NBC Sports Network and MLS Press Conference: Audio


MLS Commissioner Don Garber met with the press on Wednesday evening to discuss more details about the announcement earlier today that NBC Sports Network will begin broadcasting MLS games from 2012-2014.

According to Sports Business Daily, the deal is worth close to $10 million per year to MLS — far less than the $20 million per year that MLS asked FOX Soccer for just last December.

Listen to the interview below for more insight regarding where Garber and NBC Sports Network sees value.

One thought on “NBC Sports Network and MLS Press Conference: Audio”

  1. Oh boy, typical MLSTalk post.

    “FAR LESS than the $20 million per year…”

    One, was that even for the same thing, or comparing apples to oranges ? I don’t think we have any idea.
    Two, didn’t Fox Soccer bid on this, I read they did…no ?
    Three, this is VERY good for MLS. To go from a nitch station with subscribers who for the most part don’t watch MLS to NBC and subsidiaries is a BIG victory.
    Four, it is for more money than before and it only a part of their TV rights.

    The ONLY thing you could say was “far less” ? Wow.

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