Nike Launches New Ball For 2011-12 Premier League Season: Video

Nike have released a video to showcase their new ball for the 2011-12 Premier League season.

The Nike T90 Seitiro ball is featured in the video along with brief interviews with Clint Dempsey, Jack Wilshere, James Milner and Ashley Cole — who were taped during a break at NikeTown London.

Visit Nike’s website for more details regarding the new ball.

Personally, I like the ball design. But I like to judge the ball by how it looks when it’s in motion across the pitch. Hopefully we’ll see the ball flying into the back of the net all throughout this Premier League weekend.

4 thoughts on “Nike Launches New Ball For 2011-12 Premier League Season: Video”

  1. The new NIKE ball looks awesome! Tomorrow, 10am can’t come soon enough!!!
    3 live games on ESPN, FS, FS Plus, and then the Newcastle-Arsenal game at noon. Should be a glorious Saturday morning!!!

  2. Once again Nike delivers a superior ball to Adidas or any other maker. It holds the air better…has a better feel and response…tougher…all around superior. This years model looks awesome! I will def be getting a couple..

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