Premier League Gameweek 1: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from gameweek one of the Premier League.


  1. Gary Cahill. His wonderful strike in the opening half against QPR sent Bolton on its way to a 4-0 win.
  2. Wolverhampton. It’s not always pretty, but it’s an optimistic win to start the campaign.
  3. Wayne Rooney. Already one hundred times better start to this season compared to last season.
  4. Kieron Dyer. The ill-fated QPR man suffered another injury.  Here’s hoping that he can rehab and come back strong and help Rangers avoid relegation.
  5. Stewart Downing. It didn’t lead to a goal, but his first half swerving run down the right hand side through multiple defenders was magical.  If the ball had gone in, it would’ve been the early leader for goal of the year.
  6. Norwich, QPR, and Swansea. A loss or tie in the Premier League is still a better weekend than any in the Championship.
  7. Sebastian Larsson. The early clubhouse leader for goal of the season.
  8. Sergio Aguero. Carlos who?


  1. David De Gea. It is easy to forget that the keeper is still only twenty years old, but he has yet to give Manchester United fans much faith in his ability.
  2. Joey Barton. The mercurial midfielder added another highlight to his bad boy persona.  Love him or hate him, he gives football fans something to talk about.
  3. Arsenal/Newcastle match. It’s early, but that match displayed some of the most unwatchable football in some time.
  4. Cesc Fabregas. At least the drama is finally over and the Gunners can take their transfer money and move on.
  5. The postponement of the Tottenham/Everton match. It’s unfortunate when real life problems interrupt English football.  However, this also allows fans to take a step back and realize that football is still just a game and there are more important things in the world.
  6. Referee Mark Halsey. The blind eye towards an obvious penalty possibly denied three points for Chelsea.

26 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 1: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. The referee from the Blackburn vs Wolves match can also be added to the jeer list for treating blackburn like the away team

  2. “Referee Mark Halsey. The blind eye towards an obvious penalty possibly denied three points for Chelsea.”

    I’m assuming your referring to the *possible* Torres penalty as Lampard was lucky to escape without a card for diving. the more obvious penalty call wasn’t called against Terry for a handball in the area…

    1. “A clear pen. Coming from a neutral.”

      every replay, normal speed or slow-mo, shows that Lampard starts the fall BEFORE any contact has been made…
      -I’m a neutral in this match as well

      1. Clear dive I didn’t need slow mo and am a neutral. Torres might have got one on the edge of the box that is and not that ridiculous one in front of goal where he threw himself backwards. Maybe if he stopped exaggerating them he might get them.

    2. Depends on the camera angle. From one angle, the ball is touched first and out of Lampard’s reach, then Lampard falls. The other view seemed to show the ball barely being deflected then Lampard falls. 50/50, give him a penalty kick, not surprised, no penalty kick, not surprised. I’m still not quite sure what happened.

      Torres took a swing and missed the ball, then decided to fall over. I think Woodgate did have an arm around him, but it was a loose arm, and nothing that isn’t particularly unusual for what counts as allowable defense.

      The Terry “hand ball” was a ball that jumped up and hit him in the shoulder/upper arm. I don’t think Terry had enough time to blink, forget about trying to purposefully deflect the ball with his arm. That wasn’t a penalty either.

      – not neutral, definitely cheering on Stoke City

      1. I’m a Chelsea fan and I agree with everything you said.

        On the Lampard penalty I have no clue what happened. I honestly think he started to trip (his left foot caught on the grass) at the exact second contact was made and he fell. Could have gone either way and I wouldn’t have been surprised.

        I think Torres swung and missed and was off balance. He felt Woodgate’s arm and leaned back when he kicked thinking he could balance off of Woodgate. However, Woodgate was not directly behind him and he fell. Not a penalty.

        The ball hit Terry on the shoulder/upper arm. He didn’t move his arm and it hit like half arm/half shoulder. Good no call. If he’d have moved his arm and it hit that exact spot I could understand a penalty shot but the combination of shoulder/arm and it happening before he could react meant it was a good non-call.

        The Torres trip on the box confused me. Clearly a foul but while Torres was in the box the ball wasn’t. I’m not sure what the deciding factor is. Is it the ball or person?

        All in all I’d rather an official not make a call that should be called then have them invent one that didn’t occur, so I’m okay with the overall officiating in that game. Maybe Chelsea deserved a free kick. But that’s not what cost us three points. We had half a dozen good scoring chances and Begovic (and the post) saved them all. Too bad he didn’t come to Chelsea last fall.

        Did anyone else enjoy AVB trying to score from the sidelines? Personally, I liked his header. So much more fun that Carlo Ancelotti who barely acknowledged he was awake.

    1. Fantasy Premier League have issued an apology to everyone.
      You now will have an unlimited amount of transfer of the Gameweek 2 deadline.

        1. Is that true? I didn’t get the memo.

          They should give people a free week. I tried logging in the night before to finalize my squad but it wouldn’t let me in.

        2. I never got the memo but that appears to be the case. They still don’t have price rise/fall posted, probably the most important aspect of the first month of the season.

          They should start us all over. I tried to log in on Friday to finalized my roster but was denied access. As a result, Drogba was my captain. Hurray!

  3. The Lampard/Mark Halsey penalty shout was not obvious. It was too close to call. Only on with stupid person slow motion video is it “obvious”.

    Get off Halsey’s back.

    Vorm for Swansea deserves some cheers. He was great. Still scored 3 points in fantasy despite the 4 goals let in. That’s pretty damn good.

    1. “Vorm for Swansea deserves some cheers.”

      I agree. The score might seem to indicate otherwise, but if I’m a Swansea fan I’m feeling pretty good about my goalie today. He seemed sharp. The Swans aren’t going to face too many other sides with the firepower of Man City.

      And, Matt, I love your “Carlos who?” :-)

      1. Vorm did really well on his debut. I was very impressed. I was proud of the team’s performance. The only one I was disappointed with was Stephen Dobbie who is normally a spark in midfield/attack, but his passing and first touch were severely lacking all night.

        The Gaffer

        1. He also was given no room to operate all game. Man City’s back six were very impressive from that standpoint. They knew he was key to Swansea and choked him off from the rest of the team.

  4. This is getting stupid. Why is everyone putting so much in the goal De Gea let by? Don’t be like the tabloids for christ’s sake. He made quite a few good saves and all you focus on is the one or two mistakes. I have a lot of faith in his ability and so do all my mates who are United fans. He’s given quite a lot. He’s only played in how many matches? 3? And look at his performance record at Athletico. That statement doesn’t hold much water as a jeer whatsoever. They won, and he made a few good saves and put in a good performance overall. What’s not to have faith in?

    1. Everybody is putting so much on De Gea because he’s Manchester United’s keeper. Manchester United won the EPL and went to the UEFA Champions finals. Now they have a new keeper. If he doesn’t live up to expectations Manchester United are in trouble. So of course the focus is on him. What else do you expect?

      Yes, he was good at Atletico (no “h”, it’s not Athletic Bilbao), however, Manchester United have a history of buying good keepers who are just average (or bad) when they arrive. Van der Sar finally ended that streak and now we will see if the pressure will get to De Gea too. Playing for Atletico is different than playing for Manchester United. Right now, what he’s done in La Liga in completely irrelevant. And his performance was shaky at best. The goal allowed to Long was terrible, it had no power and passed just a couple of feet from where he stood. What’s not to have faith in? Uhm, there’s zero chance Manchester United will repeat if he doesn’t get better. Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and maybe Tottenham (if they get Adebayor) all have elite forwards never mind the elite talent he’ll face in UEFA.

      De Gea has a lot of pressure on him. Scrutinizing his performance is very much necessary. If you don’t understand it then you’re clueless.

    2. It’s because he broke the rule you learn when you start playing at a mid-level youth club and training with a goalkeeping coach. The first rule of defending the low shot is to slide your bottom hand. In this instance, his left hand was the low hand as he went to make the save. Even if he only slides the left hand, with no attempt at holding the shot, he parries it wide for a corner. it wasn’t struck well. it was guided to the far post area. Instead, he brought both hands together (leaving them in line with his increasingly horizontal center of gravity) and he waited for gravity to pull him down to the ball, essentially trying to dive on it. YOU NEVER DIVE ON A BALL, YOU DIVE THROUGH IT!

      That being said, I thought the rest of his play flirted with exceptional. He will need to get used to the fact that opposing players make contact with goalkeepers on services in england, and they are coming with some authority, much unlike the overall inability for any attacker to play a service with vigor like he has always seen in Spain. Fergie should continue to stick with him. I absolutely agree that his record at Athletico Madrid is phenominal. One of the best goalkeeping displays I have ever seen was Athletico v Barca last year. Absolutely exceptional.

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