2011-12 Premier League Predictions: And The Winner Is . . .

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I always like to avoid cliché and the expected angle whenever I write. However I make an annual exception in the week leading up to the start of the Premier League season when I throw my hat into the predictions ring. If anything, it is a nice excuse for me to stop watching the rolling news coverage of rioting across the country.

This season looks like being one of the most exciting for many years, largely due to the close nature of the sides within the league. This closeness will also be my excuse when these predictions prove to be wrong.

So, let’s find out who has won the golden ticket. Drumroll, please, ladies and gentlemen . . .


Manchester City

Despite the defeat in the Community Shield, this will be the year that finally it clicks into place. Roberto Mancini has given the side some stability and with the quality and strength in depth of the squad being much better than elsewhere in the league, City fans will next summer begin celebrating their first Premier League title.

Runner Up:

Manchester United

The Manchester rivals will end up leading the way this season but the red side of the city will for once end up on the wrong side of the rivalry. It is not so much that they have gotten worse over the summer. It’s simply that City have improved to a greater level. Nonetheless, I do expect this to be an incredibly close battle throughout the season with one or two results proving decisive.

Champions League Places:

Chelsea and Arsenal

Despite the apparent resurgence of Liverpool, instigated by their summer spending spree, I can not see them or Spurs dislodging these two from the top four. Chelsea will not challenge for the league, they simply have not made wise enough signings, whilst Arsenal’s season will rest on the location of Fabregas at the end of August and whether Gervinho can hit the ground running. Liverpool and Spurs will push them all the way but I think that the experience of Chelsea and Arsenal will shine through.


Swansea, Norwich and Blackburn

Much as it is predictable and painful to suggest that newly promoted teams will fail, I can not avoid it this year. Both Swansea and Norwich play an exciting brand of football but they will run into the same issues as Blackpool last season. Mainly that is that both sides will have to be very focused defensively. However, I can not see them being able to sustain this through the length of the season.

The final team to go down will be Blackburn. The chaos at Ewood Park since the Venky’s takeover will catch up with the team on the pitch and see the proud Lancashire Club tumble into the Championship. There appears to be a lack of faith in the manager and a lack of footballing awareness in the boardroom, a situation that only ever leads to troubles. One only has to look at Newcastle for the perfect example of that in recent times.

What do you think of these predictions? Who do you think will win the league and who will go down? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

50 thoughts on “2011-12 Premier League Predictions: And The Winner Is . . .”

  1. Bollocks on whose going to take the league… Not a chance… Top Four Yes… maybe but winner??? hehehehehe Joke of the day.

    You must remember City are new to champions league… they not yet used to playing 2 games a week, throw in Carling cup and FA Cup…. Hhhmmm… they’ll loose the plot somewhere… good example… Spurs as well as Arsenal.

    In fact in as much as i hate Arsenal.. they’ll finish top four… i’d even go as far as saying top three…. experience counts for everything in this league.

    I scheme the top four will go to its traditional contenders.

    1. until united sign sneijder which will happen by the beginning of season city can win it and as soon as that happens inter will jump on tevez yes influential on the pitch but problematic off it i will miss him tho thats why we have aguero. and wen tevez goes or if he doesnt go we will sign nasri still. We may be new to champions league but we were in europa league this season for a while and FA cup and did well in domestic. i think we all kno united will do one more move and if they do i think city will follow to keep on their heels

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. What are you basing this “Man City have gotten stronger and strong enough to win the title” statement on? They may be on the verge of losing their most influential player who won them most of their points last season, and even with Tevez and the addition of Aguero (who I assume is the improvement in the squad your talking about) they’re not good enough to win the title. MUFC have the deepest squad in England arguebly in Europe along with the fact that they’ve made some improvements to their young squad, they work together as a team better than any other and it would be daft to claim that they are not clear favorites.

    I’m getting sick of reading articles written by amatures on this website, please find someone who knows what thayre talking about. Thanks

  3. When did Manchester City have “the quality and strength in depth of the squad being much better than elsewhere in the league”????

    MC have no quality and strength in depth only two teams that you could say that about are MU and Chelsea. Man United out classed City in the Community Shield and it showed the exact difference in quality between them (MU played their youth players in the second half mind you). You disregard the fact that they have to play in europe this season and MIGHT LOSE THEIR CAPTAIN they look like they’re not gelling together and they’re manager has some very questionable tactics.

    Taking all of those factors into consideration (as you should have) I predict Man U to win the league Chelsea second, MC struggling to stay in the top four.

    I’m sorry but to claim that Manchester City, a team who has only won the FA cup in the last 35 years can all of a sudden come out and win the title is just idiotic, please do some research next time.

    1. ESPN24

      Manchester City most certainly do have the strongest squad in the league they could easily put a whole two teams out that would compete in the premier league comfortably

      Team 1 Hart
      Kolarov Toure Kompany Zabaleta
      Wiess De Jong Barry Silva
      Dzeko Aguero

      Team2 Taylor
      Richards Savic Lescott Clichy
      SWP Milner Toure Johnson
      Balotelli Tevez

      Onuha, Boyata, Suarez, Guidetti, Veseli, Rekik, Roman. Bridge, Razak and many more, 10 of which count as under 21s

      The City squads players have won at least 22 Club cups, 22 league titles, 5 Champions leagues, 1 Europa league, 1 World cup, 1 European cup and a Copa Libertadores Just for those who may think they don’t have the experience! Or that they won’t cope with a much smaller European campaign than that of last year. If this squad doesn’t have strength, quality and depth then who has please show me! The word bubbles is coming to mind here.

      You are getting confused when you say Man Utd ‘outclassed’ City in the Friendly Community Shield Utd were clearly desperate to win to save face for their loss in the F.A cup and they came out like a bull in a China shop and fair play to them. City did not play well at all it looked like some of the were still on the beach but they were still a match for Utd. You must mean outclassed by the idiots opinions you were listing to. Do you think they didn’t win it in the dying seconds or that they won by 3 gaols? Was Hart forced to make a save? Answer NO. I sure as hell know De Gea was and some. If it wasn’t for a slightly fortuitous break away in the dying seconds of this game it would have adraw. Those kids you talk about are your first team squad by the way!!! The City team was still younger on average and cost less money!!!! The City team are not gelling ? They finished on the same points as Chelsea!! So if you’re right God help the others if they do gel! Seeing that the factors you’re talking about are, well basically bollocks I think your bias and non-factual views can be shelved on the shelf marked bull shxt.

      To say City to win the league is idiotic is it? Don’t think the bookmakers agree with you one bit as they have City as one of the favourites I wonder why that is must be a right bunch of idiots. You tell the writer to do some research and he obviously has I don’t think he even had to try to hard either lets see, City finished joint 2nd last year and had the best defence in the league they also have largest and strongest squad and have added quality again this year with another two arrivals also apparently on their way. Don’t forget they signed 5 new players last year that by the end of the year were clearly showing that they were finally starting to settling in by not only finishing in the position the did but also by winning the F.A cup beating their illustrious neighbours on the way. What more does he need to know? City won’t finish in the top 4 eh? Oh dear oh dear. You sound like the morons the last few year saying City won’t even finish in the top 4. The have Taken basically 2 and a half yrs to get where they are now from not even a mid table team. Mancini has had one full season!
      I personally feel they won’t win the league this year but still could especially if the new lads fit in straight way, this is mainly due to the built in pessimism 99% of City fans have.

  4. You appear to be suffering from some kind of mental disease that makes you think you know something about football.
    Manchester City will struggle to finish top five with the additional commitments of Champions League football.
    And to pick Norwich to go down ahead of QPR, Wigan etc is just ludicrous.
    Thank you for wasting my time.

    1. how is that so out of the realm of possibility… I personally don’t think it will happen, but its not outlandish. If City are knocked out of the group stages of Champions League they may well have a better shot at the PL.

      but this outrage is a bit misplaced on here…

  5. Top four finish: Man. United (Champions), Man. City, Liverpool, & Arsenal. I predict that Chelsea will have a down year with their first year coach and finish 5th!

    Relegation: Blackburn, Norwich, Swansea

    1. The core of Chelsea’s squad have experienced that many coaching changes over the past 5 or 6 seasons that I have no doubt AVB won’t make the slightest difference to the qualifying for CL. One thing I found encouraging was the players commending the intensity of his training sessions which was the downfall of Big Phil when he lost control of the squad.

  6. The man is entitled to his opinion. All he has done is give HIS prediction on how the teams will finish. Lighten up. Geez.

  7. @bOx – its not a story of not lightening up… but when someone writes gibberish he should be told like so…

    I’ll repeat… experience, consistency & depth is everything in any season, something City doesn’t have. City have a long way to go before they can even finish top 2 this season

    1. Um….they finished tied for second on points last year. I’d say they do not have a long way to go to get to second, considering this year’s team is much stronger.

  8. Man City have a great squad of players and an excellent manager…. all things that lead to winning the league. But they are playing in the Champions League this season for the first time. And yes they have the squad size to deal with the extra matches, the issue is one Tottenham faced last season. The PL is a grid. Even bottom of the table teams will come at you a full 90. A team like Chelsea are just past learning period. I just don’t think City have the focus yet to deal with Cup runs and the league.
    City have the quality, question is do they have the guile.
    They may be a year or two off.

    Have to think United are front runners, with Chelsea on their trail. I personally think Arsenal give City a run for 3rd.

    Also I would not be so quick to put Norwich down. Carrow Road is a place few teams look forward to… and they place a very organized style.

    Swansea Wigan Newcastle for me

    1. They have been signing Sneijder for well over a month now. Yet have never made contact with Inter or said they were even looking at him. I’m starting to think this maybe wish full thinking on the part of Utd fans and the press! But if they did of course I would expect all the ‘their buying the league’ mob to have a right go as they would have spent £90m in one season disgusting! lol.

  9. I don’t think it is as far fetched as people make it out to be that they could win the league. United have added a few young pieces including a 20 year old goalkeeper who could have a few bad matches this season

    City finished level on points with Chelsea last season. Tevez missed most of the last two months of the premier league (including the win against Utd) and he also doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere at this juncture. For all of those who say the Champions league will hurt the squad, the squad is stronger than last season when City played on Thurs/Sunday for most of the season. The Champions League Schedule is much nicer than the Europa League Schedule is to a squad. If you think the Community sheild shows the gulf in class between go back and watch all three games from last year. Draw, United win(on a rooney super kick) and a City win. These teams are more even then most people want to admit.

    1. It’s a completely different comparison, when you take into consideration the fact that United have changed a few key players and many of their players have developed greatly towards the end of last season and this Pre season. United are a far better footballing side than city only reason the games were so tight is because of Mancinis defensive tactics, which we could argue will cost him the league and his job this season.

      At the final whistle of the comm shield the average age of the United squad was 22.2 I think that says a lot about where this team is headed.

  10. Going from a Europa league spot to a Champions League spot is a pretty massive jump in quality. Going from a Champions League spot to winning the league is another big jump.

    They could win it. Absolutely. But they would need down years from ManU and Chelsea for that to happen. I don’t think both clubs will collapse at the same time. A lot depends on Tevez. He carried that club through long stretches last season. If he’s gone, it may take awhile to get adjusted and for someone else to step up into the void.

    I have a lot of faith in AVB. Porto destroyed the Portugese league AND the Europa league. I think it’ll be a dogfight between ManU and Chelsea this season with ManCity and Liverpool fighting for 3rd. Arsenal have too many disruptions and will fall to 5th.

  11. This article must have been written by the person who has only watched half of the community shield. Man city the champions? It’s like believing that osama is alive right now.

  12. Woah woah woah! Keep your pantyhose on, gents!

    If you are so outraged by one man’s opinion, perhaps you need to stick to fanboy blogs where you know you’ll agree with everything in advance. Epistemological closure has been the answer for the small-minded and insecure for centuries, after all.

  13. Good to see that everyone still respects people’s opinions. If you who are claiming that it is a ridiculous idea that City may win the league, need I point you any further than Chelsea in the years after the Abramovich money injection. City have a fabulous squad and will go very close to winning it if they do not go all the way. I expect the squad to get stronger before the end of the month and can not see them struggling with the Champions League in the same way as Spurs.
    Bottom line is guys, it is an opinion and if probably should not be something to get upset about. Would you prefer me to give you a certain prediction for the next year thanks to my amazing future gazing skills?

  14. as stupid as this sounds i think city either give united a run for their money or go and give champions league a run for their money depending on what happens if they dont have to face real madrid or barca they could jst pop in the semi finals with united barca and real madrid…. i think if that happens their shots for premier are gone and they settle with 3rd. if they get knocked out of group stages yes dissapointing but i think that means they have the whole rest of season to put their talents towards domestic. I do not believe this writer thinks city will get far in the champions league wen he wrote this though so it makes sense he chose them to win while we all kno SAF wants this champions league more then domestic

  15. wow, so many city haters out there. honestly this is probably the tightest title race its been in years. I see a close race between United, City, and Chelsea, but City might be stretched with the Champions League and Chelsea have too many “ifs” – Torres needs to click, AVB needs to get it right, and Lampard, Cole, Terry aren’t getting any younger.

    As much as I don’t want another United win, they look best suited to repeat, and Chelsea and City will fight it out again for the second spot.

  16. Article is a bit flat on details. The question to ask is why will the winner of the EPL win. Will it be because they were able to fend off the other top 5 teams (Who knows) or will it be because they typically got 3 pts against the rest of the league (Manchester United).

    In my opinion, Liverpool’s resurgence didn’t occur during the off-season. Liverpool were one of the best (the best?) EPL teams in the second half of the season. If there was a playoff (not arguing that there should be), Liverpool would have been serious contenders. So I have a very hard time thinking they won’ t be top 4.

    Honestly, I think it is darn near impossible to guess who’ll be at top at season’s end. Will Torres wake up? Will Suarez turn into the leagues top striker? Can Man City put it together for a full season? They couldn’t come close to winning last year despite having to play fewer games than Man. U.

    My top four, in no particular order: Liverpool, Man. U., Man City, Chelsea.

    Can’t wait to see it all happen.

  17. 1. Man Utd
    2. Man City
    3. Chelsea
    4. Liverpool
    5. Arsenal
    6. Tottenham
    7. Sunderland
    8. Everton
    9. Stoke
    10. Fulham
    11. Bolton
    12. Newcastle
    13. Villa
    14 West Brom
    15. QPR
    16. Swansea
    17. Wolves
    18. Blackburn
    19. Norwich
    20. Wigan

  18. haha all of you sad glory hunters getting angry at this guy’s prediction. Get over yourselves.
    The difference between city and united is marginal and anything can happen.

    As a City fan I don’t think we’ll win the league this year. Definitely within the next 2 years though.

  19. While city do indeed have strength and depth they are still lacking the big match experience as a team to be consistent enough over a 30+ games to win the league. A one off big game they have a chance of beating anyone but still to early for them to win the league.

  20. I think City will win the league only if Aguero carries on like at Atletico Madrid, they sign a player for the left and Tevez stays as they don’t have this at the moment. I’m sure they will sign the player, and think Tevez will stay. So it all comes down to Aguero for me otherwise 2nd or 3rd.

    Chelsea may win the league if Torres regains the form he had at the Pool and the above does not happen for City.

    If none of the above happen Utd will win the league.

    Liverpool will be a dark horse if you can call them that. It will be all down to Kenny and the respect players have for a legend and a great manager if they do.

    Arsenal if they let Fabregas and Nasri go not only will it affect the team big time but also the morale of the players which could cause many more problems for them as the rate the were dropping players no amount of replacements could repair the damage.

  21. I agree with City as champions – they have made the tweaks needed to push themselves to the top, despite the money Man U is throwing around (no one criticizing the Glazers for the cash they’re splashing, little surprise there). My disagreement is with Arsenal finishing fourth. I believe Liverpool and Chelsea will battle it out for 3rd, Arsenal to the Europa League, and Arsene finally fired before Euro 2012 kicks off.

  22. First and foremost, I am a Chelsea supporter. I think this will be the tightest the league has ever been but I think you might see something drastic like seeing Arsenal finish mid-table. Fabregas appears he will be gone Friday, Nasri will leave soon after. If RVP gets injured (that never happens) then this squad is absolute rubbish.

    Chelsea will be fine and hang around because when healthy, their defense and goalie are the best in the Prem and possibly the world, that alone will allow Torres time to nick a few in, ditto Drogba and Sturridge.

    I think Citeh will be fine, but a lot of their “big” players crack up in big games, and if Aguero can’t find the strength to play well, Citeh might struggle in games they should win. Aguero’s style while great in La Liga (acres of space and brutal defending) may not translate to the Prem. You are going to see some 28 year old gobshite from Norwich run in and hack Aguero all day (and that will happen week in and week out).

    Liverpool will be improved. Not enough spaces in midfield and a shotty defense.

    United are still class and the speed on the wings (Ashley Young and Nani) will see them blow by the lesser teams (these are the points that matter).

    Should be a great season. KTBFFH. Please feel free to counterpoint my arguments.

  23. city and liverpool are getting far too much hype. arsenal are in turmoil but are still a much better side, even without their captain. fergie will not be outdone by sheer spending and chelsea COULD fall out of the top 3 if injury problems persist. your predictions are poor and lacking in foundation.

    1. man united – with depth at all positions besides keeper
    2. still chelsea – unless arsenal make some big purchases
    3.arsenal – where they belong but could spend and jump to 2nd
    4. city – still no midfield and back line not much better than arsenal’s
    5. tottenham – better than liverpool and could spend their way higher
    6. everyone’s new “title contender” liverpool – because caroll simply wont get it done and no one cares about an overrated downing and an undeveloped henderson

    sorry if this all sounds anti-city/liverpool i am just tired of hearing the hype. the only reason city were top 4 was arsenal’s (failed) attempt at 4 trophies and if they lose tevez they can forget it.

    1. Actually, I think the reason why Arsenal finished behind City was because of the infamous L’Pool game, which I hope never leaves my DVR. The unfortunate end that led to the tie completely emptied the sails of Arsenal.

      1. i dont think liverpool cna beat them. gerrard is nowhere near the player he was 3+ years ago and suarez is their only genuine offensive threat. their back line is still quite poor, their midfield has improved but not by much and as i said before, carroll wont get it done.

        city could finish ahead of arsenal but silva is more of an outside midfielder trying to play general. arsenal are not a better team than them on paper (though not by much) but their style of play vs a city side who will have to play more attacking football is probably going to yield a win for the londoners.

        i dont think the top 2 will change this year but chelsea could finish either 3rd or 1st.

        and to those saying that arsenal wont spend the 50/60 they’ll get IF they lose fab/nasri, they HAVE to. their transfer policy states that they must spend a minimum of 70% of a fee received for a player on new ones. whether that means making a large purchase on someone like benzema or multiple like mata, cahill and samba is yet to be seen but frankly im still not convinced that theyre going to lose the pair during THIS transfer window. perhaps january.

  24. A few points you have made that seem to be hmmmm strange. Both City and Chelsea have Depth and strength as much if not more than Utd.
    Arsenal are not going to make these ‘big purchases’ even if they get £60m from the sale of Fab & Nasri they will still only spend £15-£20m tops.
    City have no midfield?? Toure, Silva, De Jong, Barry and Milner that’s 5 players in 2 or 3 places all internationals. City’s back line not as good as Arsenal’s this is insane they had the best back line as you call it in the league last year what the hell have you been watching? Arsenal had the worse defence of any of the top 4!
    Tottenham just about finished above Liverpool last year, this year Spurs don’t seem to be spending at all unlike Liverpool who have also the added bonus of Daglish. Spurs have spent heavily over the last few years and seem to be raining thier spending in this year so I think pool will be above Spurs come May.
    I haven’t seen to many people tipping Liverpool to win the League but they will do a lot better than last year.

    It doesn’t sound anti City/Pool it just sounds like you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. ‘the only reason city were top 4 was arsenal’s (failed) attempt at 4 trophies’ What on God’s green Earth is this supposed to mean? Are you saying because Arsenal were failures City did well? If they had won the League cup would City not have finished joint points with Chelsea in second? You do know that City would have still finished in the top 4 even if Arsenal had been third?
    I don’t even think you have managed to get your screen name right, I’m all for people having opinions but this is just pure un-knowledgeable nonsense!

  25. that’s what i call gambling. poor man city winning??!!!!!!!!! as usual its Chelsea and Man Utd with Liverpool possibly sending Man Utd back a bit.
    Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal. Boaz and Suarez being the heroes.

  26. Any of Man U, Man C, Chelsea or Arsenal could win!
    Man U have the experience and that referee factor
    Man C have crazy depth and a great manager
    Chelsea have an even better manager and great football
    Arsenal play the best football and with the right signings they can be great!
    Liverpool for 5th!
    It will go Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Man City

  27. liverpool
    man utd
    man city
    correct me if i am wrong!!!
    with king kenny at the helm,fergie is quacking at his boots!!!!!
    wen king was manager @ liverpool utd didnt hav a chance for the league so the good times bak,come on liverpool!!!!

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