FOX Soccer Kicks Off Premier League Season With New Name, Branding and Shows

Assuming that the remainder of the Premier League matches will kick off as scheduled this weekend, it’s going to be a huge weekend for FOX Soccer and soccer fans throughout the United States.

Saturday marks the rebranding of Fox Soccer Channel as FOX Soccer. The 24/7 soccer network is planning on unveiling its new name, new set, renamed shows, new on-air graphics packages and new branding in conjunction with the kick off of the new Premier League season.

As well as the new name and new branding, the other most significant changes are the renaming of the Fox Soccer Match Day show to simply Matchday, and the renaming of Super Sunday + to Goals On Sunday.

Matchday will air every Saturday at 9:30am ET and Noon ET, while Goals On Sunday will air every Sunday at 1pm ET. The shows will feature the same cast as before. Warren Barton and Christian Miles will be on Matchday, while Goals On Sunday will feature Kyle Martino, Keith Costigan, Christian Miles and Warren Barton.

Also this weekend, FOX Soccer will debut a new 13-part sports and lifestyle series entitled We Live Soccer. The show premieres on August 14, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. ET with new weekly shows continuing to air on Sundays in the same time slot.

We Live Soccer camera crews traveled around North America and the world discovering the game, the stars, the fans and the attitude of soccer. The 13-part series’ first season celebrates the game and the culture of its players, insiders and fans through a uniquely North American lens.

We Live Soccer offers an unprecedented look at the game by taking viewers to the greatest parties, the coolest locations and the hippest music events that celebrate the beautiful game.

The first episode will feature:

  • Profile on NY Red Bulls and Red Bull Arena – how the stadium is setting the standard for soccer stadiums in America
  • Satir and Matt Cassel – two young players who came up locally in NY
  • Conversation with Thierry Henry about his acclimation to the American lifestyle
  • How Henry loves atmosphere within the stadium; loves living in NY, Takes subway to work
  • Ethan Zohn’s contribution to AIDS Awareness

The show will be hosted by former Canadian national team standout and hall of famer Helen Stoumbos.

26 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Kicks Off Premier League Season With New Name, Branding and Shows”

  1. They need to revamp the pundits! Bring on Bobby McMahon and he could do the job of two of those muppets. It’s a comedy troupe not a proper pre/post game show! Real shame

  2. same cast as before.. so really nothing new.. I agree.. giving Bobby a larger role would have been welcomed.. that said.. I thought there were going to port over some shows from Sky Sports?? is that a no-go… I appreciate the effort… but changes? really?

    same cast of characters.. new sets… you cant polish a turd…


  3. Soooooo we expect to see a ‘new’ FOX this weekend huh? Ok cool but am pretty sure some of their shenanigan will still be included on saturday like

    1. Not showing players coming out of the tunnel/shaking hands, just jumping into a 1-3 min delayed kickoff

    2. Still having that clown called Warren Barton aka ‘mr final third’ aka mr one cap for England on set. Seriously how do you get a job at FOX? I need to replace this guy

    3. Taking over my damn screen with in game ads! Did anyone watch the match on Sunday and noticed the ‘Final Destination’ ads? Good Lord that was ridiculous

    4. Boasting about their so called ‘stunning HD’ YAWN! its been more than a yr now FOX, we get it, please drop the act!

    5. Still broadcasting FOX Soccer report in SD, seriously I understand the program is taped in Canada but uh am sure u can get HD cameras to Canada right. And pls dont get me started on the rookies on set, only Bobby is the only guy that knows what he is talking about. Oh I have an idea, can we swap Warren Barton for Bobby? Now that will be nice

    1. Fox Soccer Report is a total joke and an embarrassment to the network. It looks like a bad local cable access production.

      1. The show itself isn’t an embarrassment, because it’s a fantastic show and the only show Americans have for soccer highlights and news all over the world. But it NEEDS to be in HD already.. I can’t stand that it’s still SD.

        And I don’t mind the other newscasters, even Bobby is clearly the most knowledgable. I don’t mind them at all. Just make it HD already.

  4. With next season being the 20th anniversary of the start of the Premier League It’ll be interesting to see what Fox does with the coverage. I hope that Premier League Productions/IMG will create a lot of cool historical programs that will be available to their TV partners around the world.

  5. hey gaffer, i know this is epl talk which i love by the way and not mls talk but im very disappointed with fox soccer losing the mls. i know the bottom line is ratings and it starts with us the fans. i love my mls and epl, the only two leagues i watch, if we had enough people that would watch both like me this wouldn’t happen. on the bright side fox soccer reaches 40 million homes and versus reaches 70 million which should help us in the long run. gaffer..could you imagine living in the u.k. and sky or the bbc dropped t.v. coverage of the championship to focus more on the epl when swansea was in the championship, i know that would piss you off.

    1. Yes, for those of us who grew up so to speak with FSC the moving of MLS to NBC/Comcast no matter how good for the league is a bit sad. FSC always told us they were America’s soccer channel. Well not any more. Many older fans may remember when CBS lost the NFL. CBS had helped make the NFL and frankly the NFL on CBS which became the NFC on CBS has never been the same. I expect it to be the same with the MLS. No matter what may happen in the future neither MLS or FSC will be the same. Let’s hope they meet again.

  6. Mostly agree with comments above…the only pre-and post-game shows I watch these days are the ones on ESPN.
    I very much miss the wit of Pat Dolan on Setanta…even if I didn’t always agree, he was entertaining as hell and knew his football.
    It’s a shame they don’t have the pre- and post-game feed from Sky Sports…
    My biggest pet-peeve w/ FS is still the fact that their “LIVE” games begin w/ 3 to 5 minute delay. This is plain embarassing. Come on, guys, this is the digital age…the XXI century and all that.It can’t be that hard…

  7. How exactly does changing the logo and the names of a couple of show translate to a “huge” weekend?

    I like Fox Soccer and am thrilled the Prem is back but this seems like hype for nothing. I can’t see how I’m going to enjoy the game anymore because the logo looks different.

  8. I tend to agree with earlier posts. What is the point of a “pre-game” show only to leave out the physical build-up of a game. That is what sets ESPN2 apart from FS. Why can’t they see that? Sometimes I tune into a pre-game on ESPN2 (that I think is going to be crappy) and by the time the game starts I’m all about it. By Feb. I need a little motivation to see Wolves v. Blackpool and ESPN2 helps with that. I have never been to England so getting to see how the fans “warm-up” for the game is neat. If you want to draw a bigger American audience then show things that matter to us.

  9. Is Fox going to keep the English TV feed (with the English commentators / graphics / etc.)? Or are they going to force their “Soccer Night In America” graphics over the default English feed graphics?

    God, I hope not … I appreciate that Fox allows my to watch the Prem games … but I really would like it if they left well enough alone …

  10. Missing the build-up and player entrances is the biggest debacle of the production!! Please ESPN you could outbid these clowns for the rights!!

    1. it would be the nightmare scenario if ESPN got the majority of the EPL rights – Just can’t stand how ESPN treats soccer as a third tier sport (last night being the perfect example : LLWS over the US v. Mexico game) and the stupid ticker at the bottom of the screen displaying scores of other live games – drives me insane!

  11. Excited for the season to start, but don’t care at all about Fox’s “new” look, set, whatever. You see “New and Improved” on packages all the time. Doesn’t mean a thing.

    I normally do not watch any of the pre/mid/post shows on Fox. I have found them neither interesting nor entertaining. I’ll give the new stuff a chance, but I doubt I’ll last long. On the other hand, I do enjoy the same slots on ESPN2. Now, why would that be?

  12. they should really upgrade their hd picture, the system they use at 720p looks crappy, espn does a better work with that resolution. have you seen 1080i GolTV PQ?, thats stunning HD!

    1. GOLTV is junk most of the time. The image is blurry and sometimes the feed drops to 16×9 SD for several minutes in the middle of a match.

  13. I can’t speak for the pre game shows and what nots but I helped build and design some of the new graphics package and it’s ten times better than what it looked like a couple years ago. The whole look of it is more modern. And I for one being a soccer fan am glad we did a complete redesign.

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