FOX Soccer Kicks Off Premier League Season With New Name, Branding and Shows

Assuming that the remainder of the Premier League matches will kick off as scheduled this weekend, it’s going to be a huge weekend for FOX Soccer and soccer fans throughout the United States.

Saturday marks the rebranding of Fox Soccer Channel as FOX Soccer. The 24/7 soccer network is planning on unveiling its new name, new set, renamed shows, new on-air graphics packages and new branding in conjunction with the kick off of the new Premier League season.

As well as the new name and new branding, the other most significant changes are the renaming of the Fox Soccer Match Day show to simply Matchday, and the renaming of Super Sunday + to Goals On Sunday.

Matchday will air every Saturday at 9:30am ET and Noon ET, while Goals On Sunday will air every Sunday at 1pm ET. The shows will feature the same cast as before. Warren Barton and Christian Miles will be on Matchday, while Goals On Sunday will feature Kyle Martino, Keith Costigan, Christian Miles and Warren Barton.

Also this weekend, FOX Soccer will debut a new 13-part sports and lifestyle series entitled We Live Soccer. The show premieres on August 14, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. ET with new weekly shows continuing to air on Sundays in the same time slot.

We Live Soccer camera crews traveled around North America and the world discovering the game, the stars, the fans and the attitude of soccer. The 13-part series’ first season celebrates the game and the culture of its players, insiders and fans through a uniquely North American lens.

We Live Soccer offers an unprecedented look at the game by taking viewers to the greatest parties, the coolest locations and the hippest music events that celebrate the beautiful game.

The first episode will feature:

  • Profile on NY Red Bulls and Red Bull Arena – how the stadium is setting the standard for soccer stadiums in America
  • Satir and Matt Cassel – two young players who came up locally in NY
  • Conversation with Thierry Henry about his acclimation to the American lifestyle
  • How Henry loves atmosphere within the stadium; loves living in NY, Takes subway to work
  • Ethan Zohn’s contribution to AIDS Awareness

The show will be hosted by former Canadian national team standout and hall of famer Helen Stoumbos.


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