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MON, 7:30PM ET

Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 1: Open Thread

newcastle united Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 1: Open Thread

The time has finally arrived. A new Premier League season is upon us after a lengthy summer wait.

With six Premier League matches to choose from today, five of which are played at 10am ET, and the Newcastle against Arsenal as the late kick-off, there’s plenty to choose from.

As in previous seasons, we want to open up EPL Talk to your rants, raves, observations and questions. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts about the launch of FOX Soccer today (new name, new graphics and more) as well as ESPN2′s changed graphics package and the relaunch of

The schedule of games today is:

  • Liverpool v Sunderland, 10am, FOX Soccer (shown on replay on FOX Soccer at 11pm, and available on delay on at midnight)
  • Fulham v Aston Villa, 10am, ESPN2/
  • QPR v Bolton, 10am, FOX Soccer Plus and
  • Wigan v Norwich, 10am, (shown on delay on FOX Soccer Plus at 2pm)
  • Blackburn v Wolves, 10am, (shown on delay on FOX Soccer Plus at 4pm)
  • Newcastle United v Arsenal, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer (shown on replay on FOX Soccer at 8pm, and available on delay on at midnight)

Which games will you be watching?

Note: Don’t forget, if you haven’t done so already, you still have time to sign up for the free 7-day trial to You can watch the games live there (more than one at a time, if you wish) or watch them on demand.

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55 Responses to Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 1: Open Thread

  1. Newcastle United vs Arsenal
    Both clubs have had fascinating summers with lots of speculation and incident. It is fair to say that not much of it has been positive.

    This has largely involved players leaving their respective club. Following Andy Carroll’s departure from Newcastle in January, Kevin Nolan has also left St James Park. These were Newcastle’s top two goalscorers last year and fans were frustreated with the transfer policy.

    The visitors are without Fabregas and Nasri of course, but there are more problems with Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby unavailable through injury.

  2. Rich says:

    My worst fear for this season is FSC starts giving away spoilers in an effort to be more ESPNish.

  3. Rick says:

    Gaffer, I really love the website. Good luck to Swansea City,it’s been a long time since you got to watch them in the top flight (I really hope im remembering correctly and that’s your team)

    • The Gaffer says:

      Thanks Rick. You remembered correctly, Hopefully they’ll do the league proud but they’ve got a tough match to start, against Man City on Monday. Let’s hope they put on a better show than QPR did today!

      The Gaffer

  4. Rick says:

    Is it just my Tme Warner, or is anyone else’s Fox Soccer constantly freezing? I hope is just my cable not the channel. At least my match is on, but I really want to watch the pre game.

  5. JB says:

    I’ve got the television set to watch the Liverpool match. Really excited to see if their off-season moves can get the team back to glory. Also signed up for the free trial of FoxSoccer.TV (why not give it a shot) to follow the other 10AM matches.

    But of course, Newcastle vs. Arsenal will have my undivided attention with all the drama surrounding Arsenal this year.

    It feels great to finally stop looking for news on transfers and finally get to sit down and watch the boys play the damn game.

    Good talk. See you out there.

  6. cmasia says:

    Thank God…… Football ! ! ! !

    Gaffer, is there any reason beyond finance FSC does not show any of the 2 hour panel shows produced by IMG for the Premier League?

    The Friday Preview and Monday Review shows, hosted by James Richardson of the Guardian are terrific.

    And I trade all the FSC studio guys for the pre and post game shows hosted by John Dykes in a heartbeat.

    Finally, as a West Ham fan, who do I cheer for this year???

    Enjoy the season!

  7. dlink09 says:

    as usual ESPN pregame presentation good and what the **** is that set FSC

  8. Patrick says:

    I’ll have Villa vs. Fulham on in the background, but will be watching in earnest Norwich vs. Wigan on

    On the ball, City!

  9. trickybrkn says:

    FSC studio is ugly. Those chairs look like they where stolen from a tacky hair saloon. and why ohh why don’t they still not know how to light a studio… Chn 56 cable news from El Paso has better production value.

    and the graphics look like they where made on a trail version of After Effects.

    • Brandon says:

      It’s shocking how bad they are. There’s nothing clever about putting lights and cameras in the background either. We know they’re in a studio, admitting it doesn’t make it interesting.

      “live from studio B!”

  10. bob loblaw says:

    I can’t stand “former engurland international” Warren Barton. I could really do without hearing who he “finks” are the “freats.” Also love how the Anti-Liverpool bias of the Murdoch empire is plain to see on FSC. Not even a mention during commercials. Arsenal/Newcastle is “up first” at 12:30. Freaking rediculous.

  11. upTheSaints says:

    Blimey! That’s the worst penalty EVER!

  12. DaveG says:

    much better performance from fox soccer but still went straight to the kickoff with little or no build up and could SOMEONE at Fox Soccer PLEASE tell them to stop pretending that the pre match interview with managers (Steve Bruce) 15 mins before a match with an EMPTY stadium is LIVE

  13. trickybrkn says:

    Kevin Nolan scores for West Ham!

  14. trickybrkn says:

    Kieron Dyer lasted less then 5 mins for QPR, it is reported he broke his leg.
    This guy’s karma needs some work.

  15. DempsyISFulham says:

    looks like another season of spoilers from Ian Darke and ESPN

  16. DCPotter says:

    Bloody Comcast…in their latest “upgrade” this summer, they helpfully did away with the screen in screen feature. If they’re not going to show FSC in HD, at least let me minimize it on the screen so the fuzziness doesn’t matter and I can still luxuriate in the ESPN2 picture. Oh, and watch the two games at once.

    Does FiOS do screen in screen?

  17. DempsyISFulham says:

    FIOS does have SiS but I think it has to be purchased as an add on

  18. Latic says:

    Watching Wigan vs Norwich on Must say, the video quality is much improved over last season.

  19. UpTheSaints says:

    1-0 Saints! We Are Top Of The League!

  20. Joe says:

    Is the foxsoccer free trial seven days from when you sign up, or has the “seven day” count already begun?

  21. soonerscotty says:

    Ok, I expect every one of you guys who whine about the ESPN ticker to thoroughly thrash FSC for showing highlights of the Fulham match at halftime.

    Commence whining…now.

    • Joe says:

      I made the decision not to pay for this year and just watch the games ESPN3 gives me. Thus far it’s a happy decision, as I don’t have to worry about keeping myself in a media blackout every weekend

    • DempsyISFulham says:

      Everyone who whines about people complaing about ESPN being a spoiler…commence your whining now….geez guy what’s wrong with people not wanting games that are being dvr’d…can’t stand people like you

  22. cmasia says:

    1) ESPN is not in business to promote FSC viewership.

    2) Here’s the obvious DVR solution. FSC+ has no studio show, so watch the FSC+ game and record the ESPN and / or FSC game to watch after. Duh….

    • DempsyISFulham says:

      if ESPN is not in the business to promote FSC viewership then why have I been told 10 times already & seen graphics for the Newcastle v arsenal game kicking off at 12:30?

      • soonerscotty says:

        I’m fairly sure that ESPN promoting FSC matches was part of the deal when ESPN bought the rights to a few matches from FSC. But, even if it’s part of the deal it’s definitely not in the interest of ESPN to promote the matches or keep the scores secret for people to dvr.

        It’s not in the interest of ANY network to allow you to dvr their programming as it hurts advertising revenue when people dvr…even thought you’d think that’d be less of a concern with footy and it’s fewer adverts.

    • JB says:

      I definitely wish Comcast would add FSC+ so that I could do exactly what you just said. But I agree that this is the solution if you have it.

    • DempsyISFulham says:

      you can’t watch fsc+ and dvr both espn and fsc at the same time

  23. JB says:

    Anybody else having trouble with FoxSoccer.TV? I’ll select a match to watch, it will show the picture clear for 10 seconds and then go black with the loading sign.

    • Joe says:

      That’s exactly why I decided to save my money this year. For fifteen dollars a month, the quality of streams on is severely lacking. ESPN3 has better service (both streams and customer service) and it’s free.

    • Timm says:


      Are you watching on a Mac? If so, make sure to right-click (or control-click) the screen and turn off hardware acceleration. Evidently, there is an issue with Flash on the Mac.


      • JB says:

        You sir just saved the day for me! That fixed this issue right away. I would never have thought that was the issue. I must say, the quality is actually very good. Will definitely have to watch the Chelsea match tomorrow on it to see if it will be worth the price for the year.

        Thanks again!

  24. Kimo C. says:

    The new set on FSC looks good…..except when they’re sitting – legs crossed – in those chairs. What the hell is going on there? Just keep them at the desk and all will be well.

  25. Ivan says:

    The bad:
    Phil Dowd: this is a straight red: denying a goal scoring opportunity, don’t care if this is the 3rd or 93rd minute. That Flannagan kid was brutal for Liverpool…just awful. Hope he doesn’t start another game for the club. Carroll’s first touch…another big ouch. I know why Kenny got him (big, powerful target forward, great w/ his head), not sure if he is good enough to partner Luis.
    The good: Suarez: hungry and dangerous. Adam for big portions of the game was able to dictate the tempo. Enrique : we’ve found our full-back!
    Saw portions of the QPR/Bolton game. Poor QPR, I had higher expectations…they were really really awful. Top candidate for relegation…

    • bob loblaw says:

      Phil Dowd
      Flanaghan is 18 and only started due to injuries. He was fine until the mistake that led to the goal, then he was garbage which is understandable for a kid his age.
      Carroll played quite well, anyone who says otherwise wasn’t watching or doesn’t understand the position he plays. He had a goal wrongly ruled out, and he isn’t partnering Suarez. He plays up front while the wing players feed him and feed off him. He also tracks back quite a bit for a forward to defend.

      • Ivan says:

        Sorry, Bob:
        You are the clueless one. Just because Kenny wants to “buy English”, it doesn’t mean he will be successful. I would give an arm and a leg to have magicians like David Silva and Aguerro wearing the red jersey. They are the real deal. Carroll has the first touch of a rapist…makes Crouchie look like Maradona…as for Henderson…from what I’ve seen from the boy, he is useless.
        To think that Kenny kept Mereiles and Kuyt on the bench…two points wasted right there.

  26. Ivan says:

    Another “bad” that I missed: Henderson…I heard the kid was God awful at the U-21 Euro, but, I had to see it w/ my own eyes…yes, that’s “money well spent”…and to think that Arda Turan, a top notch player, just signed for Atletico Madrid for much less…hope Gerrard is back to his best, and soon!

  27. JFH says:

    Same old poor buildup to matches on FSC. Nothing changes.

  28. SeminoleGunner says:

    Embarrassing moment for all involved. I really don’t understand how Joey Barton is able to continually start trouble and get away with it.

    If Walton is going to give 1 red card there, I think he’s got to give 2.

  29. Why? says:

    Who are these stupid commentators in the Newcastle v Arsenal game? What a couple of nob ends. It was the clearest sending off you will see! Its a clear strike to the face and dive my God if this is what people here are used to it explains a lot. And NO it is not a sending off for hauling a diving cheat to his feet. It’s OK to smack someone in the face is it, Truly awful.

    • SeminoleGunner says:

      Without Barton grabbing Gervinho by the scruff of the neck, there is no incident at all.

      Barton has to let Walton punish the dives, and if he insists on doing it himself and in that manner, I think that’s a red card too.

    • Andrei says:

      It is true that Gervihno’s red card was well deserved but it doesn’t excuse Joey Burton’s disgraceful conduct. To me he should have seen red as well. And I’m not sure about the dive though. Yes Gervihno went down rather easily. But the bottom line is there was contact so technically speaking it was a penalty.

      • Why? says:

        Joey’s no angel in fact he’s a pratt but these morons were trying to say red for hauling a player up he got the yellow it deserved. People DON’T get sent of for dragging people up!! What’s the charge? Pulling a shirt up in an unsporting way? This was never a sending of in any F.A any where in the world.

  30. Burt Reynolds says:

    Not quite as exciting as last year’s version of this fixture, but there shortage of drama between Arsenal and Newcastle once again, and again Barton in the middle of it. Gervinho received the card that he deserved, but Barton was very lucky to not get what Gervinho got.

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