not down right insulting or anything like that it’s just as I say. Now jog on numpty!

            MG No problem at all we all have our ‘rash’ moments lol

        3. “That is the only point I’m making I have said so much here already!”

          Hahah, okay, why. Point taken, and I agree, but only to an extent.. Again, it’s just a word to me. I still don’t think its ‘disrespectful’ if an American who knows about the game calls it ‘soccer’ to someone versed in the sport. It is, for the last time, just a word.

          Cheers :)

          Also, sorry for the rash words in my previous post. That was stupid and immature of me.

          1. Wow, I would like to thank everyone for a good laugh. I can’t believe grown men (which I am assuming) are wastng this amount of energy and time on such a foolish topic. Who cares what anyone calls it or what words they decide to use. For the love of God give it a rest and return to your respected corners.

  6. Depending on what tactics they employ, Real Madrid could stop Barcelona from playing by either being extremely physical and defensive. Or, by playing them off the park. With Real Madrid, it’s hard to predict which one will turn up.

    Wha??? When was the last time ANYONE has beaten Barca by “playing them off the park”?? They barely ever lose, let alone get played off the park.

    1. if you watched the first leg, madrid played barca “off the park” and barca were extremely fortunate to draw- 2 shots and goals from barca, 17 from madrid prove this, if you dont believe me watchthe highlights

  7. Watched the first leg right now and was just shocked at seeing Real Madrid play Barcelona off the park. Barcelona looked ordinary for their own standards. But this wasn’t a strong Barcelona team and since the season hasn’t started, they were kind off playing easy. Real Madrid needed this more than Barcelona to prove that they can beat them and My God, did they come close to doing that? Barcelona have bigger and better things to win so I don’t think they were really into this match, although looking at Pep Guardiola on the touchlines suggested that he wanted to win this badly. I think he must have given his team a talking-to after the game and I think they’ll play much better in the 2nd leg. Plus, Real Madrid always seem intimidated when going to the Camp Nou. 100,000 hostile and partisan fans in a stadium that looks like a mountain because of its height.

  8. Missed the first leg because of work but i’ll watch the return leg just to see how Sanchez plays. Thiago Alcântara is another reason to watch as the kid is going to be world class.

    1. I flipped over from the Bayern/Zurich match and thought I was still watching it for a second what with Barca’s dark blue (warmup?) kit and Real’s white.

  9. Messi: the best player to EVER play the game of football. His goal and assist in the first half are a microcosm of the incredible talent that is Messi. Unbelievable…plus, Real are Messi’s favorite customers…if Barca plays Real 38 times in the Premiera, Leo will probably score about 70 goals per season!

  10. Seriously…who needs 7 reasons to watch an El Clasico? There is ONLY one reason to watch this and it is the simple fact that it is an El Clasico.

  11. I cant believe that fans in here are attacking other fans because of the clubs they follow when the attackers probably know nothing about that particular individual. And the cherry on top is a heated debate on proper vocabulary usage…. soccer-football-field-pitch.


    We are all soccer/football fans, lets try to get along :)


    1. +1
      I’m with you, my friend. But this is a message board and some people like to use this kind of forum to attack the others behind the anonymity.

    2. Completely agree. When I meet someone that is a United supporter (I’m a City fan), I breifly roll my eyes in jest . . . and then get to talk football with someone, and couldn’t be happier. I just get excited that there’s someone else in the US that is into the sport.

    3. Hey, I agree, too. I just find it funny that there is someone out there that puts so much importance on what the sport is called.. haha. The debate is so absurd, I’m convinced it made me slightly stupid for a second.

    4. The attacking fans probably know less about the sport/teams than the ones they are going after here. They just feel the need to lash out so they do not get exposed as frauds.

      Who cares who you support and for how long – as long as you enjoy this beautiful game.

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