Premier League Opening Weekend Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast

Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna sit down to discuss the opening weekend of the 2011-12 Premier League. They go through each of the eight matches played through Sunday — and cover the numerous talking points from the weekend including Arsenal’s performance against Newcastle, Liverpool’s home debut against Sunderland, whether West Bromwich deserved to lose against Manchester United, and much more.

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6 thoughts on “Premier League Opening Weekend Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. This is the first year ever, and I’m in my early 40s, that I have ever paid attention to this sport. Oddly, it’s taken precedence over any other entertainment. I became interested during the very end of the Champions League. Fox probably can take responsibility for this. There are not my favorite company any strectch but they do a good job with any sport they cover. Fortunately, they aren’t the only ones. I actually would not have cared if the NFL season held out. Unless I am anomaly, which I don’t think I am, this sport is exploding in the USA. I’m in the stage of still not knowing enough about the sport to speak intelligently about it. Podcast like yours are educational. This is good for UK is so many ways. I think I’ll take my first trip over there to take in a game or two.

    1. Dan:

      About 10 years ago I was just over 40 and found the EPL. so I know what your going through. your probably a bit worn out on other American Sports( other than the NFL in my view) and found this whole new soccer world. I can really say that EPL Talk made a huge difference for me when it came into existence about 5 years ago. Also having ESPN and more and more internet coverage available over the years helps greatly.

      I think you will find a interest in MLS also especially if your in a town that has a team. The sister site of MLS Talk is a big help to the new fan.

      Good luck and enjoy yourself. Feel free to ask for help the Gaffer and the rest of the crew here are always happy to help. 10 years ago I didn’t know a pitch from and an itch and now I can name every home ground in the Prem.

  2. good one…. what’s interesting is it covered all the clubs and not just the so called top 6. i have to admit that i don’t know that much about the altar other that the top 6. if it stays like this then i will look forward to it each week.

  3. The gold standard in EPL review shows why it’s at the top. We have to wait for many other UK based shows for a day or two but the EPL Talk crew get out their show right away.

    The biggest news of the weekend may be the MU injuries. While I agree they are ahead of the rest of the league and the other top tier teams so many injuries striking the defense with a young keeper in the net may have an substantial effect.

    I can’t be as excited as Kartik about Liverpool and Chelsea and think they are a step behind a healthy MU. Since MU may be hurt the playing field could be leveled.

    I was impressed by the “new” Fox Soccer Tv service. I actually was on the go a lot during game times and the quality of the stream on my iphone over a 3G connection was excellent. I did not feel so positive about the TV channel end of things.

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