Breaking News: Freddy Adu To Sign With Union

Freddy Adu & Pele

According to Ives Galarcep, Freddy Adu will return to Major League Soccer after signing with the Philadelphia Union.

Soccer By Ives claims that Chivas USA management were unwilling to support the signing of Adu to a designated player deal.

Will add details as they become available.

8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Freddy Adu To Sign With Union”

  1. I’m happy. The guy hasn’t had consistent game experience in almost 3 years. It can only be a good thing for the league and for him as a player to get more experience and exposure. This is a really positive move.

  2. Welcome back adu. Chivas just shot themselves in the foot by not having mls sign him for them. The weird thing is if chivas didn’t want him as a DP how the hell did he sign as a non dp with union? Is this that stupid relocation list?

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