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Football League Games To Go Ahead Despite English Riots

london riots Football League Games To Go Ahead Despite English Riots

Scenes from the riots in London from

Following the riots in London I am delighted to write that the Football League has today confirmed that all matches in London will take place at their scheduled kick off times.

The riots that started in London and have spread to other parts of England have been a shocking embarrassment to our country, leading to many to question our safety carrying out our day to day lives and making public events such as football matches seem inappropriate and unsafe.

The safety of the fans attending games is paramount, but it is a huge relief that the Football League will continue its fledgling campaign this weekend as planned, even if one fixture in the Premiership has already been postponed.

This is a tangible sign that the country will not be defeated by the acts of a few and a determination to get back to a sense of normality as soon as possible.

This serious development of thuggery and criminality is something that politicians will have to tackle but I hope that the games that do take place this weekend pass off without incident.

If you are going to a game this weekend, as always stay safe and enjoy the match.

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4 Responses to Football League Games To Go Ahead Despite English Riots

  1. Football Pub says:

    Criminality will not stop us to watch real football! Say NO to VIOLENCE!

  2. this is crazy they should send all these guys to Afghanistan and how they feel then

  3. trickybrkn says:

    You guys really need to update… We are 4 games in and last story is the London riots…

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