Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Spanish Super Cup, Second Leg Preview

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You can watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup live on ESPN Deportes (4pm ET, 17th August).

What: Spanish Super Cup Final, second leg
When: Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Where: Camp Nou, Barcelona
What time: Coverage starts on ESPN Deportes at 4pm ET
Where can I watch it (in USA): Live on ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes Radio, and GolTV

“If we win the Spanish Super Cup, we will have to play much better” said Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola on Tuesday, when referring to Sunday night’s below-par performance by FC Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid controlled most of the possession and dictated the play in the first half, but Barcelona capitalized on their chances and managed to tie the game 2-2.

Now the 2011 Spanish Super Cup will be decided at Camp Nou between two teams who are desperate to seize the trophy. And both teams have so much to play for.

Barcelona will be boosted by Alexis Sanchez’s sparking performance in the first leg against Real Madrid as well as the addition of Cesc Fabregas to their squad. Whether or not he’ll play Wednesday night is questionable. The former Arsenal midfielder trained with Barcelona on Tuesday and appears to be matchfit.

Guardiola, meanwhile, hasn’t announced his starting line-up for the massive game against Real Madrid.

A key to how both teams will play Wednesday night is the away goals rule. If the second leg is tied after 90 minutes, the winner will be decided using the away goals rule. Barcelona scored two precious goals at Real Madrid’s ground on Sunday night, so they definitely have a significant advantage knowing that Real Madrid will need to either win the game or score three or more goals if the game is tied.

However, Real Madrid knows that a one-nil victory is the minimum that’s needed to win the Spanish Super Cup. Having said that, it’s extremely difficult to stop Barcelona from scoring goals, so a very defensive-minded tactic by Mourinho could backfire especially if Barcelona pulls a goal back to tie it 1-1 late in the game.

The tactics that will be employed Wednesday night are just one part of the intrigue around this game that features two of the best teams in the world.

In a calculated move, straight from Jose Mourinho’s textbook, he didn’t attend the Real Madrid press conference Tuesday but had his assistant manager, Aitor Karanka, speak to the media instead. During the press conference, Karanka defended Pepe and brushed off the criticism Pepe has received from the public. Many Barcelona fans argue that Pepe is a dirty player who intentionally goes out of his way to harm Barcelona’s players on the pitch when given an opportunity. Karanka, not surprisingly, disagrees.

Real Madrid are also keeping their starting lineup close to their chest. In the game of chess between Barcelona and Real Madrid, it’s not surprising that both teams are keeping their team lineups as massive secrets. This will be a game that’s closely contested. And it may turn into a very heated affair between two of the biggest rivals especially with so much on the line.

No matter what happens Wednesday night, this is going to be must-see TV.

19 thoughts on “Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Spanish Super Cup, Second Leg Preview”

  1. It’s amazing how much this cup has been built up just because of the two teams playing in it. I’m a Barca man but Madrid looked ready made for the challenge this past weekend-almost as if they had waited all summer for it. Under Mou, they have become one classy team and the additions they made this summer like Callejon, Coentrao et al should give Barca a run for their money this new season. I just have to add that I hate Pepe with all my heart. Also looking forward to watch new money Malaga and Bielsas Bilbao in action.

  2. Neil, I agree with you on that. This “Super Cup” really doesnt mean anything in the grand scheme of things. But the fact that it is RM and Barca playing it makes it exciting since there is so much friction between the clubs. I have to admit that at first I really did not care about this cup, but after watching how physical RM got on Barca the first leg, I really want to see Barca spank them today! And, I think they can do it after seeing them draw Sunday while not being able to play their typical type of game.

  3. We have no option but to win this game, or we will have to endure Mourinho’s arrogance. We will just go out there and play our game. Everyone knows who the greatest is. It is also clear who the wannabe is.

  4. i was disappointed with the 1st should have won,now they make things difficult 4 theselves.we really need to win this cup at all cost..i hope and pray real madrid wins 2nit…HALA MADRID

  5. Well, is like da game wants 2 favour barca but i want madrid 2 win. Cas deh are dieing 4 dis cup. At least 4 morinho’s seck.

  6. The truth is Real held their own for much of the 1st leg and if it wasn’t for 2 moments of inspiration from Villa & Messi – Real could’ve finished it up 3-0 / 3-1 easily. In yesteryear we would’ve watched Real crumble after going 1-1/2-1 down…but they came back and were unlucky not to win it 3-2. I don’t expect too much to change tonight because Jose cleverly started with the same XI that got beat 5-0 last year; yet he has new signings and will approach this game totally differently using those signings. Barca kinda showed their hand by the way they’ve played and Cesc won’t fit into the “tiki-taka” barhelona style of play straight off the bat; so I fully expect Madrid to overpower Barca again in midfield; problem for Real always is upfront…i know nobody is reading this from Real Madrid C.F. but if you don’t buy Neymar you must buy Tevez or similar ; Barca now have more depth and over the course of the season where many variables come into play it’s extremely important another attacking run/dribbler is added. Barcelona…mascherano isn’t a CB; why don’t u buy a real one :/ …it will cost you the Champions league this year … mark my words. Can’t wait for the game and either way I just wish they played Barca/Real every week and then rest of la liga played their own league and had play offs lol. ENJOY!

  7. I think Real Madrid is just one of those teams who spends alltheir money trying to get new players, year after year barcelona keeps pretty mmuch the same lineup.

    So for the conclusion all i’m going to say is: GO BARCA!

  8. That is not fair .I had a class on this time.I can’t beleive that i can’t see it.It is a world class to see the match.Good Luck for both.

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